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The controversy has been debunked.  As Christopher Bullock plainly stated on WDEL to Allan Loudell, he was funneled the emails in order to make a statement harmful, he hoped, to the opponents of the Data Center…

For the most part it backfired.

After that was admitted, that the documents had been selectively chosen, edited, and highlighted to show only a small section of  text, completely ignoring the bulk of the letter, and after Meg Williamson had said the” Union Thugs” at Newark High School on that cold, heavy rainy March evening, were trying to intimidate all those townspeople’s entering to make their voices known….  the controversy showed itself for what it is….

A complete sham and fraud……

Because one must ask….

If one supposedly has the good of the community on one’s side…. why does one dally in evil?   One simply doesn’t.  The data center is a sham, a ghoul, a shade,  a hallucination, a mythical fabrication….  All that its supporters have said up to this point, have been false.

Let’s review?

It is being run by a viable, longterm, prosperous company headquartered in West Chester….  Yeah, out of the smallest and cheapest mail box one can rent from Mailbox Etc……. (Oh, my, gosh…. one can’t make this stuff up!)

There is no noise…. False, it is the equivalent to two drunks talking right outside your bedroom window at 3:33 am.

It will create jobs…. yes, after initial building is over, about 10 new local jobs,…. less than a brand new Wawa.

It will not pollute more than Chrysler.  False… it pollutes considerably more than Chrysler.

It does not produce Carbon Dioxide.  False.. It will add considerably to global warming over what is there now….

It does not burn fracked natural gas.  False… All it’s gas will come from fracking.

There are no investors who will get rich… This is only for the good of  Newark… False.  The investors this month chose to piss away$7 million, than have to reveal who they truly are to the public eye.

There is no pollution from a gas turbine…  False,  … According to their spokesperson (Ed Grant) on WDEL, this will be the largest gas fired burner in the state…. It will pollute worse than that tall burner in Delaware City, the one you can smell as far away as Bear and the City of New Castle, acknowledges TDC spokesperson, Ed Grant.

People live next to gas burners all the time.   Yes, little teeny tiny baby burners….  Like those next to IKEA’s… But no one in America has ever lived this close to a giant 248 MW burner, and lived to tell about it.

There are no carcinogens, ever, that come out of natural gas… False.  Their own submission to DNREC states the exact opposite….


Get the picture?  Like a used car salesman trying to sell you a car pulled out of the Hudson River, every claim imaginable is being made with no regard to substantiation or whether or not it is true….

There has not been one truth told by supporters of the data center……

Oh yeah?  Find it.

So it has become all about those damned elitist, racist white bi*ches, now….   What a pathetic bunch of puss*es….

Hey, Chris Bullock... You’re a pastor…. Tell us the truth…. Is this how you want to really be remembered…. after you leave this earth?  A bully?  The opposite of Jesus?

Hey Sam Latham…. You’re also a pastor…. God’s country, Sussex County. You too… Tell the truth….. Is that how you really want to be remembered?   Having to beat up on some woman, who came damn close to being Newark’s mayor?

Your side has lost this cause… If  either of you were truly serious about getting jobs into New Castle County, instead of covering for the Greenville elite….  You’d be hustling for another business to come in, one that won’t kill women and children, pets and grown working union men in the process…….  and we’d all be right there with you.