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Christian Hudson at 30045 (Eagles Crest Road, Milton, Delaware 19968; (302) 729-2178; is responsible for the robo calls now dialing off hate-lists compiled out of zip codes undergoing the Chrisina Referendum.

If you go to the beach, the above property is that old airport that has always been just north of Lewes…

If you’ve been here very long you may remember it as the location when as a child you looked out your window and saw this….Futuro Home

It was also one of the early fields featuring Pumpkin Chunking….

Today it is headquarter for Hudson Management, a wide ranging assortment of investments scattered across the winds, some of whose seeds have drifted close to home. Some of which include the wooden Fairfield Inn, Rehoboth Beach, Sam Yoder and Sons, Village of Five Points.  Other investments include:

  • 300MW Wind Farm and Solar project in northern Ontario, Canada (under development)
  • 150 unit ocean-front luxury residential development in San Juanillo, Costa Rica
  • Video commerce network- TV Page in San Diego, CA
  • Leading digital news and information network in Dallas, TX
  • Self-storage investment firm with 12 locations in the US, and 2 locations in Ontario, Canada

As would any investor, zeal against taxation would become a cause celebre because taxes sap some of the return off investments… And Christian Hudson has almost zealfully crusaded against any form of taxation….

Any form of taxation…. as would any zealot I could imagine.

Here is one of his ads on removing all taxes. Here are his ideas of cutting the state budget instead of raising taxes.  Here is why they are against “smart” growth, advocating for its opposite instead.  Here is him as a plaintiff trying to remove Delaware from the Regional Gas Initiative.

Those of us who have sparred with Christian Hudson across and are familiar with his single-mindedness whenever anything interferes with the personal accumulation of money.  Nothing wrong with that; were I raised differently it would make sense to me too.

But why would someone with no bone to pick in Lewes (Milton), employee his Robo-tax-cop machine to bother people in a district far-far away?

The first and simple reason:  it costs nothing for him to do so.. The apparatus is set up; calls are free; and all it takes is 5 minutes to leave a greeting on tape, and then off to the Sussex Country Republican Convention while voters in Christina drop what they are doing when the phone rings, rush to their phones, only to hear a taped message telling them their taxes (but not their time) are wasted and they need to vote no on the upcoming increase….

For whether your taxes are or not wasted, here is a first rate breakdown of their funding… Basically Christina District is one of the most efficient districts in the entire NATION and if it weren’t for the abject poverty endemic in both Wilmington and the Route 40 Corridor, they would be considered one of the best districts in the United States…  For the real fact is, those who are paying school property taxes across that small swath of state, are carrying the bulk of the weight for up to 90% of its students….   The real fact is that all the bad press being used to smear that district, is strictly because of the poverty that district bears; from the DOE website, we see one student in every two lives in families making less than $16,000 a year. Here is a quick succession of charts from the above Delaware-Liberal article.
Comparisons ChristinaComparison Christina bComparison Christina c
Over 98% of all salaries go directly to people in the buildings or bus drivers.  From a quick search over multiple educational funding sources, that seems to be the highest of any United States of American school district….

When you don’t vote FOR a Christina referendum…. you are voting to kick children in the teeth…  Those lies of being too top heavy may apply to other districts INCLUDING  CAPE HENOPLEN WHICH ENCOMPASSES CHRISTIAN HUDSON’S DISTRICT, but it does not apply to what is probably the most efficient school district in the entire nation:… Christina.

Of course. We understand there may be personal legitimate reasons, (such as living on limited pension income that is being too-quickly drained by ever-increasing corporate fees), which could push you not to want even one more dollar of money taken from you which you can’t spend on absolutely necessities.  It’s just like there are reasons you don’t always put money in the collection plate as it’s passed by you in your church.  You are entitled to vote and that is why we put it up to a vote.  But be advised. Outside influences spreading mis-truths to achieve a certain outcome from which they are completely insulated, such as Christian Hudson and everyone who votes his way solely on ideologically grounds…. are putting loaded guns to the heads of children and pulling the triggers, especially in a place where one out of every two children comes from an under-$16,000 income family.

Just thought you all should know that…..



I can remember very academic arguments with David Anderson way back when as we each sought to determine for the next twenty years, how property rights should be divided up ethically and morally….

One view is that libertarianism should be the rule.  Do what you want as long as no one gets hurt.

The other view was that society should rule.  We are getting hurt so we now have to dictate what you can do….

Funny thing is, we were both arguing the same thing, except from two different ends…

People should be allowed to do what they wish as long as others are not hurt,  When others feel hurt, there needs to be an arbiter or judge who looks at both sides before siding against the property owner.  I think that makes sense….

We see in West, Texas what happens when people like Delaware’s own Christian Hudson and Mark Baker get their way.  Anything goes.  Everyone else be damned…

In the town of West, Texas a fertilizer plant exploded across the street from a school, one block away from a nursing home, and two blocks from an emergency services building.

This is what zoning is in place to prevent.  It also prevents too much runoff, to much commercialization, too much traffic, too much sewage, too many stoplights, too much congestion, and too much time out of our lives.  And when things go horribly wrong, like a corporate entity like Christian Hudson or Mark Baker, cuts a corner or two like a fertilizer plant did in West, Texas….  BOOM!   We’re all dead.

Some of you have lived in Delaware more than ten years…  You fondly remember the excitement building up in your car as you raced through the forests that lay between Lewes and Rehoboth.  Good zoning could have left them an still created the business that provides the tax base now.

But good zoning was cast aside for misplaced words like “freedom” and “liberty” and “property rights” ….  Those have there place, but not in zoning situations.  There at least, some type of thought process should ahve played a part, instead of knee-jerking when either Christian or Mark jerked the chain.

You probably  don’t need good zoning in the tundra of Alaska or the Yukon.  But you do need it in Delaware.

It is time to start shouting down the nincompoops in Sussex County who have  only a three word vocabulary when the show up at County meetings:  liberty, freedom, and property rights….

The rest of us have rights too, and we are far greater in number than those three people who created the logjam that begins south of Federal Route 9.

Next time someone wants to take away your liberty, your freedom, and your happiness by wanting more and more for themselves… tell them to go to hell…

To really understand Christmas, you need to be in the Third World, hot climate, where Christianity doesn’t exist. Life is just a normal day. Their religion’s calling out prayer, markets bustling as always, and you are working too…. Somewhere during that day, if you are an American, it hits you. Wow, its the 25th.. This is Christmas.

And so it was. No one knew who Jesus was. The Bible says that in his own way, God announced it. But if you were living in Bethlehem roughly 2000 years ago, it would be like what you see here before you today. Life as normal. Just like every other day…

And that is the beauty of Christmas. In your town, today, the child of the second coming could be born. You would never know. And that offers a clue to how God works… He works things in his own way….

And somehow, it works out…. Against all odds of the dice being thrown in multiple odds, it always lands the right way when it is needed…

After all your calls home, you report for duty in the hospital where you work, and from a room a newborn cries out. The question hits you. What if in two thousand years, everyone shall know his name? At first you scoff, he’s just another mid-eastern baby. But then, so was Jesus…..

It happened just like this… THAT is the mystery of Christmas…

I’m tying together three threads to make a knot..

A. The election 2012 showed the end of political dominance by “white people” on the national stage.

B. John Stapleford wrote a derogatory piece in Wilmington’s News Journal whining that “blacks and browns” (his words) were lazy, no good, bums and would always not vote for a white guy, no matter how fly…..

C. Martin Luther King Blvd. is renamed off of Duke of York Streets, William Penn Street, and Court Street….

This 2012 election bamboozled Republican strategists because they totally neglected to account for the votes of Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, who were heavily engaged in this election. To Republicans, these people never mattered. But, these people who never mattered, now have more votes. They, are the majority… and far more moral than any Republican Moral Majority could ever hope to be…..

John Stapleford’s piece was an attempt to denigrate this very vote. By saying thugs had overrun the election, he could still attempt to keep his values above water. He was trying to say….”our outdated values are still the true path; we were overwhelmed by critters and just lost one round, that’s all.” It didn’t fly. His audience almost to every man and woman, saw it as prejudice and nothing else. Instead, the die had been cast. This Obama was the direction America really wanted to go….

Dover changed the name. Now Dover is the 40th Capital City to have a Martin Luther King Boulevard. It will not be the last…. In a sad way, Delaware’s Colonial Heritage is being lost to the 20th Century… The Duke of York put Dover in the same class as Williamsburg. The colonial aspect of Dover is now gone. It is just old buildings on a street that happens to be named after the bravest American of the last century… Before there was correlation…. Now, what’s the correlation?

But that is … as it should be… Times change. And really… though sad to see 300 years of tradition swept away, exactly “who” is the Duke of York? How many of those voting in Dover itself, could have answered that question properly?

He, along with William Penn… have no meaning to people whose ancestors were sold, brought across the Atlantic, sold again, mistreated, and then once freed, quietly kept in second class status, until one man made so much noise it could be ignored no longer…..

It is proper and fitting that someone who has more name recognition and who deserves to be honored, replaces 300 years of tradition… We can only hope he may reign on that street sign, as long as did the Duke of York…..

The vote has passed. We are now in a new America, and it is good.

It’s clear as day.

When you have no engine in your car, you have to put one in… When banks aren’t lending, when the private sector is incapable of spending, the government has to..

It is called deficit spending. It’s been done before. Whereas we suffered a horrible Great Depression, Sweden emerged from theirs in 1934 by using just such a Keynesian approach towards deficit spending. While America suffered through dust bowls, “Grapes of Wrath”, Hoovervilles, soup kitchens, and one out of every four workers unemployed, Sweden was thriving and its citizens were living quite comfortably.

America finally… five years later, had no choice but to follow suit after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. We too spent money we didn’t have and guess what? From 1939 to 1941, U.S. manufacturing shot up a phenomenal 50 percent!

So what happens to those people who have no choice but to work, when the government gives them a job? They spend…. soon,… more people have to work… who spend… so even more people have to work,… who spend … so even more people than the more people spending money previously, have to work. … and they spend.

Republicans clamor we need more jobs… Mike Castle even hands out a giant check he voted against! LOL.. But they are all lined up against the very engine that brought us out of The Great Depression… How silly is that?

They say… we’ll owe sooooooooooooooo much money… Hello…Excuse me? Uhhh, have you ever bought a … house? Don’t you personally owe soooooooooooooooo much money? A $200,000 dollar house cost over $455,000 by the time the last payment is made. But…… how long would it take you, forced to spend more than you currently make just to live, to save $200,000 cash just to buy that house outright?

Right…. you couldn’t…

The same principal applies to economics. If you need to spend money for jobs right now…. and don’t have it… when and where will those jobs come from?

They won’t. Duh.

Therefore when Bonini says “Delaware spends more per person than any other state, excluding Alaska and Hawaii…” and that “the No. 1 employer in Delaware is the state itself, and the number of people employed by the state has doubled in the past 12 years” … right now we should be grateful… not troubled. Because we too are making some of that money those people are spending.

When he says…. “Tough economic times have prompted people to get involved in the political process,” it’s hilarious…. Especially when you look at this… on the Republican side… THEY ARE ALMOST ALL MILLIONAIRES…. (C’mon… It’s Delaware… Even if you’re Republican you gotta laugh)…

But, when he says … “The fact that people are making tough economic decisions in their personal family lives is bringing attention to the fact that the government is not,” it shows he doesn’t understand government’s role in the economy. It unfortunately shows us all that he doesn’t either read, or understand, American history.

And… that is what makes him a dangerous person to put in as our State Treasurer. He’s a great guy, and I certainly wish him well, but now is just not right time for someone who does not understand deficit spending to be running our state’s Treasury. Thirty years from now… based on my best estimates…that will be his time.

I just received an eyewitness report I was rather late getting to, that because of the convention, most of you may have passed it by……

I will post the newsworthy portion of the comment:……

“I saw Bill Lee a week ago in Middletown at the parade. He was shaking hands on the parade route, then he hung out in town and walked around the festival and talked to people.

I checked out his site, and there are a bunch of pics of him, he’s been to every parade and festival in the state in the past 3 months and a lot of other places.

He’s even been to DNREC hearings…”

Naturally I was quite relieved. I was afraid he had suffered a serious medical emergency, and no one was saying anything.

Courtesy of Delawareonline and Mike Matthews at DWA

But according to one or our most appropriately named commenters, DUH, Bill Lee is alive and well.

Sigh of relief.

it starts like this.

“Can you put away the dishes?”

“F– No, you put away the dishes…”

Flip Flops Sometimes Help Keep Marriages Together
photo courtesy of Clif Bar

Eventually things heat up to a point where I realize that putting dishes away really is not a bad alternative compared to the other choices facing me…

“Fine, I’ll do it!”

You see, against every moral fiber of my character, ….. I have flip flopped.

And since you don’t know what the other alternatives were, you will just have to trust me when I say I was smart to do so……

Flip Flop’s have become standard attack tactics for political campaigns.  The last presidential campaign, was decided on one…..   It is rather ironic that our nation’s fortune flip- flopped, just because we made a wrong choice based on a political flip flop.

We are paying that price today.

But one must consider why a flip flop occurs.  If one is faced with overwhelming evidence that ones tack is going in the wrong direction, or at the wrong speed, or is just plain wrong, to maintain that tack in order to appear “resolute”, is just lunacy.

“Captain, Captain!  Wireless reports sighting of icebergs dead ahead……”

“Damn it,… nothing will slow us down,…  we have a record to break….. full steam ahead…..”


On little things I flip flop all the time.  Why?  Because eventually I found out more information which made my original decision less palatable than my revision.   That’s all….

“We’ll get gas in this next town.   ……   …..  What?  $4. 59 a gallon,  ………  uh, we’ll go to the next town.”

Flip….   Flop…..

So the reason for the flip flop is what makes the whole difference.  If Obama or McCain makes a flip flop, was it because they want to be “more” popular?  Or was it because they changed their mind.

For those of you prone by experience to misdirect our attention to your opponent’s change in direction, you should realize that it backfires. Instead, I would  look to your position and wonder if you are only wagging a finger at your opponent’s flip flop, because your position is incapable of standing up on its own.

Had we, as a collective nation, actually looked at what Bush was specifically telling us he would do over the next 4 years…..  we, as a collective nation, would not be in this mess.  Nothing that happened…… is a surprise.

We were  more preoccupied with the flip flop over one candidate’s words, than we were with the flip flop of our nation’s fortunes….

So if you decry a flip flop here, or a flip flop there, I may comment as to its irrelevance…..  but more than likely I will keep it private and wonder to myself as to how it could be possible, that on this planet you share with the rest of us, you became so petty…..  muttering under my breath…. “‘what the hell is wrong with them,….Are they f—ing nuts?”