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In World War II there was a contingent primarily in Patton’s Third Army that wanted to turn on the Russians and fight them immediately after the surrender of the Nazis because they were terrible people and could not be trusted…

Likewise all during the cold war there were elements in the Pentagon in control of our nuclear weapons who insisted, that we must strike the USSR first without any provocation.   We had to wipe them out or they would do it to us because they were terrible people and could not be trusted…

Then, when the first George Bush stopped at the border of Kuwait and did not invade Iraq to capture Baghdad, the gunslingers were all calling it a grave mistake, stupid to the core, because we had them beat and should have captured their country. They called it treason, and demanded we nuke Baghdad.  The Iraqis were terrible people and could not be trusted.

And when news leaked out about Iran’s centrifuges, the US and Israel immediately called for the nuking of that alleged bomb making site…. and Cheney sent 2 nuclear carrying carriers into the Gulf of Sidra creating enough of a crises one General said he would REFUSE to follow Cheney’s order to nuke Iran.  Remember that?


And if we had followed those tacks.

We would fought the Russians for years and they would win… Just like they won against Hitler by absorbing the army deep into it’s interior, cutting it off and killing it. Then pushing back to take all of Europe. There would be no US to stop them.  We would have to re-supply across an Ocean, they could simply use rail…  They would wind up with the German’s rocket technology; not us.

It called for turning on our friend after we had killed off our common enemy… Like who does that? (Outside of corporate?)

And if we’d unleashed a massive surprise attack, we would have missed significant silos; we know this from their post-collapse intelligence… They would have wiped out metropolitan America…  So we would have engaged nuclear Armageddon without provocation.  No winners. All losers. And for a false cause.

And had we gone all the way into Iraq in the First War, violating our own agreement with all our allies saying we’d stop at the border, well, we saw how long the occupation of the 2nd Iraq War lasted.  And that was a war we launched planned down to the tiniest detail; not by going in on the spur of the moment by the wing of our pants… Right now, all that blood; all that sacrifice of the 2nd Iraq War which we now know from people who’ve since left office, was just for oil.  And we still can’t get our hands on it…  (They sell to China).

And had we nuked the deserts of Iran…. we be living insided because of the strontium 90 embedded in our outdoors around the entire world… And the radical Islamic dictator would have been overwhelmingly re-elected and would be fighting us now. Plus the entire world (sans Israel and the US) would smuggle nuclear fissionable material into Iran or just sell them a bomb to provided parity and balance because that is the only way the US can be held in check….


All of these fears had no truth of facts behind them. The wisdom of not following through with what looked like good common sense, can be seen today by stepping out your front door and looking around… No Strontium 90.  No collapsed economies from 60 continuous years of Soviet war. No more Soviet Union, which eventually collapsed because we befriended them and without our threat to coalesce around, they had no further use and disappeared.

We were wise to back down from war….

Children are alive today who would not be here if we’d attacked Russia.  Our economy would not be the number one in the world if we’d lost New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Boston, Philadelphia, Miami, New Orleans, St. Louis, Seattle,  and Newark, New Jersey.  We still have democracy which probably wouldn’t have lasted during a 60 year atomic war…

So, dealing with ones enemies is a good thing….

Which is why, we must give the Iran Deal a shot… Everyone knows that when you negotiate for a deal, you don’t send in your clowns.  You weigh your best options.  The deal is a step just as was Reykjavik… Remember all the gigantic hate the press heaped on Ronald Reagan, for … “negotiating with the Soviets”  because they were terrible people and couldn’t be trusted?

Those same people hold Reagan now up to hero status…

In business one always deals with one’s enemies.  That is because there is money involved and against money in business, nothing trumps.. Hatred?  One can put up with it if making money.  Mistrust?  One can put up with it if making money. Fear?  One can put up with it if making money.

Politics and treaties work the same way… We recognize we are different.  We realize that both of us benefit if the deal goes through; and both of us lose if the deal does not…

The naysayers like Chris Coons, are stuck on the silly notion that we can’t be seen to give up more they they do… We have to be the winners and give up absolutely nothing;  they have to be the losers and give up all.

That arrangement does not work in marriage.  That does not work in raising kids.  That does not work in running a business. And that does not work anywhere outside of fictional TV drama, where unfortunately our junior Senator from Delaware and those other Democrats in the thrall of AIPAC, heads all seems to be stuck.

We survived vis a vis against the Soviet Union. We survived vis a vis against Communist China.  We can survive vis a vis the really wonderful people of Iran…  Do you not even know how marvelous those very civilized people are?  Oh. you watch Fox News…. you big fool.