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Apparently telling others not to stick their cucumber among the ripe tomatoes, can lead to problems.

For one, it could cost you the loss of a “province”. At least that has now become the locals suggestion as to why Al Anbar province suddenly switched away from supporting Al Qaeda.

“Harsh as the Islamic Republic may be, Al Qaeda is worse by an order of magnitude. Its now infamous warnings to street vendors in Iraq’s Anbar Province not to place cucumbers next to tomatoes in the market because the vegetables are “different genders” is one of myriad reasons why most Sunni Arab tribes in that region recently flipped to the side of the hated Americans. “

It is an amazing world where sticking you cucumber where it does not belong, has considerable more consequence then a supplemental 192 billion dollars………


Even I had to laugh at this one.

Of course they worked with us for 5 years. I guess they learned from us you can hide a lot in Homeland Security.

Hi, this is an open letter to those at Quantico who have the unfortunate task of monitoring me. Yeah, I know that I am the most boring case you have had to deal with, but, orders are orders.

I hope in the short time you have been impressed by how much I love this nation, how exciting it is to see it grow. I know many of you had preconceived notions about bloggers, particularly those who disagree with your commander in chief, but I hope over time, you have changed your opinion.

As you know, I am a human, and have to deal with human issues…..such as needing more money than I have to raise a family. But still, life is good when you suscribe to a simple code: Duty, Honor, Country.

That is what I want to talk to you about…..You have jobs to do and you have been told that doing such will benefit our country. Hopefully you have come to understand that I love this country as much, if not more than you do…….. That arguing for a better way is not destructive to this country’s interests.

I guess the difference between you and I is that, as someone who himself must use people to accomplish my means, I can see when others are doing the same. It is one thing to do what I do in the context of making money, and sharing it with those who work for me. For when I am successful, so are they. But it is far different for someone to delude others into giving all, and then taking it for himself and disappearing.

As you have so sworn, you are there to defend the Constitution. As a matter of fact, that is why I am here as well. Following orders, makes you loyal to your commander in chief… That is fine except in this rare case. But what if …….he is not pursuing America’s best interests, which are those outlined in the Constitution? Do you still have a duty to protect the reputation of our president, or then does it become your duty to honor your country?

Most of you, who hail from a rural beginning, know what it like to take a walk in the woods. Most of you would give anything now to be back home, wandering around your homesteads. So in a sense we are working on the same line. You are working to keep America safe from external threats….That is your job and you do it well. Me, and those like me, are working to keep America safe from internal threats, often more dangerous in the long run, than those outside the country.

One must fight a bar bully and cancer in different ways. Being tough helps in a bar fight, but being sensitive, knowing exactly where the cancer is, can save ones life in this other fight. Both fights require great courage……

I know as youthful persons, you have the belief that you need to channel peoples attention away from what you are doing. You need to watch us in secret. But think for a minute of the real reason and of whom you are fighting for……Your commander in chief, or you mom and dad, brother and sisters, family and friends?……..

If your leaders actions endanger their safety, are you helping the right side?

Just questions only you can answer……But I hope as you plod through my boring epistles and phone conversations, that you keep in mind that sometimes , those in power can go a little too far off center for this country’s own good……..

And when something leans to far and starts to fall, it takes quite an effort to straighten and right it up again………..

Just keep it in mind, that’s all……

Where's Paris Hilton's Pardon?
Oh, So that is what Happened to Paris's Pardon

Two public jailbirds had two opposite outcomes in each of their run- ins with the law. The real question that has yet to be asked is not so much as to why Scooter Libby got a pardon, that was a foregone conclusion, but what is most puzzling is why Paris Hilton did not?

I mean, as far as I know, Scooter has never been in a video. When I search for “One Night on a Scooter” my search comes up empty……And everyone knows that Scooter didn’t have his own reality TV show, but those scenes with Paris and Nicole, are classics. Nor did he do any car-wash commercials, at least as far as I know. And unless secrets are kept better in Washington, than they are in Hollywood, there is relatively no chance that Scooter was running around with an underwearless Brittney Spears, although if it is true that he was, then that for the first time, would shed light on why Brittney disintegrated like she did………….

Paris committed a serious crime. Scooter only, well it wasn’t a crime, all he did was lie, like what’s the big deal? It’s not like he tried to drive without a license, or anything horrific like that. He just told a white lie, and the stupid judge made his sentence was way harsher than that of Ms Hilton: how unjust is that?

And all those ga’ga Republicans make a big deal about Scooter outing a CIA agent, like it’s a crime, or something. What’s wrong with them? Haven’t they ever heard of the paparazzi? There are no secrets these days. If you want the truth and hard nosed investigative reporting, look in the tabloids. Making a big deal over blowing a CIA agent’s cover, come on, get over it.

So the question is why did Paris Hilton, who is “way more cool”, not get a pardon like Scooter Libby? Is there any justice left within the justice department of this administration?

The answer appears to be because she was sentenced in California. Had she been in DC, like Libby was, things may have turned out the same for both. But apparently, the Federal attorney personally responsible for keeping Paris Hilton out of trouble, was fired. Some claim it was for incompetence, but it was really just another ho hum political firing……

Unlike Paris Hilton, who told Larry King that she learned a valuable lesson, and now wants to help others less fortunate than herself, Scooter Libby says he is vindicated by his pardon. he was right all along and now he is asking others more fortunate, to help him. He rightly insists that he did nothing wrong, quite unlike that other person who drove their car when they weren’t supposed to.

But the major difference still exists between these two jailbirds, which could be summed up in this fashion. One talks to everyone through a grate; the other grates everyone when they talk…………………….

Impeachment proceedings need to start tomorrow, because of this example of uneven justice. Bush needs to pardon Paris Hilton and expunge her record. Otherwise……America needs to take him to task for unequal justice…….

Tommywonk does not yet endorse any candidate. Dave Burris does.

Although there is nothing wrong with either option, it does carry relevance to how their blogs are perceived.

The one that has not yet endorsed or predicted a future winner, can still be perceived as an open source of information. The other, which has firmly committed to a certain candidate, has, even if it is unfairly so, been perceived as a tool of spin.

This is not entirely negative. If someone needs information on Mitt Romney, they now have somewhere to go where they can get answers to their questions.

However, if one is looking for inspired analysis, then the Mitt Romney website would most likely be expected to present just one side of the facts. After all, it is extremely counterproductive to do your opponent’s work for him. Let your enemy find the dirt for himself…..

Therefore it is with great hope and expectation that we look to our local blog sites to remained unaligned, at least for a large part of this exceedingly long campaign.

Instead, more attention should be given by us, to what we, as a select group of individuals. want to see in our candidates.

Obviously, any candidate worth his salt, will read a short list of local blogs daily. To not do so, would put that local candidate at peril. Today, being uninformed, or mis-stating an opinion over an airwave, that has already been exposed as weak within the blog’s community, is most surely steering one’s political campaign towards scalding water.

Since the advent of TV, and its media savvy marketers, our national candidates have needed tons of money to buy points to persuade us, the voter, to “buy their product” over the “product” of their competitors………..(let’s see…..Obama packaged like Aquafresh……….hmmm……..”both will leave a ‘clean‘ taste?….”)

We know this approach does not work. America can be, will be, and has been persuaded to “buy” into a candidate who is untested, untried, and unable to run the country. This happens with late night marketing all the time….how many of us have ever spent our hard earned money on an advertised product, only to fell gypped after we inspect the goods?

So what do I propose? Being somewhat of a classicist in nature, the ideal of a proper way to choose our leader, is the Athenian one, later copied by the early Romans, and that is to utilize the forum method. In this model each of the candidates presents their ideas to a forum of citizens, who then vote yea or nay upon the outcome. Some may say, “that is what takes place now” but there is a major difference between the forum approach and the marketing approach.

When we are marketed to, we are assailed on a lot of fronts simultaneously. We are taunted with logic, emotional persuasion, fear, (sex?), etc. and prodded with any method to get ourselves to make an emotional response…….one that is both quick…and long lasting.

This is not what our Founding Fathers had in mind when they set up our government. Most of them were no more than one or two generations removed from “THE AGE OF REASON.” What was obvious to them, and is now obfuscated from us, was how REASON made clear and empowered normal people to exercise control over their own destinies.

A forum is a public area where anyone who was literate. could espouse an idea. If the idea has merit, it gains traction among the audience; if it doesn’t, then the audience’s attention shifts to one that does. But for REASON to work, it has to be done with the printed word. For when we read, we use the most critical parts of our anatomy. But when subjected to electronic and visual images, we react and judge instinctively.

Sometimes instinctive judgments are effective and necessary, especially when driving at high rates of speed. But when complex issues get brought up for review, it is often better to let REASON take all the time necessary to analyze each side of an option, and then let REASON exercise the most prudent response.

Just one example, had America focused on the actual content of the 2000 Presidential debates and less on the sighs by one of the two candidates, (which have “what” to do with running this nation”), our social security, our national deficit, our economy and our well being, could have been in strong financial state right now. Instead, as a nation we allowed ourselves to be distracted.

If the future of this nation is to rise, or do the opposite, decline, whichever course America takes, it will be due to the accumulated results of actual decisions made by our governing bodies over time. It will not be based on some hot “American Idol” quality of leadership, or star-struck persona, lifted from the likes of Brittney Spears or Paris Hilton…..

For no corporation or board of officers, upon having a financial proposal brought before them, dismiss all the informative facts and vote yea or nay based on the “clean” teeth of the idea’s proponent. Instead they argue, yes argue, the pros versus the cons of that proposal at hand. And after all arguments are heard, a consensus is formed among a majority and a new direction of action is thus decided upon.

So what needs to happen in today’s political process? We need to utilize our newest technology and return to the basics of our democracy. Instead of emotionally locking onto a candidate, and throwing our support to them long before he/she has been tested, we ought to sit back, wait, watch, discuss, even argue, and enjoy the fun.

Then using our REASON, a capacity with which we all seem to have been more than adequately endowed, we need to leave a record for the informed public to see, and follow. Then with fingers crossed, we allow them to make up their own minds, and trust ourselves for better or worse, after all is said and done, to the results of their decisions.

The opposite of this is what historians will perhaps say was the most damning trait of this Republican administration….. Whereas the Founding Fathers fully trusted the informed electorate to listen to the evidence and make the right and proper decision, this current Republican administration does not. They obviously prefer to trust an uninformed electorate……….. for they go great lengths to keep the truth away from us. But the old saying is still true: where there is smoke, there’s fire……. It stands to REASON, that anyone THIS SNEAKY, is obviously up to no good.

Had the opportunity to watch the Health Care debate in Las Vegas. Here are some of the gems.

“We are looking at a system where people tell you the words you want to hear, but are less than forthcoming with plans to make it happen.”

“Half of the bankruptcies in this country are the result of people not being able to pay their hospital bills.”

“31% of the money in the insurance system goes toward the “for profit” system. Using that toward bringing down health costs would prevent financial insolvency.”

“Corporate profits, stock options, execuitive salarys takes 31% out of the healthcare dollar with no benefit to the health of anyone.”

“Doctors do testing to cover their backsides. do away with malpractice.”

“Take the profit out of medicine. Health care is a right, not a privelege,”

“Who has the courage and willingness to take a stand for the American people and take on the insurance companies who give us diminishing returns and insist on higher co-pays and higher deductibles.”

“How does Ameica plan to stay competitive against other countries with lower health care costs.”

“If Individuals hold on to more of their money, using only a fraction of the money to maintain the system. eliminate costs, purchase drugs by bulk, thereby passing the lower costs on to the economy”.

“Single pay, medicare option is the way to go. If people chose this option, this country could evolve. Competition among insurance companies is not the answer for competition drives up prices. Each company is cherry picking for the most lucrative health dollars, whereas the poor will get stuck on Walter Reed type government programs which will collapse under the strain, and a death spiral of the entire system will occur.”

“Some suggest that the government provide subsidies to insurance companies. Did it work for pharmeceuticals? Take insurance companies out of the picture. Health Care is a right.”

“The change will not happen through Congress. Are you kidding? They are beholden to too many lobbyists. Any attempt to change will be chopped up, water downed giving, no relief.”

“This country is literally bankrupt. Controlled by the military industrial complex, this country is whistling through the grave yard. You cannot trust a president. You can only trust the Amercan people. We need a plan where you chose the options. You know what is best for you. On this issue, you cannot trust the leadership. They have been screwing up for fifty years, have you had enough yet…..”

‘There is a role for the president. That is to change the culture. To energize the environment which sets a tone to demand from us the best that is in us. We diet all the time, but with a trainer we have a greater chance of success. The president is not an solution, the president is a tool, the people can use it.’

‘Lobbyists pay for the people who pay for the campaigns that pay for the candidates who pay for the marketers who manipulate you people to vote for those who have been told to suscribe to the view that was paid for originally.’ — Gravell

Bud Cummings, ex U. S. attorney recently commented on about his past experience. He hits exactly on why the Bush Administration continues to create such ire among American patriots.

It is not that Bush is bad, I’m sure in another capacity he could be a great guy. It is what he has done to the country, that is bad………………………………………

The tragedy of this Attorney General scandal, is not that it was done. As this administration quickly pointed out, other administrations have done much worse. The tragedy,……. is in HOW it was done. A political firing was falsely based on poor performance.

Excerpt from Bud Cummings:

The president had an absolute right to fire us. We served at his pleasure, and that meant we could be dismissed for any reason or for no reason. And we all accepted that fact without complaint. When challenged by Congress, the leaders of the Department of Justice could have refused to explain. Or, they could have explained the truth. But apparently the truth behind some or all of the firings was embarrassing. So, instead, they said it was because of “performance.” We didn’t accept that, because it wasn’t the truth.

He then hits upon what most of us bloggers take issue with throughout the entire government spectrum, whether it is lurking in Family Court, Representative Atkins, Senator Adams, Governor Minner, the FBI, or the inner sanctuary of the White House itself, and that is credibility. He follows with these wise words.
Put simply, the Department of Justice lives on credibility. When a federal prosecutor sends FBI agents to your brother’s house with an arrest warrant, demonstrating an intention to take away years of his liberty, separate him from his family, and take away his property, you and the public at large must have absolute confidence that the sole reason for those actions is that there was substantial evidence to suggest that your brother intentionally committed a federal crime. Everyone must have confidence that the prosecutor exercised his or her vast discretion in a neutral and nonpartisan pursuit of the facts and the law.

So where do we go from here…….

Again, Bud Cummings:

You only get one chance to hold on to your credibility. My team, which holds temporary custody of the Department of Justice, has blown it in this case. The Department of Justice will be paying for it for some time to come. Lots of sound investigations and convictions are now going to be questioned. That is a crying shame, because most of the 110,000 employees to whom the attorney general referred in a recent news conference, are neutral, nonpartisan public servants and do incredible work. A lot of President Bush’s political appointees have done a lot of great work, too. Sadly, because of the damage done by this protracted scandal, which the administration has handled poorly at every turn, none of that good work is currently being recognized. And more ominously, the credibility of the Department of Justice may no longer be, either.

We can do honor to those 110,000 of neutral public servants by remembering that incompetence is due to the head, and does not arise from the body. Unfortunately this is just the opposite of what we usually do when we are on the public stage. We attack the body.

Horton hears Blue Wind Blowing

Karen, you at the PSC have heard so much.

What is one more?.

In Horton Hears A Who, a childhood book by Dr. Suess, the elephant’s big ears overhear conversations on a speck of dust, and only one Who, has the squawk that makes the difference in being heard or not, to those about to destroy the dust speck..

In the book, that squawk saves their planet.

If only I could be so presumptuous……………………………

However, they say our childhood memories make up our core. And perhaps that is true.

For when the time comes to stand up and be counted, those memories of sitting next to mother, and being read to, are the ones that now block out all the research, facts, figures, I have done on this issue, and in a gentle human way now seem so clear, and so purposeful.

My children, your children, all children need this Wind Farm to go through. For you, it is about money and who will get it………For us, it is whether our life here, in this state, is worth forbearing. For us, it is the difference in the amount of CO2 that the Wind Farm will save, For us it is the difference in Sulfur, Nitrous chemicals,and Mercury embedded in our children’s lungs. For us, it is the difference between paying 6 cents per future kilowatt, and paying 13 cents per future kilowatt.

Wind, despite its problems, is the choice that this little Who believes we need to make.

Flashback to the last hour’s of Legislature in the 05 session.

The Honorable Cathcart brings up a bill to move forward the moratorium on a certain vaccine preservative that may be banned by the federal government at the end of 08. This vaccine, when used on children, gave rise to a higher than normal autism rate, and often left survivors incapacitated. Using good judgment, the Honorable Cathcart proposed that the state of Delaware move forward it ban to the end of 07. This would protect a year’s worth of children from the possibility.

The Honorable Wayne Smith spoke against the bill, saying that if the federal government allowed it to continue to 08, then why should Delaware do anything different……

Cathcart responded that based on statistics, that 8 to 10 Delawareans would be affected by this vaccine over this one year period, and those children might suffer severely.

Wayne Smith argued that doing so was unfair to medical practitioners who had stockpiled the cheap vaccine before it was deemed to be dangerous, and who should be allowed to sell it off within the bounds set by the Federal Government.

Both individuals read medical evidence supporting their cause, and dismissing the evidence brought by the other.

I never found how it ended. I had to leave. There was no public record found, that I could access, just a brief mention about the bond bills that passed late that night.

Now the individual Republican who bravely championed a child’s right to life, is now Majority Leader.

And the villain, who argued that a Doctor’s money far outweighed a child’s life, has been rewarded quid pro quo for his courageous action in the trenches.

It is important for all to know what is going on in their State Legislature. The link to Delaware’s is posted to the left side of my blog, if you wish to access it.

I accessed it and was surprised to see that several bills have been offered this first week. I was most impressed by the “Poop” bill, originated by Booth and co-sponsored by Senator Adams.

This poop bill insures that when you go into a retail outlet, that they will let you use the employee’s bathroom if you ask. For if they refuse you twice, they can be fined up to $100.

At first glance, one says “fine, stick it to ’em. Those high tootin’ retailers have gotten too uppity lately.” How dare they deny me access to their bathrooms. But as you start looking at its “cons”, this “poop” bill has some serious implications, some so severe, that only someone who has never run a business could consider this bill seriously.

Let’s start with this scenario. In you home, you hear a knock, and at your door is a smelly man or woman, unkempt, asking if he could come in and use your bathroom.

“No, sorry can’t do it.” The answers are obvious as to why. So why does a retailer, have to allow a stranger into his inner sanctum? Because Booth and Adams want it so?

These two “Poop” sponsors need to address these issues or their bill will be laughed off the floor, if it get’s laughed out of the House Administration Committee.

Issues that need to be addressed:

Retailers security: with back of house access to anyone, how does one protect his assets from a “poop”er with a gun?

Retailers reputation: with the possibility of a “poop”er showing up, extra care must be made to protect the retailer from liability. Boxes on the floor during deliveries, areas that are safe for employees with special non skid shoes, may be quite dangerous to casual “poop” candidates.

Retailers employees: quite often, personal effects are stored in and around employee restroom area. Who will patrol the area while the “pooper” does his deed?

Who cleans up the mess? I won’t go into detail, but…………….has anyone else walked into a “public” restroom stall and gone “eughhh………….”? Is the boss responsible or can he mandate to a retail specialist, hired to sell, that she needs to clean the mess, with what,…………..does he even carry gloves?

All I know, is if I am a competitor, and I need to get some “soft” intelligence on my competition, I just have to feign menstral cramps and I am in.

Now if Britney Spears asked to use my bathroom, I would say “sure”, even if it went against my better judgement. I don’t know why I would let her, I just know I would. But should Donald Rumsfeld stop by, provided he wasn’t escorting Britney Spears, I would say “no”, and we all know why.

Who we let into our private areas is our most private choice. It is probably one that the two “poop” legislators, should leave alone.

But, in both of their defense, with all the serious shit floating around government these days, it is nice to know that there is someone who actively cares and is legislating against those retailers who are “poop” party poopers. Our tax dollars are finally paying off.