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If two volcanos go as did Krakatoa at both ends of the San Andreas fault close to the same time, could it be enough for the Big One?

Kilroy thinks so and I am inclined to agree. Call it a sixth sense. I’ll be looking forward to seeing if this mystical sense of certainty is indeed as real as old philosophers have impuned, or if it alas is just a figment of my imagination, which my rational side has insisted all along…


But one can’t be a seer without making a prediction…

We were round tabling this discussion when one person said… “What if the US just gave up after Pearl Harbor?”

Valid point.

Now I’m all for people speaking their mind. I’m all for supporting the majority. And like the founding fathers, I have implicit faith in the ability of the people to sort out our problems and separate wheat from the chaff… if not the first time, then definitely over time.

Most ordinary people I know have far more wisdom than any leader I’ve had the privilege to share conversation with. Therefore I believe in the sanctity of the people’s choice. If the people voted him in, he’s there for a reason.

But that’s only if the election was fair. If someone padded the ballot box, or switched vote totals, than obviously this premise wouldn’t apply for the very reason that the choice of the people was not the person who was actually representing them.

Mike was bushwhacked, sort of like the US was at Pearl Harbor or on 09/11…Reading his interview yesterday in the News Journal, one gets a sense that perhaps this was not a fair fight…. By election laws it was, and we all have to accept the primary results. However, if Mike doesn’t run as a write-in, he is putting himself in the same position as if the United States did nothing after Pearl Harbor or 9/11….

And with Mike, it is not about winning, although winning would be nice. It would be about whether good or evil triumphed. Polls say it’s Mike’s race to lose. He actually has enough money to send every voter a personal card telling them exactly how much he’s done for them, how that will soon change for the worse, and explain how to write in his name and send the evil perpetrators back to their cardboard boxes.

If Mike doesn’t do this…. exactly then, what is he saying to future generations of Americans? ? That we should just give up when hit from behind with a baseball bat? That it’s the American way to lay down and bend over? That being a man, is knowing when to run away and hide? That brutality and tastelessness are the new American Way? That perhaps Christine was right? Castle has no man pants on? That the wishes of Delawareans don’t matter; we’ll stop immediately and do what Californians tell us? That how we brush off defeat is a better mark of character, than coming back strong and punishing the evil that befell us?

And sentences keep coming one after another… the list keeps going on…

But if I were in Mike Castles shoes, and if it were me looking over the entire scene before me… I would have no choice but to say I’m in… Oh yes, I would wait till the last minute of September 30th to do so… and I would create a smoke cloud beforehand by pretending to roll over and let bygones be bygones… …. …. and from somewhere out of the fog, then overwhelmingly, I’d strike.

I wouldn’t hold back.. It’d be my last race, it would be the one I pulled all my stops for. Every person I’d ever helped would get a personal appeal from me. Unconditional Surrender would be our rallying cry, just like for the troops of WWII… Our goal would be not just to win, but destroy the O’Tea Party forever.

Ok, Hannity O’Tea Partiers: so you were secretly prepared and yes, you overran Poland, and yes, you then went on to incorporate the Low Countries, Denmark and Norway, and even surprised France pushing their ally Britain into the water… But this time, you went too far.. You’ve taken on the United States. You’ve pissed off someone five times your size. We will Normandize you, Elbetize you, Dresdenize you, give you a Kolnectomy, Rhineantipuovertize you, Remagenisque you, and even liposuctionize your Battle of the Bulge. We will Pattontize you, Bradleydice you, and Marshall you into a corner from where you can’t maneuver.. We will take average civilians and turn them into a fighting force the world has never seen…

We will do so for the honor of America.

What kind of an America? An America where truth wins out, where decency prevails, where honesty and hard work eventually win out over trickery, skulduggery, and political assassination. You wanted to play dirty? We’ll show you how it’s done… In doing so we will show the world that modernism prevails, that decent people still run America. that the “Boehner Bullshit” is just that. It’s time to show the world what we’ve known all along.. That in America, it’s the people who run politics..Not the Politics who run the people…..

I’d tell every Delawarean… Do yourself a favor… Turn off your TV’s.. You got a question? Call me or my staff directly! We’ll talk to you… try talking back to their commercials! Where will that get you?

That stuff they’re airing? That’s not Delaware talking, That’s California money talking… That’s rich bitch snitch drug money being laundried to throw a Senate seat into supporting their snatching up of all your money… You want to keep some of your money? Call me. Call my staff… That’s Delaware talking.

Do you want reason to take on ins’hannity?

Well, it’s on. Support me. You can’t let the devil win… ”

Well anyway, if I were Castle, that’s exactly what I’d do. And I would do it selflessly, not to win, but to give Delawarean another alternative between a Democrat and our equivalent of the brown shirts of the Nazi Party.

Yes, if there is still good left in America, then Castle needs to run.
If the doesn’t, then the America that came back after Pearl Harbor……. is gone.

Here we have a man, the head of a committee whose commission has legally expired, dismissive of any attempt to solicit the truth.

There is another name for those times when the reality that goes on in ones own head, trumps those realities experienced by everyone else.  I believe the word I’m searching for is…………… delusional?

Ok…Here is the reality as I see it.  Please, someone, correct me if I’m wrong…..

We are being asked to put our faith in this organization that can only meet for ten minutes because far too few people can show up at the same time.  This is the group of human beings, who will be in charge of our renewable energy credits, someday cumulatively totaling well over 100 million dollars.  This committee of experts is the reason we do not need Bluewater Wind to come to Delaware?

Am I the only person on this planet who thinks this is ridiculous?

Probably so.  Let’s look at what we got out of this month’s meeting.  We got one letter and the minutes of their last meeting approved,  before they broke quorum.

And we are expected to trust this group to drop our electric bills down to nothing? I don’t think so……

I think I’m in need of some more confidence boosting.

I’m not confident sitting around a Queen Anne’s table within a group, where the lawyer (lol) is considered the “good guy”?  I’m curious as with what kind of people that lawyer is frequently associating, for him to appear as accommodating, simply because of his willingness to engage the participants……Isn’t that what politicians are supposed to do?

Oh no…my bad….They are supposed to lord it over their fellow citizens by being bombastic and combative.  “Do as I say you sniveling Punk.  There’s no such thing as Common Cause anymore…..How dare you contradict me…Me the Great Oz.”

I’m sorry….I meant Willie Wonka.  For according to McDowell, all questions had to be offered in writing, and then reviewed by the committee of oompa loompas.  But should your question be deemed at that time, to be one of conflicting nature, it probably would not get answered, since oompa loompas were too pure to delve into conflicting questions….which is nice,actually……….for them…..because any question by its very nature, conflicts its own opposite, and can therefore be disposed before reaching the counsel…… any time….

Since oompa loompas work for free,  any extra endeavor place upon them for accountability, would never do.  And because they are purely all volunteer, they can stay indefinitely as long as they wish.  There are no laws that say they must stay….or force them to go……

The reason this is not a great problem, is solely because of transparency.  There is so much transparency on the SEU board that nothing disreputable can ever happen.  Nowhere in the Senate, is there a place where that is more transparent, where all can see…….that all its members are interested in lining their own pockets.  Whereas those desires may be hidden deep within the Bond Bills,  with the SEU, It is transparent to all, that this is so……

I’m intrigued by the letter stating that the board does not have the right to spend any money unless the contract administrator is unavailable…..

If I’m not mistaken, It appears we have an expired board whose commission had ran out in January, (although someone says “no it isn’t”), which is currently unable to choose a contract administrator  simply because that piece of legislation is still in limbo…At stake is whether or not that entity can or cannot be a “for profit ” company….trying to float around 10 million in start-up bond money, with no way of paying it back at this time, because all they ever get accomplished at their monthly meetings, is approving the last meeting’s ten minutes………………

With everything working in such perfect order…. how dare anyone question him:  the one arrogant Harris McDowell…..