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The issue has never been to take away guns,   The issue has always been to work to keep guns out of the hands of the wrong people…

The NRA has worked hard to make that impossible.  Using anonymity, fake screens, and everything possible to keep the criminal element intact.

If criminals weren’t subsidizing the NRA, they should start in order to keep it in business.

During the upcoming legislative session, gun laws designed to allow normal people to have all the guns they want, and abnormal people not to get them, should become a priority.

It is especially sad, when a father on one coast tries to get help for his mentally unstable son on another coast,  and can’t in time to save an innocent person’s life…

We can do better; creating a law that requires a gun owner to at least have the mental capacity to drive a vehicle… would be a start.  If one is deemed to unstable to drive on our public highways, we could probably be safe and rule out the likelihood of them ever owning a gun….

It is no big deal.  Or better framed, it is far less a big deal than seeing your son or daughter shot by someone who should have never had a gun in the first place….

Two big hearings in Dover today.  The first was on banning guns. The second was on banning the death penalty… The crazies couldn’t attend both.   The Death Penality was civil, honest, and mostly (9 to 1) in favor of the ban..

Here were some of the reasons offered to abolish the death penalty.

First the moral:  punishing someone by doing to them exactly what you are punishing them for, is convoluted logic.  God is against killing, so how does one tell a child killing is wrong when ones government does it?

Then there is the practical… Killing a killer does not bring back the dead.  In fact, it makes the family wait 25-35 years for a resolution.  Every appeal, makes them relive it all over. Life imprisonment is so much easier on a victim’s family, one verdict; it is done forever… Time to heal.

Delaware spent $2.3 million legal costs on appeals. Just give that to the victims family.  Not really, but get the point?  That money is a waste and is only spent because we have the death penalty.and therefore must give every option to make sure we are not killing another when other options are available.  That money can be better spent on other things.

Criminals who are only in for a year or two, are more dangerous to correctional officers than those in for life.  Life imprisonment is a greater punishment than dying. Dying is the easy way out. 

Now, for the reasons why we SHOULD keep Capital punishment….  There were two.  One, it worked in the movie True Grit (seriously) and second…. there are some really sick Dexters out there who like to watch people die…. 

Well, yes. Of course there is… Duh.

When most Afro-Americans were being held as slaves by their white masters and kept chained either by iron or psychological control, there was no possible way they could be violent to whites, unless those whites got careless, making it the white person’s fault through negligence if they got killed by one of there financial properties.

So yes, of course there is… End of story.

Not quite, … Should we go back to enslaving a large group of humans based on the amount of melanin in their skin, just to go back to the quite comfort of white on white violence? How about white on Mexican violence? Here is one rivaling Stalin/Hitlers killing off the Jews… How …. about…. white…. on …. American Indian…. violence.. That was cool stuff apparently … Colin Flattery grew up idolizing that on black and white TV…..

You’d expect a book like this from someone who once thought F Troop was real.

I’m trying to put all your ideas together into one package. So, let me get this right… All you are asking is for, is a country where:

1) There is no universal healthcare.
2) Few entitlement programs.
3) Low Flat Tax System.
4) Faith based Government.
5) A deep reverence for God.
6) Extremely strict rules against abortion.
7) Marriage has already been strictly defined as between man and woman.
8) Homosexuality is a sin, and illegal.
9) Dress Codes are strictly enforced.
10) Tattoos, piercings, baggy pants, are banned.
11) Has the Death Penalty which they aren’t shy about using.
12) Strong private school system with religious focus.
13) Widespread dependency on oil and natural gas drilling.
14) Growing nuclear program
15) Nonexistent environmental nuisances
16) Culture that promotes family and stereotyped roles for men and women.

I’ve endeavored to put all your values on one page. I share your frustration because today, ever since 2008, it seems like America is moving further and further away from these values.

But you don’t have to be frustrated anymore. I have looked far and wide and have discovered a place already in existence that has those values in place, and more. If you sorely long for those values above, it is sincerely a place where you and your family would be very happy.

It is Iran.

You don’t have to pay me. I don’t need any commission. Just glad to help a fellow Delawarean out…. No problem.

He’s scheduled to die.

Simply put.

He is not the same person he was when the crime was committed.

He appears to be a good man, albeit, he will be incarcerated for life.

If executed, the state will have then killed a good man…

What difference is that from his killing of a good woman?

Who actually benefits from his death? The mother?

If they are both now good people, how is his death, any different from her daughter’s death?

If the state takes his life, it will be doing exactly what he did to lose his…..

Why is it right for the state to take a life, and not an individual?


These questions must be answered in the closed hearing. I don’t have to answer them, but you who are reading, do… Your answers will reflect who you are.

Bottom line, the only way to drive home the point that murder is morally wrong and a horrific act, is to do it by saying murder is so wrong and so horrific, not even the state of Delaware will rise to that level, even when and if it suits our purpose and the cause is just… What you did was so horrific, that you will spend the rest of your life behind bars… We will not do you the favor of shortening that length of time with a lethal injection.

Its time to do away with capital punishment.