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“The national testing train is hurtling down the tracks out of control.  Fueled  by lucrative contracts with testing companies, driven by people with insufficient understanding of the educational  and social consequences of their actions, and racing to reach a destination in too little time, the train will crash very soon.

What  can  one  do?  

The boldest choice, and in some real sense, the most principled one, would be to jump off.

If I were a state administrator responsible for state testing, a superintendent, a school board member, a teacher, a parent, or even a student old enough to make my own decisions about my education,  I would seriously consider not participating in the coming round of high-­stakes national testing—the tests will do too much damage on too many levels to students, teachers, and champions of education.

I salute those who have taken courageous stands to opt-­‐out of the new rounds of testing.  The tests cannot be fixed in the time before they’ll be administered.  And in the current political climate, there will not be funding available for those who  could fix them to actually fix them.

I recognize that a stand to resist the tests has many consequences, some severe in the short run. But anyone who takes this stand now will be exonerated in the long run. It is the moral and practical thing to do.  Next year a stand taken against the tests today will look prescient.

I recognize that most people with  a  stake in education aren’t inclined or aren’t in a position to become “conscientious  objectors”  and opt-­‐out of participating in the coming tests.


What  can  we  do?  It is now in the direct hands of parents, and only in the direct hands of parents.  WE CAN OPT OUT.


Over the long run, there are other options… Yet for now, they come too late to save our children right here, right now.

But over time we can mitigate the damage by protecting students from days, weeks, even months of test prep for these tests.  Based on the evidence Smarter Balance has given us, practice on their tools will not lead to better teaching or learning. In fact it will “dumb down” instruction.

We  can make sure the right people are held responsible for what’s to come—among them the players who took our precious national and state funds for education and delivered this assessment junk.

We can support and defend the teachers and educational professionals who have done all they can to improve mathematics education in countless ways, but who will take the fall for poor test results.

We can urge schools and school boards to ignore the results of these contrived and fatally flawed high-­‐stakes tests—they do not measure mathematical understanding.  We can work to uncouple Common Core from the testing consortia and try to save the potential of CCSSM, even while we let the tests, testing consortia, and their corporate partners crash and burn.

As a society we can continue to research and develop well‐crafted digital tools for mathematics education and work to deploy them in realistic time frames and in appropriate contexts.

We can demand the education funding necessary for teaching and assessing in this country in ways worthy of our students. The promise of cheaper but deeper assessments was a false promise from the start. Maybe we can even make great assessments some day.”

(Steven  Rasmussen (author of above) is  an  educational  consultant  at  SR  Education  Associates. He was co-­founder, publisher and president at Key Curriculum Press, a mathematics curriculum publishing company.)

The reason why teachers were right all along is because they studied the mandatory college course of Child Development, unlike their business school curriculum developers. The Piaget child development model, the most accepted model of child development for childhood learning, teaches that:

  • Ages 2-7 learn by play, hands on, manipulatives,
  • Ages 7-11 are concrete thinkers which is why addition, subtraction, multiplication formulas and multiplication tables are successful with this group, and finally,
  • 11 and older is when logic develops and is a good time to introduce algorithms, algebraic equations, and different ways to figure out and understand new ways to get an answer.

The baby crawls before walking and walks before jumping because of their muscle development. Babies will not be better athletes if made to jump first. Children will not be better students if made to do algebraic equations in kindergarten

The deep blue sea… How often have we heard that? So which of those adjectives are the more predominant, which of those words carries the most descriptive weight? A conundrum?

Not if you add the word “water” to each of those descriptive adjectives…. as in”


Still puzzled? Add the noun “wind”

Deepwater Wind
Bluewater Wind….

The Washington Post reports a deal has been struck and the first Offshore Wind Farm, (which was to be Bluewater Wind 5 years ago), is now going to be Deepwater Wind off Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Rhode Island will now become the center for wind farm technology on the East Coast. If Delaware ever gets to this point, and one would think Markell would have been on top of this one, we will now be buying all our stuff from Rhode Island and importing it down the East Coast on barges, instead of vice versa.

The wind kinda of went out of Delaware today.

Opportunity Sets For Delaware To Become the Wind Hub

From Aaron Nathans of the News Journal…..

NRG/Bluewater Wind got good news on a different front Monday, as the federal government moved one step closer to issuing the developer a lease on a tract off the southern Delaware shore.

The Department of the Interior announced it would open a 30-day public comment period on the environmental and socioeconomic impacts of offshore renewable-energy projects off Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey and Virginia.

If the department determines no significant impact off Delaware, it will move forward with Bluewater to sign the lease, said its president, Peter Mandelstam. He said he hopes to secure the lease by the end of the year.

Once a lease on these ocean blocks has been secured, construction permits can begin. Or better put: Bluewater can proceed with more detailed environmental reviews to try to get a construction permit.

And to those of us who marshaled the deal in 08, here is a reminder of how time flies… Bluewater faces a September deadline to exit the Delmarva contract or pay $2.75 million, money it would get back if it successfully completed the wind farm.

The following concern has also been noted in the Federal overview of the project. Construction will take place near an area off Delaware, where ships typically anchor. Wind development should be avoided in that area, the U.S. Coast Guard has argued.

The anchorage area, off Delaware Seashore State Park, sits on the outer edge of Bluewater’s proposed development area.

map of Bluewater's location vis a vis shipping lanes

Every time I pay my electric bill to Delmarva, I sigh, knowing that had wind gotten underway faster, I’d be paying 60% less…….

I know a women who once when the doors of her train opened accidentally, got up and pulled her husband off the train… In doing so, she stepped out on the platform in Vienna, and thereby escaped Communist suppression for the rest of her life…

Four years ago, she had polyps in her breast. She immediately underwent radiation and beat it. Until now.

If today’s experimental treatment does not work, she will undergo a mastectomy next month and reconstructive surgery. It will be a shame for she has some of the most beautiful breasts … They’re truly a natural wonder.

But the point I’m making is…. when dealing with cancer… you nip it in the bud… You don’t play around.. You take necessary corrective action…

There is a deadly cancer in Delaware’s blogworld today. You may have read something about the Caesar Rodney Institute. It too is a cancer; it too needs excised before it spreads its spores and contaminates our General Assembly and local idiots like Ron Williams…

WTF is a Caesar Rodney Institute?

The answer is two words: Garrett Wozniak…

WTF is Garrett Wozniak?

Hmmmmmmm… let’s take a look together… shall we?

If we pull up Linkaden’s page, we see his prime qualification is:

Campaign Manager at Citizens for Copeland

Oh.. so that’s what makes him an expert in all things political… But wait… who is that guy Copeland? Isn’t he that guy that just disappeared after last November 4th?.. Vanished into thin air? …

Sounds familiar… Hmmmm… Copeland…..Copeland…. Copeland…. Where have we heard that name before… hmmph..

Wasn’t he that silly politician who insisted we should put oil rigs off of Rehoboth Beach? No couldn’t be, for no one here in this state is that stupid… Oil Rigs off Delaware’s number one tourist site… Oil rigs off Delaware’s premier money making site? Never? There’s a no brainer…

Wasn’t he that silly politician who stalled the wind deal so Delmarva Power could charge us 60% more for our electricity? Wasn’t he that person whose approval was required before our state paid out $35,000 so Richard Speck could lynch Arnette McRae on the public stand; she of course being the one in charge of Delaware’s Public Service Commission, and therefore the one responsible for running the best open aired RPS this state has ever seen? So open, in fact, that Delmarva Power’s lies were exposed for all to see for what they truly were? lies?

Wasn’t he that silly politician who said he founded the Challenge Program, only to have Tommywonk say… uhn uhn… wasn’t so?

Wasn’t he that silly republican who begged Bill Lee to run for governor and then handed out flyers telling Wilmington blacks to vote for Obama, Markell, and himself? Selling his own friend down the river? lol.

Wasn’t he that silly republican who spent lavishly at Wilmington’s black churches thinking their votes could be so readily and cheaply bought? lol

Wasn’t he that silly republican who gave his support to Thurman Adams, delivering to him in January 2007, the entire Republican caucus in his favor, and only after that deed was done, did he begin championing the cause of open government once he knew it could never happen? lol

Wasn’t he that silly republican who believes even when proven wrong, that resolute determination can undermine actual facts proving the contrary? lol

If that’s the same Copeland, that Garrett Wozniak supported, then it is hard to take him seriously… is it not? Oil rigs off of Rehoboth… What a card… lol

So what is it that makes Garrett Wozniak an expert? What is it that gives him credibility? Shall we take a look together?

* Campaign Manager at Citizens for Copeland
* Policy Director at Delaware House of ‘Representatives
* Executive Director at Delaware Republican Party

Obviously his view are a little one sided.. Results are thus. These are facts now… not some policy dribble… Hard solid evidence…

As campaign chair, he barely mustered 38% of the vote for his candidate…. as my little kindergardener often says of his elders:FAIL
Even outspokenly gay John Brady received 41% of the vote… Wozniak’s candidate couldn’t even muster that amount…

Policy Director of Delaware’s Majority Party at Delaware’s House of Representatives. That means Republican caucus of the House of Representatives… As policy director of the majority party, nothing of importance was passed in two years that could get by the Senate. As they say at that other state blog: FAIL Consequently, voters rejected Republican candidates in November giving Democrats a plurality, (until Thornberg’s friends threw out Paradee’s win).

Executive Director of Delaware’s Republican Party: As echoed across the tabulations of every voting booth across this state: FAIL
They lost by the largest margin ever in recent memory of anyone living or dead… Sort of like trusting the manager of the Cincinnati Reds to write a book outlining the strategy of winning a baseball game… lol

So we see under the profile of Gary Wozniak, what he is familiar with:

Extensive experience in all aspects of project management including supervising, fundraising, developing marketing strategies, organization/time management and researching federal and state laws.

I’ll let you be the judge of whether he was successful at any of these?

And he sums up his credentials here…

Thorough knowledge of fundraising techniques, managing donor relations, and database management

Was this their most successful year ever? The results are in: you be the judge.

He goes on…

Able to work independently and collaboratively on multiple projects
• Have established positive relationships with most members of Delaware’s General Assembly regardless of political affiliation

Again was this their most successful year ever? The results are in? You be the judge.

• Responsible for statewide communications, fundraising, strategy, policy research, and general management/operations
• Successfully raised between $700,000 in a six month period
• Managed a budget of $800,000
• Supervised a staff of three employees and coordinated over 100 volunteers
• Created and implemented a district operations plan to allow legislators to more effectively and efficiently communicate with constituents
• Coordinated local campaigns, consulting on policy, budgeting, and strategy for over 30 candidates
• Served as Operations Manager responsible for budgeting, directing all fundraising efforts, developing finance plans and initiatives to grow the organization, and strategic planning
• Drafted press releases, legislation, and speeches; responded to constituent concerns; and planned events in a highly competitive non-partisan internship
• Developed comprehensive plans for municipalities

So how’s he doin’ now?

So why should we even listen to Garrett Wosniak and the Caesar Rodney Institute’s ramblings?

Garrett Wozniak’s Education

University of Delaware

MPA , Financial Management & State and Local Management , 2004 — 2006
Towson University

B.S. , Economics and Political Science , 2002 — 2004
Montgomery College

A.A. , Business Administration , 2000 — 2002

Because since high school graduation, his entire adulthood has only lived through the Republican era… He was only a baby of ten when Clinton cleaned up the former Republican’s mess and barely 18 when he turned it over to the new generation of Republicanism to squander it away to nothingness…

He can’t help it… He simply not old enough to know any better…..

But wait a second… His entire age group overwhelmingly voted for change. Most of his age group does indeed know better…. What’s up with that?

Below are some wise words which should be applied to the Ceasar Rodney Institute the next time they meddle with state policy. For instead of being a thoughtful, introspective, outreaching organization that was dedicated to examining complicated issues to help educate the rest of us, we have a close-minded attempt by a failing philosophy to masquerade a voter rejected policy as intellectual fact….

“A cancer must be removed as soon as possible before it spreads and infects surrounding healthy tissue”.

Is it just me, or do those two candidate’s names sound like twitter birds….  Unfortunately there is no twitter site for the Twenty-ninth Representative District, so this post will have  to do….

Again, featuring the best Delaware Voter’s Guide ever… we go to the top of the page, click voter’s guide, drop down to the Twenty-Ninth District, and click on Charles Paradee.

As is often the case with progressive candidates, the first selection is his campaign website.. I see we are to drop the Charles and call him Trey… Ok, with a quick click on Trey’s website we see….wow… Protect, Preserve, Prepare is his motto… He even breaks it down further… Protect Open Space (sounds what Sussex County needs as well)..Approximately 85% of the 29th District lies outside the Growth Zone. Despite this fact, the 29th District has been one of the fastest growing areas in the State over the past decade. As the results of the 2006 Levy Court elections show, the people of the 29th District want elected officials who are committed to protecting the rural nature of Kent County from unbridled growth. Trey will be your advocate.

Preserve the low tax structure (also needed in Sussex County)We need Representatives who are equipped to understand the complex budget issues facing our State and who are willing to make the tough decisions. Trey is a self-described fiscal conservative whose background and experience in finance and small business will serve Delaware well.

Prepare for future development–The future is bright for Delaware… if we make the right decisions! We have to recognize that people will continue to move here as long as our taxes are low and our quality of life is high. Growth will continue. Will we do it wisely or will we fall into to the same traps as our neighbors, leading us to higher property and school taxes.

Fascinating.. (This guy’s platform is right out of my post below this one, which advocates what Sussex County must do to save itself from a terrible fate… ie vote Joan Deaver)…There is a picture of him and his hunting dog setting out on the Leipsic River.. Now that is someone we can trust to keep the best parts of Delaware…the way they are now……. Thanks to the Coastal Zone Act I have been remarkably surprised at how many parts of Delaware resemble the way it looked during the colonial area… The view of many of the ships plying up the Delaware River differs little from what those first explorers must have seen. Try saying that while traveling up any other ships channel in the civilized world….

With all the controversy swirling around the Democratic Insurance Commissioners candidate’s resume, it is refreshing to see Trey posting his online… How open is that?…. We see UD all the way, and an English major to boot, always a good sign… At least we see that from having lived in Newark, that he knows what overdevelopment looks like, (unlike someone who grew up, went to school, and never left her hometown)….. We see he is familiar with stable duty; which means he already has a pair of high topped work boots to use while dealing with the lobbyists inside the halls of Legislative Hall…Being prepared he will be, as is always a former Eagle scout… We see he worked at Merrill Lynch… oops… oh so that’s why he is running for office now… 🙂 He is a NRA member and a member of Duck’s Unlimited…He’s a Chamber of Commerce guy, licensed for insurance, securities, and financial planning….

For those of you outside of Dover who as children used to travel through it on your way to the beach… he hails from the Paradee Gas Company lineage…and…. the dude plays drums…Awesome. (I don’t think the blogger’s band has a drummer yet….)

On his issues page, the first thing catching your eye is the title…Education is more important than cheap beer… He continues with this: I purchased some beer to enjoy with friends at a cookout. As I left the liquor store, I glanced at my receipt to see that I had paid $4.85 per six-pack of beer. I wondered for a moment how much my purchase decision would have been affected had I been required to pay $4.89 per six-pack. I doubt anyone would notice an increase of less than 1 cent per individual beer. In the waning hours of the 144th General Assembly, House Bill 518 was defeated in the State Senate, days after passing in the House of Representatives. HB 518 would have increased the tax on a six-pack of beer by 4 cents, 10 cents on a bottle of wine, and 37 cents on a .75-liter bottle of liquor. The tax increases would have generated an estimated $4.5 million in revenue for our cash-strapped State. Three hours after HB 518 was defeated, our lawmakers voted to slash $10.9 million from “programs for remedial readers and students who need extra schooling in the summer” and “funding that provides extracurricular academic help, professional support for teachers and school discipline.” I am proud that my State Senator, Nancy Cook, had the courage to stand up for the children of our State by co-sponsoring HB 518, and I am terribly disappointed that the current Representative of the 29th District, Pamela Thornburg, did not.” Shame on that Pam Thornburg who puts cheap beer before the education of those needing extra schooling. Shame. Shame. (We know how she likes parties)

Other issues… we see he is for open government… (his opponent was one of the few Republicans voting against House Bill 4, much to the chagrin of one Dave Burris..) He offers us his jobs proposal where he arguably points out the ineffectiveness of his incumbent who, in answer to the question what can be done to bring jobs to Kent County… could only come up with one: sports betting at three local racetracks….

Further along he adds: While on the subject of alternative energy, I must also add that it is absolutely shameful how our current legislature has handled the proposed wind power farm. We have an opportunity to attract good paying “green collar” jobs to our State. The development of alternative energy sources is the next great growth industry for our Nation. Delaware needs to get its share of these jobs by providing a business friendly environment that will attract forward thinking
entrepreneurs and businesses.

Here is an inquiry into his family tree. And here is his answer to the News Journal Questionnaire.

Here we see his father owed the city of Dover $800.68 for a sewer tap that was annexed after he had installed it…(I didn’t even know they had computers back on September 13, 1965… lol. )

Here is a search engine report for the Heritage Gas Company, (also known as the Paradee Gas Company..)

From here, Google starts getting confused and substituting items with “parade” in place of Paradee.

Here is his endorsement from the AFL-CIO. And here is his PDD endorsement…. I don’t know how many of either live in his district…

Ok, Let’s Check Out The Other Contender

Click on Pam Thornburg and now we are ready to go.

Pam has an interesting fault.. She has a large wealth of Google data under two spellings of her name..Pam Thornburg (correct) and Pam Thornberg (incorrect).
One thing worth mentioning is that Pam Thornburg has no mention of it, but Pam Thornberg was one of the opponents of the Smoking Ban back in 2002 who introduced bills to water down or delay its taking effect….(Remember… she’s a party girl)….Here we have her at the 11th annual Delaware Standardbred Owners Association (DSOA) Awards Dinner at the Dover Sheraton Hotel on Friday, Jan. 11, 2008.
Here we have her lauded for her work with the Career Transition Project in Kilroy’s own Red Clay District for those with special needs… Hey didn’t I just mention that she voted to cut funding for them? Something like education versus cheap beer? And it was her special project that got budget sliced? Beer IS important.

From beer we go to her official state website… We see she went to high school and college and never left Dover…We see she has been in Legislature since 2000, riding in with Minner, and lists herself as a full time legislator…We see she has oversight of Corrections and she should be answering some hard questions there… since what happened, occurred on her watch…

Here is what she has proudly sponsored…












Which one jumped out at you?  Yep… me too…

ESTABLISHING THE GROCERY STORE BEER SALES TASK FORCE TO STUDY THE FEASIBILITY OF BEER SALES IN GROCERY STORES.  (I guess the liquor stores close too early in Dover).  That bill was laid on the table only to be strickened upon the opening of the  next session… The Girl loves to party…

So much that only three of her bill got to the governor’s desk… 1) One NRA piece saying the state could never confiscate ones firearm in a Katrina style emergency; 2) one grandfathering encroachments on Tax Ditches, and 3) one fining those with false security alarms… But thanks to her… January 7 – 12 was Delaware AG (Attorney General…lol) week, and April 21 – 25th was Small Business Week… Shucks… I missed it…

Next we have the Delaware Task force that was created by Pam Thornburg who sponsored House Resolution 69,, From the minutes we see the task force met two times and then…Rep. Thornburg stated that she did not feel the task force need to meet again.

Next we have project Vote Smart synopsis of Pam Thornburg’s voting record… There we see that she did not vote on one of John Atkins bills HB 537 back in 2006, even though she was a sponsor.

We see she voted for the 2008 budget, and voted no on the bill to raise her beer 4 cents….She voted yes to collective bargaining…She voted against increasing the cigarette tax,…She voted against raising the minimum wage from $6.15….She voted yes to prevent state employees from paying dues or fair share fees without written consent….She voted “no” against a sterile needle programs, and against a ban on open alcoholic containers in one’s motor vehicle…. (That’s what the drive to the beach is for…) and she voted yes to repeal the statutes of limitation on child abuse cases and to ban the exemption of state employees from being charged under those statutes…

Next we have a wonderful little piece of satire describing here role on the House Committee of Energy in its approval hearing on Bluewater Wind’s proposal… (Like Charlie Copeland, she fought for Delmarva all the way until the final bill was signed…) The piece is appropriate.

Next we have some beautiful pictures of Pam Thornburg as she performs her daily duties as a member of the General Assembly…..

Next we see that on May 8-9th, 2006, the person representing the 29th district, got to party in some really swank digs… The Greenbrier of White Sulphur Springs.. I hope she got a chance to play a round of golf… It is one of the most beautiful courses east of California…. And if she is ever in jail, her supporters can get “Free Pam Thornburg” signs here…

Here is Pam Thornburg’s answer to the News Journal Questionnaire….

Next we have Nancy from Delaware Way’s description showing Pam Thornburg as a tool of Delmarva Power in its battle against Bluewater Wind… It would be wise to remember that even after it was proven that Bluewater Wind cost much less than Delmarva could offer from other sources… Pam Thornburg emphatically backed Delmarva Power against the wishes of 90% of her constituency….She is a special interest legislator… (No doubt, Delmarva Power threw better parties, thanks of course to her fellow party-er... Joe Farley…)

In an effort to stifle John Kowalko, (totally ineffective) she used Joe Farley, lobbyist for Delmarva Power to filabuster most of the time allotted for discussion.. More from Delaware Liberal…

We see another party this time closer to home.. December 2-4, 2005. Minutes of the Kent County Transportation meeting from March 2, 2005 .... are here…

Here, much more pertinent, are the opening minutes of the early meetings of the SEU, that infamous board which tried to scarf $100,000,000 into McDowell’s hands… and still might… A piece is ready for the new session which as shown last June, is full of some shady dealings…..

We see why she is the way she is… As the state chairman of ALEC, American Legislative Exchange Council, she shares with them a common belief in limited government, free markets, federalism, and individual liberty. Just to name some of the original founders, two of which were Henry Hyde (he liked to party as well) and Jesse Helms… But before we go on… isn’t the whole problem we are facing with our economy the result of the policies that organizations like ALEC sneak through our legislative bodies? Isn’t what we are feeling this economic session the result of deregulating and not supervising adequetely those in charge of the money… Doesn’t it seem reasonable that someone who is so into a failed policy of the past, would do our state much more harm than good?

And then we have this.

And from here we see that the Twenty-Ninth District is split 40% Democrats, 35% Republicans, and 25% other.. The key for both candidates is the other…..

The Inevitable Conclusion

That depends entirely upon you….  however if you want my synopsis, it would be that we need forward thinkers now, and not someone playing around in the past to dally in “little” things… I saw Thornburg in action during the Bluewater Wind controversy and it was scary… Why someone would hurt the citizens under their care, who as you all know were struggling so hard to keep up with their utility payments, support the entity beating them down, and be glib and laugh about their plight sarcastically….  I didn’t know people like that ever got elected….  A “small business week” sounds nice, but really…. what does it do…  what does it accomplish… how does it make anyone’s life even a little better?

The twenty-ninth district is so lucky to have someone like Paradee who reflects their values, but looks to carry those values into the future rather than return them to the past….  There are some trying times ahead… someone tackling new problems with an antiqued set of tools is not what the twenty-ninth needs right now…  Thornberg’s philosophy dates back to 1973… as a nation we have moved on since then…

Every two years the Legislature gets shuffled… (but unfortunately not as much lately as it has needed)… Pam Thornburg has, on every one of the great issues that affected this state’s positioning of itself among its neighbors, been on the wrong side…… She was against cheap clean power from Bluewater Wind almost chasing away 500 high paying jobs…… She is against open government; she voted against House Bill 4.  She way back when, was against the smoking ban, in a state with one of the highest cancer rates in the nation for heavens sakes!…  On the other hand if it involves gambling, liquor, beer, wine, cigarettes, open containers in motor vehicles, or any other vice… whoopi… she is all for it…(or so her record would make it seem….) That’s the small town mentality…that comes from never opening ones horizons….

One thing is certain.  Someone good needs to fill that post…Someone forward looking, smart, conservative, family oriented, knowledgeable in business, conservation, the locality, and interested in preserving what is best of western Kent County.  Protect, Preserve, Prepare. The twenty-ninth district could do no better than put Trey Paradee into the House of Representatives on November 4th….

Delaware's Biggest Wind Supporter (lol)
I Founded The Challenge Program
See Tommywonk

Off the top of my head, the following are a synopsis of battles being waged over the election districts of Delaware…

Property Rights:

Do developers have more of a right to your property than you do?

Do property owners have any right to control what happens in their neighborhood, especially alongside their parcels of land, if it directly impacts those very parcels?

Do manufactured housing owners have any rights to the rented property under which they built?

Open Government

Should caucuses and every meeting be open to the public?

Should all expenses be posted on line?

Should all budget and bond bills have 3 days scrutiny before being voted upon by the entire legislature?

State Budget:

Can we possibly cut spending any more, or are we finally forced to raise taxes this session?

Should the State augment local school spending to bring teaching up to standard?

Do we need to spend for more auditors?

How can we do what we do …. cheaper?


Should we continue with Charter Schools?

Should we eliminate the DSEA or whittle down their influence, as voice by Copeland and Lee?

Should Wilmington become it’s own school district, and busing inner city kids out to the suburbs be eliminated?


Should we hold those accountable who did not support the Bluewater Wind deal, and who threw up roadblocks at every attempt made to force our electric bills to go down?

Should we do better at holding large corporations accountable to environmental regulations, at the risk of losing jobs to another state which is less stringent?

Should we legislate environmental laws tougher, or more lenient due to economic reasons”


Should we reward someone with office, who 1) went to Seacrets, 2) included his legislative id with his driver’s license when pulled over, 3) drove 30 miles in Delaware while intoxicated (oh, he didn’t kill someone?), 4) cause his wife to call for back up in a domestic matter, 5) ask (threaten?) the babysitter not to tell a soul about what she had witnessed?

If he wins, can we still call Millsboro “God’s Country”, and can it still keep the insigna, In God We Trust, up on the corner bank?

stupid is as stupid doesbrother from another mother

“Oh what a great guy… Gee, I’ll think I’ll vote for him…”

Everyone in public office is a great guy… Human beings who wear their assholes on their sleeves, don’t win public contests and therefore, by default, don’t move up to the next step. If a person has been elected to an office, then he obviously can come across as a great guy… not only that, he has to…

Because of this necessary trait, everyone who is running for office this political season…is a great guy…. . the ‘great guy’ characterization on both sides, balances each other and equals each other out… Therefore, it is important to guess what a candidate will do once he is elected into office, based on what they did way back when they weren’t in office…

So when Mike Matthews says Atkins is going to win… and bases it on two reports he received from one meeting that took place near Millsboro… since the subject is none other than Atkins, it gets our attention.

This poster gushes that Atkins is a good ole boy and Hastings seems stiff in comparison…

he *Atkins) seems like a genuinely likable guy. he’s got the personal “magic” that’s critical to campaigning – that ability to joke around and connect with people on an informal level. i don’t know if Hastings has it. seems pretty stiff.

Flashback… where have we heard that before?

Bush and Gore 2000, that’s where… Two weeks of “Which Candidate Would You Rather Have A Beer With?” and a two weeks of discussing why Gore is stiff ( How do you tell Al Gore from the Secret Service agents protecting him… He’s the stiff one…)… and one week talking about his convention smooch (with tongue), mouth to mouth with Tipper…and throughout the first debate: all issues pertinent to our nation, were swept under the rug, in order to discuss the problem with sighing…

I guess then American’s deserve what they got… The lesson which should be learned, is that which candidates stand for and who they profess to support, really does matter…. It impacts what happens to you. It makes a world of difference in your next four years…

So Atkins versus Hastings… Some are already taking a page from Bush/ Gore and trying to frame that contest as about being the friendlier person…?

Here, in that cone of silence, are some of the topics that are not being discussed?

Who of the two, is the more moral person?
Who of the two, is the strongest against the cancer clusterfuck NRG?
Who of the two, is an advocate for Bluewater Wind?
Who of the two, is an advocate for better schools?
Who of the two, is an advocate for smarter, not stupider growth?
Who of the two, makes good decisions when required?
Who of the two, is guided by a moral compass, and not by what is best for him?
Who of the two, even cares that mercury lies on NRG’s property?
Who of the two, even cares whether NRG kills tons of fish, each time it discharges?
Who of the two, even cares whether women have needs of their own?
Who of the two, believes in open government, and who of the two, has Seacrets to hide?

Ladies and Gentlemen of the 41st… Let’s not repeat the same mistake this nation made in 2000 when it elected Bush? We knew what he was going to do… he told us! But we elected him anyway?

Ladies and Gentlemen of the 41st…. Don’t do it twice to yourself? Take a moment to think for once… Take a moment to look closely and remember just what went on before…..

When John Atkins was a legislator, he used his position to oppose statewide recycling.

He used his position on the House Natural Resources & Environmental Management committee to oppose environmental progress.

Atkins helped delay the control of emissions from “lightering” operations in the Delaware Bay (Senate Joint Resolution 6).

Atkins helped block “pollution control strategies” for the Inland Bays (Senate Concurrent Resolution 21).

Atkins helped block limits on unwise rebuilding of beach front houses destroyed in storms (Senate Bill 377).

Atkins presented himself to us as the loyal servant of NRG, owners of the mega-polluting Indian River Power Plant, and he is campaigning in support of another coal-burning power plant at the same location.

Even though Atkins chaired the House Corrections Committee he felt that the Department of Corrections should provide only the most basic health care services to inmates. As the crises within the prison health-care system blew wide open, Atkins wanted to keep it under his rug….“I do not favor federal intervention or investigations.

On October 29, 2006, Atkins was arrested for the “terroristic threatening” of his wife after an argument “became physical.” ( He contends he was drunk)

Atkins chaired a “Delaware Poultry Issues Task Force” that recommended rolling back Delaware’s anti-incineration laws. “Mommy… why does it smell like poop burning outside?”

And one citizen lobbyist, while visiting Legislative Hall, looked into Atkins Office and saw a life size cutout of George W. Bush on display! If there were ever birds of a feather?…..
Will Sussex County go the same way as did the United States in 2008? South?

Not if they elect Greg Hastings, Sunday School teacher and current legislator representing the 41st District, to his second term….

Back when he used to stand for people, Copeland used to have weekly sessions and serve doughnuts.

What would Deluca’s doughnut get together be like, were he ever to have one? Imagine a crowd awaiting him,  filling a certain coffee shop, and in walks Tony DeLuca…..

“Mr Deluca, Mr. Deluca…”
“Hey, Tony, Hey Tony, can you give me an answer on….”
“Senator, Senator…..”

Everyone’s hand is up with a question, clamoring like members of the press for tidbits of information..

The “talk to the hand” hand comes out and the crowd quickly silences, desperate for any forthcoming words of wisdom….  he completes a transaction at the counter cash register, and turns to the crowd…

“Ok, who has the first question”…….   Hands go wild……

“Mr Deluca, Mr. Deluca…”
“Hey, Tony, Hey Tony, can you give me an answer on….”
“Senator, Senator…..”

  The finger points at one.  “Yes, you.” the nod says…..

Mr. Deluca, you negotiated a deal between Delmarva Power and Bluewater Wind…. How do you respond to accusations that instead of saving Delaware’s citizens money on electricity, you, by assisting in the drop from 300MWh down to 200MWh of contracted power….. you actually increase the cost all Delawareans will pay because they will have to pay for the 100MWh of power supplied by expensive fossil fuels..:

Deluca responds:  ” My answer to you is that, what  less than one week from now,… we will be moving forward onto the next step of achieving offshore wind, gathering permits.  We will not be waiting for a court case to decide the issue for us…. Furthermore by dropping 100MWH, Delmarva Power has become a willing partner, and not some unwanted spouse bonded only by a shotgun wedding…..”

“Hey, Tony, Hey Tony, can you give me an answer on your vote to seize weapons under a Delaware State of Emergency …

Deluca speaks. “Your question makes it sound like I voted to allow for the seizure of weapons by our state law enforcement officers were there ever to be a national emergency equal to that of the size of Katrina in New Orleans….. Nothing could be further from the truth….  I voted… and it passed, to change our state’s code so that the state “could NOT” take one’s weapon were an emergency to occur.  In times when our police protection is inadequate, to take one’s sole protection away, violates every citizen’s right to life…….”

“But Senator, Senator…..You voted for… and it passed, Senate Bill 263.  How do you answer criticism that this dumps all the revenue garnered through rate caps, right into the SEU committee chaired by Harris McDowell?? “

Tony retorts: “Yes it does.  But the SEU as it stands today is illegal. It has expired.  In the future the board will be appointed by the governor, divided up accordingly.   It is our intention that the money flowing in will go to help pay for heat to low income families throughout the state of Delaware…as well as help other individuals achieve energy independence with establishing either solar, wind or geothermal generators on their property….  Hopefully Governor Minner will not appoint McDowell.  I’m sort of hoping she chooses me….”

“Mr Deluca, Mr. Deluca…” You voted for full day kindergarten without deciding where money was to come to pay for it…. Do you regret your decision?”

To be honest, yes, I do.  At that time I believed we would grow our way into it… our revenues were climbing, and without raising additional taxes, we could have afforded it…  As you well know, those times are now gone.

“Hey, Tony, Hey Tony, can you tell us why you were the only one who voted no the first time that the Osborne Eminent Domain bill went through the legislature”

“Sure, I knew ahead of time that it would be vetoed and never pass. I did not change my vote. Others changed theirs in order to be on my side…. Many of my constituents will work on that site. I voted to protect their jobs….”

“Senator, Senator…..”: Why are you not in favor of Karen Peterson’s oven government FOIA bills?

He said; “If that bill was in place….I couldn’t do…..what I currently do……. 🙂 That’s enough ladies and gentlemen….It’s been fun. Let’s do this again sometime……Oh, and if you haven’t already done so, make sure you vote on the best written blogs of 2008 so far. The deadline is coming up soon……And now if you don’t mind…..I have to eat my doughnuts. See ya Labor and Lobbyists….”

;”But Mr Deluca, Mr. Deluca…”
“Hey, Tony, Hey Tony, can you give me an answer on….”
“Senator, Senator…..”