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This quote is from the Matrix. I just laid down a similar line on a comment thread somewhere here in the blogosphere and it sounded vaguely familiar. I looked it up and laughed out loud… See if you can find the relevance to which I speak. ( If someone has already has done this, (I’ve been out of the loop for a while) please feel free to post the link below… ) After all, it’s what friends do. They tease each other….

Deprogramming David Anderson

image courtesy of

Why, Mr. Anderson? Why do you do it? Why get up? Why keep fighting? Do you believe you’re fighting for something? For more than your survival? Can you tell me what it is? Do you even know? Is it freedom? Or truth? Perhaps peace? Yes? No? Could it be for love? Illusions, Mr. Anderson. Vagaries of perception. The temporary constructs of a feeble human intellect trying desperately to justify an existence that is without meaning or purpose. And all of them as artificial as the Matrix itself, although only a human mind could invent something as insipid as love. You must be able to see it, Mr. Anderson. You must know it by now. You can’t win. It’s pointless to keep fighting. Why, Mr. Anderson? Why? Why do you persist?

My, how I love the intricacies of blogging….



I don’t know what it is about today, but they just keep coming… When I pointed out this blog several months ago, a lot of you enjoyed it immensely… (It is well written)… Well one part made me laugh and think of Mike Matthews … It is probably an inside joke and no one will ever catch it, but just in case this has dropped off your reading list, I’ll post the link again…

Here, see for yourselves…. Here, and here

We all know Ron Williams is smarter than Einstein… Does Markell even have a chance? Keeping checking Tommywonk for new updates on this “battle of the minds”…

Outside the Perimeter
Photo Courtesy of Dept. of Defense

There is something bloggers love about the word Blagojevich.. I think, we like saying blago, because of the assonance associated with us: bloggers… The ending also rhymes with bitch… another deeply loved word within the blogosphere… We just can’t get enough of saying that name because we, to ourselves, are thinking we are getting away with saying “Blogger Bitch..” How often have we all wanted to say that?

It helps to have a story to back it up… Here is who ran it down and what their take upon it was..

Delaware Curmudgeon chooses to cover this news event as a second piece to Obama’s wife’s raise after he became State Senator of Illinois. She notes that Obama’s staff did talk to Blogger Bitch, even though originally the story was that he did not…

Cato of Delmarva Dealings appears to have broken the story at 9:38 am yesterday morning. Delaware Liberal played around with a quote of the day (9:55 am) and a treatise naming Delaware’s readers versus Delaware’s Blabbers (10:08 am), before entering the “Blogger Bitchfest” with X-Striker’s Post simply titled Illinois Governor Blagojevitch Arrested (10:09 am). The next Delaware entry is Deldem’s post (12:03 pm) titled Wow, Blago was Truly Corrupt, which marks the first time the term “Blago” (pronounced blogger in Boston) hits Delaware cyberspace. It won’t be the last time.

Delaware TalkBlog posts about Healthy Delawareans Today and Tomorrow (12:18pm) ignoring the controversy until it begins to involve Obama.. Hoping to get a jump on Tomorrow’s headline (their quote) Maria Evans goes live with Obama: “This Is Not the Rod Blagojevich That I Know” at 2:07pm.

Deldem breaks the Rahm Emanuel connection at 2:52 pm, with the announcement by the head of the Illinois State Judiciary Committee, that impeachment proceedings would begin immediately. Like a hound on a new scent, Deldem gleefully announces the progressive tendencies of Illinois Lt. Governor. (3:15 pm).

At 3:27 pm Tommywonk in “I Want To Make Money comes forth with the seventy two page document(PDF) filed in court, as well as an expletive usually associated with “Da Bears“.

Shirley’s piece mentioned above…. hit at 6:09 pm.

The Colossus of Rhodey picks up where Maria left off and pillories the Obama team for doubling speaking in their denial of knowing Blogger Bitch. In “Name That Party” he links to an assortment of jabs made at Democrats expense. (6:33 pm)

Deldem, who just can’t get enough pleasure saying “Blogger Bitch”, again joins with another post where he names today’s event in his “Epic Fail” file…(7:29 pm).

At 8:20 one Nemski pokes fun at former Rhode Island, and now Delaware’s own John Feroce, who questions the timing on why this took place right now… with his statement that “something is not right…”, apparently in anticipation of another Vince Foster repeat……

At 9:58 pm nemski expands on a comment made by Dave Burris: The only thing that bothers me about this is Obama’s statement that he hadn’t talked to Blago. There’s no freakin’ way he gives up his Senate seat and doesn’t weigh in. I’m not accusing him of wrongdoing, but that statement just doesn’t sit with me.

That was the extent of where Blago came in on Delaware’s “blago”sphere today. As of now, we are all blogger bitched out, at least until we’ve had a good nights sleep….ZZZZZ. But in that sleep, what dreams may come….. especially to these guys…. Only in Delaware could a scandalous political event be finished by a nightcap of conversations..concerning Scrapple.… …..

Outside the Perimeter
Courtesy of Department of Defense

Campaigns clean up; celebrations abound; and most of us scurry across the internet to savor this historic moment in time…. There is undeniable evidence that something changed last night… In my humble opinion, I believe that what we received was notice that in a lot of people’s heads… a polarity switch occurred… We’ve heard talk that it was coming, but in truth we have been hearing the same talk since 2000; last night we received confirmation of the exact number of individuals who felt that way.

Comparisons are already being made… the Kennedy’s….the Bushes….. the Clinton’s…. but I saw something different in Obama’s speech last night than I have from any other national leader in my lifetime upon their night of victory…. While standing among the masses in front of a giant television screen…. I was taken with how different it was from the Clinton’s win in ’92, and unlike their celebratory coming out of the governor’s mansion back in Little Rock… Obama came out weighed down with the seriousness to with which then approached his speech… It was as if already the heavy mantle of responsibility had collapsed upon his shoulders, and already bearing its brunt for what he had to do… he wasted no time and stepped up to the task of moving forward over 300 million people.

Someone next to me… a young first time voter…. said.. “maybe we can now start looking at the real problems facing this country….” Our eyes met and we both realized simultaneously just how bad those problems were. and exactly just how much Obama and Joe would be counting on our help….. our help.

Whether it’s money, time, sweat, love, hope, concern, self sacrifice; it might take all… But it would be far worse than that other option: the one we had seen the “in lack of fruit thereof”…. namely to trust ourselves to the fate of “doing nothing”….. After all, that is why we were all there……

But better… was the breadth of the victory… Across the entire scale of our nation, and especially within this state, politicians on both sides who put their campaigns to task, on winning one for the party…..“do it for the party” ….. failed abysmally…. America said NO to party politics… Those candidates who successfully made the argument that their personal traits could carry us forward during these trying times….. who were open minded apart from party ideology, for the most part…. won… irregardless of party affiliation….

Of course there were Democratic coattails… Just the number of new sign-ups alone carried a blue wave before it, still, in almost every district, a solid core of voters understood that party politics had to go away…. People were chosen on their attributes…. and those lacking them, with an R attached to their name, just could not be counted to make those necessary changes different in polarity from those previously made during the past eight years….

Last night, as tension built up toward Virginia’s inclusion into the blue state’s total…. and the realization that still, a lot of states of this nation hand intentionally chosen to go the wrong way…. it occurred to some of us that it is a fine, thin line that exists among the few of those who actually decide the fate of each election… It is that undefined, wispy thin fine line, that gives God the ability to steer this nation in the right… or occasionally…. in the wrong direction… But looking at the vast geographical area covered in red, I realized what a fine line it was…

And as citizens around the world celebrated America’s new future, it was clear that Obama and Joe really need to thank just two people for their victory last night…… Sarah Palin…. and George Bush….. Without either, we may have had a squeaker flipping in either direction…..

And I would be remiss not to mention my BIGGEST surprise of the evening…. After McCain finished his acceptance speech…I realized for the first time since 2004’s primaries…that he was not really a bad guy after all…. The spell of Republican philosophy from which he could not shake himself, was truly the biggest millstone placed around his neck, long before he was picked up and thrown into the squalid farm pond comprising America’s National Political race… As an individual after all, he was a pretty good guy. … Why he made the mistake of acknowledging his party’s base, will forever haunt him as “The Road Not Taken as he moves on at term’s end toward the oblivion of talk show “experts”, a position frequently held out to those who have nowhere else to go…..

So now with a glistening eye, we turn our attention to those brothers and sisters living in our “village” (did you like that Dominique) and how this historic event was played though their eyes……

First up is Kilroy…. Crow Pie…ummmmm… I am so jealous… It is a speciality of which I have never had the privilege to indulge…. I’m guessing that with today’s economy, and the porn business fading, that Crow Pie will soon be on the menu at the Bull’s Eye, since their prime customer, cannot go back to his house… For those other bloggers who stuck out their necks too far… Kilroy has provided all of us….a tasty recipe….

Kilroy, unfortunately has not posted Copeland’s pictures from the Twin Lake Days, but you can find one from the archives that may represent those fun times…. here…. But seriously, one of the best posts of the day, nails local politics to the tee…. and shows why our next Senator should be Senator John Carney….

I want to single out a newcomer… not really that new, for he as been a commenter for awhile and a contributor on Steve’s Delaware Libertarian. His first Blog, something about peppermints, morphed less then a couple of month ago into the Mourning Constitution…. He literally saved me hours by doing the lifting for the State Insurance Commissioners Race… I’m so thankful that I was able to cross that off my agenda and sleep one night instead…. Most commendable was his journey of self discovery… opening at thread and pursuing it to its end… changing his mind once, it not two times, as things suddenly did not appear the way they were portrayed…. And I want to point out that it again, proves the maximum…. THAT BEING OPEN IS THE BEST METHOD SO FAR for getting to the truth of a matter…..It’s especially difficult when those other around you have traded truth for a bribe of some type, to slither through the definitions of shades of different facts or fictions… Brian did that, and personally I want to thank him for making it clear for the rest of us…….

Palin Haters will love Brian’s take on Obama’s win….. and the GOP would be wise to take this admonishment that as dark as things appear now… they will eventually get better… With just swig of mother’s milk, a clean diaper, and the formation of a new party, even for Republicans, life may someday turn itself around…..

Everyone will be surprised by our local cheerleader Hube’s deadpanned take on the election… It Is, What It Is…. He further alludes to his secret passion for one of our female Republicans running for a state office, and a secret distaste for someone who once won the American Idol competition… Hmmmm, or was it the other way around….? But comics have again taken center stage until the next election cycle raises it head or the next News Journal publishes a stupid letter…..

At the time of this writing Duffy is around 24 million miles away… at least his brain is, as he confesses here.
He sobered me up with what happens when you buy exotic pets listed in Hube’s old comic books for $13.95.. By the time this posts, he may have his post election thoughts together (from 25 million miles away). as here is his front page….

Delmar’s Dustpan,
projects the rural aspect of voting in an election.. It is rather sobering to hear that some people are disappointed that McCain did not win… He has interesting analysis of the campaign well as several helpful tips one can use with those campaign signs implanted in your yard…. He has looked through the Department of Election’s tabulations and being that his perspective is different, he provides some surprising finds…..

Joe M of Merit Bound Alley has some insight as to why Ramone was able to break the tide in his district… two words… constituent services… wait, he is not elected yet….. But we can see why there are no world class Japanese bands… Obama is beautiful day…. Joe is the only one so far who tempers his joy with a sadness that unfortunately passed in California….

As of her last posting, our favorite curmudgeon had not posted her thoughts on the results… We know from her previous writings, that the election did not go her way…. … … …. .. at all… Fortunately she made it to work on time: Tuesday November 4, 2008. What a nice employer (about 300 employees, heavily Democrat) who gives up two hour paid leave to those that vote. That’s called putting ones priorities in the right place.

Delaware Watch quietly posts the revelation that Obama has won, and uses Frederick Douglas’s early words to juxtapose against yesterdays event. Further down he carried Election Day’s Delaware’s Talk Radio’s schedule, in case you want to save it as a souvenir.

Nancy’s The Delaware Way opens with this two liner, and carries Jud Bennett’s celebratory dance over Joan Deaver’s election victory… The casual observer should note that the latter post crosses party lines.. No big thing here in Delaware… especially when ones quality of life, is on the line…

From Down State, Elbert With An E salvages this tiny bit of light out of the dark morass precipitated by the Obama induced landslide against everything Republican. The bright spot? Christine O’Donnell lost her bid for US Senate, she did win in a couple of representative districts. In the 38th, she topped Biden 7194 – 6239. In the 39th, she defeated Biden 3813 – 3791. In the 40th, my district, she bested Biden 4684 – 4154. At my polling place, my direct neighbors, she won 687 – 645. People just see things differently I guess… I also shows the incredible challenge that one Delaware Liberal commentator’s dream must face, if he want it to become reality….. It is also a reminder that Representatives Joe Booth, Gerald Hocker , Dan Short, and Cliff Lee, are not totally off their rockers.for no reason…. They have to live with their constituents too…..

Someone may be dropping LSD because no posts since the election have psychedelically materialized at this point… Congratulations on the strength of Markell’s vote in some of those same areas mentioned above in Elbert’s post… Your efforts appear to have been productive… Some of us are extremely interested in looking forward to your thoughts of just exactly what you found in your endeavors…being blue in red county of a blue state….post election……

From Sussex Red, to Blue, we somehow get Green… Land use if not in the public’s mind already, WILL become Sussex County’s new problem… Minner kowtowed to the same developers, Baker’s buddies, that caused her to veto the eminent domain bill.. Now a flawed land use plan has been thrust upon the Lower Third of this great state… Unquestionably, we are about to find that a private career offer, somewhat related to excessive Land Development, will soon be offered to our state’s First Lady…. But in a squeaker, plans were hampered when Joan Deaver squeaked by with a win over developer-toady Mark Baker. Minner’s executive action means Joan now will need strong support from our next administration…..But still… a win is a win is a win.

Mat Marshall (“Who?” for newcomers) just returned to Down With Absolutes… Welcome Back!…from all us “old hands”.
Do you need to undergo de-briefing? Or have you kept up with our shenanigans over your hiatus….?
Mike Matthews, who was hanging out at the winning party last night, has his bloggers extravaganza reporting covering New Castle County’s election scene… focused more upon the northern half…. Featuring the lovely Liz Allen as a supporter for the statewide Democrats only non-winner, the winsome Jack Markell who won BIG, and from the Ed Osbourne file...

But isn’t it funny, and perhaps it is only my impression, but as soon as the results are posted.. the intensity we lived leading up to that time, becomes historic. Relevancy moves forward with time… That is the impression I just got from traveling next to Matthews in his little car. Perhaps those vignettes can be used by historians to determine their effect upon our viewpoints…but at a little over twenty four hours they seem dated… But at the moment, man… at the moment…… More relevant I think is that with victory… and standing next to teary eyed black men, excited that they were seeing something impossibly dreamed of… so long, long ago… Mike has warmed up to the fact that really it will be ok to have Obama as our elected leader… His reading of this Newsweek article seems to have helped alleviate some apprehension…. The real question is when will Dominique succumb to his spell?

One of those things on my wish list this season was to post a photo of the Libertarian Political sign posted around our neck of the woods, and subtitle it with the “Long Arm of Steve Newton” who writes the Delaware Libertarian.…(it never happened because it was always dark and campaign signs show up terribly under flash photography)… But true to form Steve shows us the ubiquitous role of a third party… throwing the vote away from the expected winner…. In a role villanized by Perot in 92, Nader in 00, Barr comes through in two states North Carolina and Indiana.. to chop McCain’s lead enough to give those states to Obama….In Steve’s words: Third Parties do make a difference–whether or not it is always the difference they are looking for. If it weren’t for Steve, these details about third parties would simply be unknown… Further third party analysis of yesterday’s results, yield the number of votes for Libertarians (1.4 million) and the number of votes for Bob Barr… (477,000.) It looks like with his campaign debts that Bob Barr will be forced to eat meatloaf for a while whenever he is dying of Munger hunger. But somehow Steve’s premise does not stand up to a simple fact check….

Tommywonk covers his role in yesterdays victory and some insight into last nights celebration at the Doubletree… His candidate barely slipped past Libertarian in-fused Tyler Nixon in a very close race…(It WAS close to Tommy’s house; he lives in that district)..Equally humorous is the Doonesbury cartoon (people still read those?) he includes to celebrate Obama’s victory..(He’s half white you know..)

Tommy points out the most prevalent fact that yesterday’s race bodes for the future of the Republican Party, at least here in Delaware… “Concerns that Charlie Copeland might make it a close race for Matt Denn proved unfounded. Copeland managed only 38.7 percent—just three points higher than Christine O’Donnell won against Joe Biden. Hmmm. a real vote getter that one….. Hey, here’s an idea… Maybe it’s their ideas that turn 60% of the people off? Look like the Republicans will need to get a new leader now. Let’s see: their old one and his friends at FLS lost almost all the candidates they went to work for… Sorenson, I believe, was the only one who barely squeaked by, and that was solely because she was also an early supporter of wind… Charlie caused the loss of all the others, even in heavily loaded Republican districts! Delawareans tend to backlash against false and negative campaigning… (Isn’t that right, Jane Brady?) No question: Charlie just singly handed Delaware to the Democrats for years to come. Thanks to Charlie, this time Democrats will get to do the redistricting…. I’m starting to like the sound of the Blue Enigma Party… as the prime alternative to the Democrats in 2010… Unless Steve can get something together first to take advantage the Republican foundering ….

Delaware Politics.Net (FSP) has breaking news… Dave Burris, founder of that site, is starting a new blog... No doubt, he is looking for more freedom to express himself within his moderate views, and not willing to embarrass other members of DPN, who sometimes write stuff that only themselves can believe…..

Please visit and sign his petition (jumping the gun) to ask Jack Markell to create and sign Executive Order 1 to put all state spending on line. This is something we can do to change Legislative Hall immediately… Voter’s demand it… And Jack, don’t worry about those legislators who whoop and holler and threaten to stymie your plans… Just tell us who they are and we (the aroused public) now have the ability to make their lives more miserable than they can make your… (Isn’t that right, McDowell, Copeland?) Hat’s off to Burris… while Jason was calling him patsy names, he was building a website to actually do something…( starting cat fights is one of my specialties)..

Finally we get to Delaware Liberal… We held off for last for a reason… and it was due to the fact they have seven contributors… all of which are FIRED UP over last nights results, had I started this post as I had planned, most of the links would be on the third page by now….. ..

By contributor:

Deldem: Deldem jumps out of the gate with a series of headlines…as the news breaks… Deldem needs tissues. And Biden needs a haircut...(Amtrack loses out, but NCCo Airport gets upgrade) Literally. I am shocked that Copeland lost so horrifically. He is their future, and he barely beat out Karen Hartley Nagle’s vote total. Nevertheless, on the national scale, we will be in good hands… The Delaware GOP has been destroyed. Obliterated. Decimated. If you are a Delaware Republican, there is no hope. True conservatives in Delaware will be better off starting a new conservative party from scratch, for the GOP brand is so thoroughly discredited that it will be a generation or two before it can recover. Deldem is suing Burris, for misappropriating the name Delaware Politics, which could be the real reason Dave left to form his own blog… I hope Deldem has better luck than that which occurred when someone else threatened to sue over a picture of someone in a yellow shirt…. Threats of lawsuits that occur within our blogworld, tend not bode well on the one who dares to initiate the threat….. (That’s gotta be my vote for the best mud on the face accusation made in 2008). Oh gracious… I get hysterical every time I remember it…Next we have a story that, wait, get this: includes these three topics: sex, Mike Matthews, and a kitten. Deldem picks up on a question posed to Carney last night… I mean Senator Carney… On the day after,we see some footage of Chris Matthews from Hardball dancing ecstatically over Obama’s win….not know he was on camera….

Jason330: What most of us had called two days before, Jason calls at 9:42 pm. For once Jason is speechless…. Jason again illustrates why Liz Allen sometimes needs to just sit down and shut up.. Yes, we were all thinkin’ it… yet no one was sayin’ anything out of politeness… just keepin’ the decorum… then bam… Liz brings it on…. And poor tiny Karen gets caught in the crossfire… When you’re just 5815 votes up over Christine O’Donnell and you’re a blue in a blue state… THERE ARE NO EXCUSES. Basically if there is any issue that needs to be discussed, it is “why” KHN won the Democratic Primary, instead of someone poised to put Castle in the hot seat…. I hope that Jerry can fill us in on that topic in time to remedy that in two years… But if there was a “fix” done Liz, it was to put your candidate ahead in September, so we could watch the tumble in November…. Whatever. It’s over. More later. But first, Jason remembers a PPD meeting, where both parties are welcomed… if you are not a progressive when you come in… you will be one when you leave… it’s that simple… It’s not about party… It’s about a movement…. This one is great for the comments… Christmas it is… But speaking of holidays… Jason takes first crack at Thanksgiving, …. these turkeys are done…..

Donsquishy: Proves that listening to Queen/Kiss is infinitely better than performing for camera…(Get this guy outta’ here… I’m listening to music.) The countdown continues…. We also have a public service message about healthcare….

Cassandra: Cassandra weighs in on Wasilla Hillbilly’s Raid on Neiman Marcus…

Pandora: Woke up late… yawn…(is this New Hampshire again) and leads with Obama’s chief of staff announcement… Pandora lifts from Kos, the places to live if you want neighbors who don’t have a clue…. Is there a red dot where the 37th, 38th, and 39th all come together?

Liberalgeek: Perhaps this explains some of the losses incurred by the Republican Party this season.. Note to Republicans: NO ONE CARES. But we all care about Obama… our hero…. for good reason…. More about last nights victory party from Liberalgeek, as well as commentators who were there as well….

Nemski: Menski is the first to publish totals.. his choice is the End of Clatworthy race and the election of Dr. Katz… ( I really am fascinated that I’m still alive…)

And finally…. as the day after draws to a close… and bloggers tuck themselves for another busy day tomorrow…. we close with the national anthem, posted by Deldem from Delaware Liberal, that spontaneously occurred in Lafayette Park beside the White House… Through out our history, there may have been some sung with as much emotion…. The first, at the relief that the Baltimore bombardment had not done in the fort, at Normandy, at Iwo Jima, when the might of America, was realized on a global scale… and finally tonight… as hope, which has rarely been coupled with thoughts about our government…and history, which last night was realized the world over……..for once in our lifetimes….came together…. and …..rhymed…..

I was trying to find some references for a post, and was digging up my past, when I came across this comment by Mr. Anderson (remember the Matrix?)

I thought in light of today’s news that it would be timely and  appropriate to share with all.

I think you are wrong on this one. The (Bush) administration has done a tremendous job with the economy. At no other time in our history have we had such unbroken growth and high employment when we faced the outside turmoil half the level we have had in the last 7 years. I bet you a dinner that by November you will see positive economic growth likely this summer.

Well, to be fair, it is not yet November…. but history has proven over and over again,  what usually happens to those who disagree with me, is that sooner or later  they realize , without my saying a word….. that “i told ’em so.”

Although I appreciate the offer of a dinner, Mr Anderson (again the Matrix), I would be even more honored, if you would kindly take that amount to a food bank or a soup kitchen,  and donate it to them instead…


A Good Delawarean Comparison Between Gubernatorial Candidates

We’ve all been there…

It could be at Cold Stone, Haagan Daas, Ben & Jerry’s, Brewster’s, or even the Dairy Palace….

The question that stumps us all: What Flavor?

We finally decide on a purchase, someway, somehow….

I feel that way with our governor’s race… What Flavor?

We are comparing maple butter pecan to black raspberry here, both are fine quality indeed….. But in the candidates own words, I think the campaign has drawn down to a dead heat, with the only distinguishing factor being whether one looks first to experience, or to innovation as ones first gut reaction when burrowing down against a strong head wind….

Those in the real world know that both qualities do well in a pinch….

I sympathize with John Carney…. As a youngster, there was no one in my field more qualified than myself, to run my organization… I was the expert, the driver, the go-to person, the human specialist who knew exactly what buttons to push to get things done… I had exemplary results to prove it…
(Why do we always think we are the best qualified on the planet, lol)…..

But I got passed over by someone brought in from the outside…. who could only get things done by using my talents… It wasn’t fair…. But if they convinced me to remain aboard, I usually came to the conclusion that several years later that they made the right choice… Things I never would have thought of, we tried, and some of them worked splendidly… We could have always done, what we always did, and gotten what we always got….. but there was a better way… and I learned from it…

People are good at what they do… Most people are not flexible and able to change their personality on a dime…. The trick in personnel placement, is to match the right person to the right task….. Sort of like mapping up the future…

We saw the future clearly on June 30th, 2008… the last day of legislature… Carney riding high on his part in Bluewater Wind, dropped back to even on eminent domain….. Both of those show who he is tied to, who he is part of…

Our state’s most pressing problem is our royalty… Thurman Adams, Tony DeLuca, Harris McDowell, Charlie Copeland, and all who support them, that DO NOT LET THE PEOPLE’S BUSINESS COME TO THE FLOOR TO BE DISCUSSED AND VOTED UPON…..

Now if one is having problems with mob violence in one’s neighborhood, putting a mob boss in charge will most certainly calm things down once the opposition has been completely eradicated, but will do nothing to stop the protection payments from coming out of your pocket….. They may have tommy gun battles among each other, but no one else will get hurt….

Enter Elliot Ness. The playing field has changed… Now cops are getting whacked, political families are targets, the public is terrorized so it will not cooperate, but eventually the public weighs in on the side of the law and the criminals are pulled off the streets…

Life goes on; this time though, the individual shop owners are keeping what used to be protection money and investing it into their businesses…. We have progress, store by store, street by street.

The only parallel this history lesson has with Delaware Today, is that we have a mob….

Do we acquiesce and let the mob run things, and wring our hands and accept it, or do we put someone in that will bring the mob out fighting, so that we the voters can pick them off, one by one….?

Once you the voter have made your choice as to which direction you want this state to go during the next four years, you have decided on which flavor will serve you best ….. Put the man with the talents you need, into the position to take you where you want this state to go……

It is not that hard, really… Just remember “eminent domain” and who the “real” enemy is…….

Much was made over Obama’s apparent elitism, and due to his way of speaking eloquently, that charge can stick among those who speak in monosyllables…. But equally adhesive, are the charges that Palin is crass, intolerant, self-absorbed, for due to the way of speaking caustically, that charge can stick among those who have sympathetic natures…

Each group has their detractors, and each has their adherents… Obviously in keeping one’s base fired up, ones comments are simultaneously going to fire up your opponents base against you….

Therefore, of course the trick to winning in a polarized society, is to win more of the other side’s voters over to your cause, than they can woo from yours….

That said and done, we can see a difference in tactics between Barack Obama and Sarah Palin…. One acquires his power by outreach… teased as the Messiah, he has open meetings, invites criticism, responds back to it convincingly, and use the tools of logic, understanding, empathy, love, care, concern to get his vision across to undecideds…..

The other, survives on pre-preemptive attacks… Like the Japanese at Pearl Harbor, they revel in their ability to strike without warning, impose maximum destruction, and get out before the opposition knows what happens. Also like the Japanese, they never think of the consequences of their actions; like what happens next when they decide to come after us……This group uses snide humor, catty remarks, imputed disgraces, and tend to rule by royal decree, spontaneous decisions, fear of their reprisals, to extract loyalty from their subjects… This personality considers themselves to be the law, and because they can not understand thoughts not coming from outside their pretty head,
they force you to understand that they are the ones to fear…..

Those are the two camps that each of these leader types appeal to.. They walk, work, and live around us every day, but what numbers are they distributed? How many of each personality-type exist across this broad, wide country?

I think my title puts it succintly… For today how many followers of Pontius Pilate are still around? After all,.. he had experience… He was “a governor”, you know? ….

Check Out Dem Hooters
Bill Bell’s Campaign Finance Expenditures

Courtesy of rsmitty who first posted this over at Delaware Politics. Net……

(if only you knew how many jokes I typed up and deleted for reasons of good taste) lol