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State Of Delaware Gets Front Paged On Kos

If Christie laughed at every time he was lampooned, he’d lose weight.

Strong Powerful Rightous Religious Caring Compassionate What Is Not To Love
Courtesy of Party Pals

So why would the most popular Republican, the man everyone wanted to run back in 2012… the man hailed as the Great White Hope of the Republican Party, turn on them and bash his own party?


Because his own party is wrong…

He can do more good for all of society by calling the Republicans out for what they truly are, finally, than he could by kissing fat cat’s ass and “toeing” the party line.

Chris Christie is just too big to fit in the Republican’s suit….

I hope he overwhelmingly wins in NJ because courage to call the Republicans the true dicks* they are, is rare. Voters need to reward him for a) being honest with them, and b) for putting his state’s interests over some stupid, made-up, constructed philosophy, that can’t seem to function in the real world….

Christie is right; his party is wrong. Get rid of the bad, keep the good.

*dicks as in Dick Cheney.

January 1-3
January 1-3

January 11-13 2013January 11-13

I getting a bad feeling about this. Who can tell us? What’s this mean?

Btw. There is a monster hurricane approaching Alaska with a low of 943mb. Category 4 if it were an actual hurricane. It is so huge it would stretch from the East Coast of the US to Denver.

So I heard the aid to our friends in New Jersey and New York was passed and wasn’t really worried. It was supposed to. A meesly 9 Billion dollars and then 51 Billion later. So later, I was thinking, gee, did anyone vote against that… I wasn’t the only one thinking that…

The New York Daily News was at the top of the charts with a front page headline that screams… Remember the 67 Republicans in House of Representatives who turned their backs on Hurricane Sandy victims

The Daily Beast was right behind it….

Yes. All 67 were Republicans… Let’s get what this Republican “NO” vote says… It says, “YOU DO NOT DESERVE EVEN A MEESLY 9.7 BILLION TO BUILD OUT FROM HURRICANE SANDY!!! YOU SUCK YOU EAST COAST LIBERAL FUCKIN’ SCUM.” That is what this vote is saying… It’s not $60 billion. It’s not $100 billion. It’s not a trillion. It’s $9.7 Billion….

The New York Times has a great interactive map showing they yea’s and nay’s…

Some surprises…. or not… Remember, Republicans are the lowest human element here.

Steven Pallazo, Gulf Coast Mississippi… (Remember Hurricane Katrina?) Look what Google pulls up for him…U.S. Rep. Steven Palazzo helps Vietnam vet replace medals lost in Hurricane Katrina Oh, he’ll help his own replace a medal, but won’t help a New Yorker get someplace to live… Typical republican… are you surprised?

Mississippi’s Fourth Congressional District, which Palazzo has represented since 2011, includes the city of Biloxi, one of the most heavily damaged communities in the region by Hurricane Katrina. Congress quickly passed an initial $10.5 billion relief package in the immediate aftermath of Katrina in September of 2005

John Flemming, (R La) Had his own primary and runoff election canceled because of Hurricane Gustav, but voted no on relief for Hurricane Sandy. Flemming was involved in controversy when one of his 33 Subway franchises refused service to two Muslims because of their religion. Perhaps because Muslims live in New York?….

Andy Harris R-MD. EASTERN SHORE including the area of Ocean City, Maryland, which lost it’s pier to Hurricane Sandy…. UNBELIEVINGLY voted no aid to Sandy victims… His response? “This really wasn’t aid for the victims. What this was raising the debt ceiling limit”…. WTF…. Typical republican… are you surprised?

Randy Weber R-TX, took Ron Paul’s district, and just a year ago, was according to his tweeter feed, “Sitting in on a Galveston Erosion Response Plan in Galveston City Hall…” trying to get FEDERAL AID to stem Galveston’s Beach Erosion. But, he won’t support money for ‘dem liberals with no houses up in dat der liberal country.” Typical republican… are you surprised?

This just boggles the mind.

You have Mo Brooks of Alabama, who practically went door-to-door in his state after tornados to explain to them how to best get their federal money

Representative Sam Graves of Missouri…. co sponsored a much greater bill for flooding in his state… His quote…“This bill would take into account the new data points caused by this past year’s flood,” said Rep. Sam Graves. “This will ensure that we are prepared for a new worst-case scenario. As communities, roads and farmland all along the Missouri River begin to dry out, now is the time to start making common sense changes to the way the river is managed. This is a good first-step.” Check out this headline! Graves supporting flood insurance extension, but he won’t fund the exact same bankrupt fund for Hurricane Sandy victims.

But ‘dem Liberals in New York are just panhandlers… they want stuff for free…. typical Republican…. are you surprised?

This is going to be the big story this weekend… It boggles the mind. How can any human being take something for his district, then deny that exact same thing to others?

There is something really sick in America.

To really understand Christmas, you need to be in the Third World, hot climate, where Christianity doesn’t exist. Life is just a normal day. Their religion’s calling out prayer, markets bustling as always, and you are working too…. Somewhere during that day, if you are an American, it hits you. Wow, its the 25th.. This is Christmas.

And so it was. No one knew who Jesus was. The Bible says that in his own way, God announced it. But if you were living in Bethlehem roughly 2000 years ago, it would be like what you see here before you today. Life as normal. Just like every other day…

And that is the beauty of Christmas. In your town, today, the child of the second coming could be born. You would never know. And that offers a clue to how God works… He works things in his own way….

And somehow, it works out…. Against all odds of the dice being thrown in multiple odds, it always lands the right way when it is needed…

After all your calls home, you report for duty in the hospital where you work, and from a room a newborn cries out. The question hits you. What if in two thousand years, everyone shall know his name? At first you scoff, he’s just another mid-eastern baby. But then, so was Jesus…..

It happened just like this… THAT is the mystery of Christmas…

With High Republican Turnout I'm Sure to Be Wellfed Nov. 6th
Photo Courtesy of Soggy Log

They thought he was nuts.

Boys and Girls.    In today’s world, we get so much piled on we can’t remember any details…  Sometimes we are like the bloke on the bottom of a Rugby pile as press report after press report piles on.  This last instance of “rape being touted as God’s will”, and then the outrage by every person without a penis over the rapist culture that IS deeply embedded inside the Republican Party (read their party platform),  I realized that I couldn’t remember all the slips that Republican former rapists let slip out in public… Akin I remember because he’s the first.  Mourdock I remember because he’s the last… But who were the other ones in between?   A blank.  (which could be caused by Tequila)  So, … I turned  to our expert historian extrodinaire, and lifted this off Steven Colbert’s show last night… He used the newest generations wording, and called this group Team Rape, no doubt inspired by the Twilight series……   I prefer the older inversion,   The Rape Team….   (And I agree with Steven Colbert, that the name is not very nice, but c’mon, they were kinda’ asking for it…)

First Colbert….

“….And folks, Mourdock is not the first member of the GOP to drop the R-word this campaign season. First we had Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin, who said “legitimate rape” victims couldn’t get pregnant because “the female body has ways” of shutting “that whole thing down”. Then there was Iowa Representative and angry dinner roll Steve King, who said he’d never heard of a girl getting pregnant from statutory rape. Pennsylvania Senate candidate Tom Smith equated rape with out-of-wedlock pregnancy. And Wisconsin state representative Roger Rivard offered the sage advice that “some girls, they rape so easy“.

This is the GOP  Rape Team… Does it stand for all Republicans?  Very surprisingly….. YES…. Because their head of the party and his Vice President successor,  have not distanced themselves from these remarks….   ”  ha, ha, ha, he’s just being silly”  was all they said.    This is the GOP:  now known as the Rape Team…   I put together this theme song for them….

Who You A’ Gonna Call; The Rape Team?

(The Rape Team!)
If there’s somethin’ progressive in your neighborhood
Who ya gonna call?
(The Rape Team!)

If you’r polls are down, an’ it don’t look good
Who ya gonna call?
(The Rape Team!)

I ain’t afraid o’ no wo’man
I ain’t afraid o’ no wo’man

If you’re seein’ sperm runnin’ through your head
Who can you call?
(The Rape Team!)

Some invisible vagina, sleepin’ in your bed
Oh who ya gonna call?
(The Rape Team!)

I ain’t afraid o’ no wo’man
I ain’t afraid o’ no wo’man

Who ya gonna call?
(The Rape Team!)

If you’re all alone, pick up the phone
And call
(The Rape Team!)

I ain’t afraid o’ no wo’man
I hear they likes it.
I ain’t afraid o’ no wo’man
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Who you gonna call?
(The Rape Team)

Mmm, if you’ve had a dose
Of those little blue pills…
You better call
(The Rape Team!)

Let me tell you somethin’
Bustin’ makes u feel good
I ain’t afraid o’ no wo’man
I ain’t afraid o’ no wo’man

Don’t get caught alone, oh no
(By the Rape Team!)

When he comes through your midnight door
Sayin’ no, will make him want it more.
I think you better call
(The Rape Team!)

Oh, who you gonna call?
(The Rape Team!)
Who you gonna call?
(The Rape Team!)

Ah, think you better call
(The Rape Team!)
Who you gonna call?
(The Rape Team!)

I can’t hear you
Is that a hand over yo’ mouth?
(The Rape Team!)
Like it, bitch….
(The Rape Team!)

(song originally written as Ghostbusters, and sung by Ray Parker, Jr.) All parties involved with this song, are against rape.

You saw it, let’s just jump right in…..

You see, I believe we have become paralyzed, paralyzed by
our desire to be loved.

Yes, paralyzed by our love for millionaires… We don’t EVER ask THEM to make small sacrifices. We give them whatever they ask.

Our leaders of today have decided it’s more important
to be popular, to say and do what’s easy, and say yes rather
than to say no, when no is what is required.

You know? It’s really hard to pay these hard working policemen. To do so, we have to ask billionaires for more money. Let’s do the easy thing. Lets eradicate the police force entirely and let the county cover Camden. That was we won’t have to ask billionaires for more money….

It’s easy for our leaders to say,
“Not us, not now”, in taking on the really tough issues. And
unfortunately we have stood silently by and let them get away
with it.

In fact, when all ten REPUBLICAN candidates were asked if they would raise taxes should they get nine parts in cuts for every one part raised, and all of them said, “not us, not now” when it came to raising taxes…. When it is obvious that we need more money, and it is obvious that the wealthy are making more than ever before,… is running away from the problem and turning to cutting the working poor’s incomes, really…”taking on the really tough issues?” You’re a big chicken… Christie… “bawk, bawk”..

Duh, duh-duh,duh,duh,duhhh, Duh, duh-duh,duh,duh,duhhh, Duh, duh-duh,duh,duh,duhhh, duh, duh, duh, duh, …. (chicken dance song)…

Tonight, we are speaking up for ourselves and stepping

Oh, they gave you a footstool like Dukakas, huh?

See we are not afraid. We (billionaires) are taking our country back

Over our dead bodies…..

When I came into office,
I could continue on the same path that the wealth and jobs and
people leaving our state. Or I could do the job the people
elected me to do, to do the big things.

During the recession 229,700 jobs got lost in your state, New Jersey. Since you’ve been Governor, only 8200 have been created….

Now, they said that it was impossible — this is
what they told me — to cut taxes in a state where taxes were
raised 115 times in the eight years before I became governor.

115 times? Oh, you aren’t talking about taxes… You are talking about every little fee or charge that got raised in the entire state of New Jersey over the 8 years prior, That would be 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009… Fees like driver’s licenses, state id’s, licenses plates, cigarette taxes, liquor taxes, boiler inspection fees, New Jersey Turnpike tolls, all which took place during the Bush years, and one, his first, Obama year….

That it was impossible to balance the budget at the same
time with an $11 billion in deficit. But three years later, we
have three balanced budgets in a row with lower taxes.

Wait a second… On February 11, 2010, Christie signed Executive Order No. 14, which declared that a “state of fiscal emergency exists in the State of New Jersey” due to the projected $2.2 billion budget deficit for the current fiscal year (FY 2010)…. So which is it? Your Democratic neighbor Delaware had a $1 billion dollar deficit that year, and they are one tenth the size your state is, and you only had a $2 billion deficit? What’s the big deal? They couldn’t raise taxes either, because IT WAS A RECESSION!!!….

But with bipartisan leadership, we saved taxpayers
$132 billion dollars over 30 years and saved retirees their
pensions. We did it.

But at what cost? You signed legislation that strips away already-earned benefits from both current and future retirees. Under this law, many current and future retirees saw the value of their pensions drop by 40 percent or more over the course of their lives. Ok so if you were planning to retire with $100,000. Now, you have $60,000. Yet we are more than 17 months into his term and he has yet to contribute a single dollar to the pension systems. The only thing about pensions that has not changed under Gov. Christie is the state’s abject failure to make its contributions, even as the contributions required of public employees have increased. Ohhhhhh, so if you don’t pay into pensions, you leave it for the next guy….THAT’S HOW YOU BALANCE THE BUDGET…..

We believe in telling hardworking families the truth about
our country’s fiscal realities, telling them what they already
know, the math of federal spending does not add up.
With $5 trillion in debt added over the last four years, we
have no other option but to make the hard choices,

Yeah, like tax the millionaires… That is a hard choice and you haven’t done it….. Why not? Chicken? With their increased net worth this past year, you could have taxed them at 30% and they would have still made more than they did last year…

Whistling happy tune while
driving us off a fiscal cliff as long as they are behind the
wheel of power when we fall.

Wait a second… I thought the Republicans were the ones who passed those Bush Tax Cuts that ran us off the cliff?

We believe it is possible to forge bipartisan
compromise, and stand up for our conservative principles.

So, hmmm, which party was it that wouldn’t compromise for the budget crises last summer, you know the one where Republicans stormed out of the meeting because we had a gap and needed revenue to fill it? Compromise? I don’t think so……

See, I know Mitt Romney, and Mitt Romney will tell us the
hard truths we need to hear,

I never paid less than 13% on my income taxes.
“I’ll tell you what, ten-thousand bucks? $10,000 bet?”
“I have some friends who are NASCAR team owners.”
“I like those fancy raincoats you bought. Really sprung for the big bucks.”
“We have a president, who I think is is a nice guy, but he spent too much time at Harvard, perhaps.” —Mitt Romney, who has two Harvard degrees (April 5, 2012)
“It’s not worth moving heaven and earth, spending billions of dollars just trying to catch one person.” —Mitt Romney, speaking in 2007 about killing Osama bin Laden,,,
“I’m not familiar precisely with what I said, but I’ll stand by what I said, whatever it was.”
“I believe in an America where millions of Americans believe in an America that’s the America millions of Americans believe in. That’s the America I love.”

We have to tell each other the truth, right?

Remember: a “tax credit” is usually just another term for “tax increase.” Someone gets the credit and the rest of us pay more.

Don’t worry Chris Christie….. “Well everybody’s got a secret Sonny
Something that they just can’t face”

The city of Camden disbanded its police force for lack of funds. Police responsibility will not be handled by the non union Camden County Police. The City Police force is unionized.

Governor Chris Christie is the person behind busting the police union. As a result, Americas’ most dangerous city is now without a police force…

There is a better way… Just tax the wealthy. That is all you have to do..
Tax them..

This could have been prevented. This could have been headed off a long time ago… America, stop voting Republican. You are killing America.