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Lifted from the Occupy Planning Committee….

1. Eradicate the Bush tax cuts for the rich and institute new taxes on the wealthiest Americans and on corporations.

Strong economies have a system that recirculates income throughout the system. The Bush Tax Cuts interrupt that system, by rewarding the removal of excess (profit) and gambling it on riskier items with the potential of superlative returns. Translated: Putting Billions on Animal Kingdom to win, place or show, doesn’t create jobs.

2. Assess a penalty tax on any corporation that moves American jobs to other countries when that company is already making profits in America.

This is simple. Raise the wealthy’s taxes across the board. Mandate that income earned overseas by American corporations gets taxed by America too. Then, allow a 100% write off on all physical investment here in America. Translated: Corporations will build here, when it becomes cheaper for them to build here.

3. Reinstate the Glass-Steagall Act, placing serious regulations on how business is conducted by Wall Street and the banks.

We tried deregulation. It didn’t work. We reverted right back to where we were in the stock crash of 1929 after which Glass-Steagall was enacted to prevent that from ever happening again. Essentially Glass-Steagall says we need to separate our money that we require ourselves to live on, away from speculative investment… If you want to invest, do it by choosing to put your money at risk in an investment firm knowing full well that you could lose it all. However, safe money, needs to stay safe.

4. Join the rest of the free world and create a single-payer, free and universal health care system that covers all Americans all of the time.

There is a reason why other nations spend less on health care per person, and have much better results. THERE IS A REASON. One can wish for a lot of things; wish that private health care didn’t cost so much, wish that private insurance covered everything, wish that our doctor could keep giving us free samples all the time…. Switching to single payer, if we use Japan as a model, would save every American $4,800 dollars a year. A family of four therefore would see a savings of $19,200 per year…. Imagine what a family could do with an additional $19200 a year plopped into their lap? What’s really sad? The Japanese live much longer too… meaning we are paying more and getting nothing in return.

5. Immediately reduce carbon emissions that are destroying the planet and discover ways to live without the oil that will be depleted and gone by the end of this century.

Reducing carbon emissions is good for whatever reason. The idea that carbon fuel usage will deteriorate is not viable. The global energy requirements are growing exponentially. We need to insist that all new demand for power, be met by renewable resources (excluding ethanol). We will still need existing operations to continue just to keep our lights on.

6. We, the people, must pass two constitutional amendments that will go a long way toward fixing the core problems we now have. These include:

a) A constitutional amendment that fixes our broken electoral system by 1) completely removing campaign contributions from the political process; 2) requiring all elections to be publicly financed; 3) moving election day to the weekend to increase voter turnout; 4) making all Americans registered voters at the moment of their birth; 5) banning computerized voting and requiring that all elections take place on paper ballots.

b) A constitutional amendment declaring that corporations are not people and do not have the constitutional rights of citizens. This amendment should also state that the interests of the general public and society must always come before the interests of corporations.


Almost all Americans will agree… There is one thing America does best…. Nothing….

Well, actually in this case, that might be a good thing…. For in Congress’s naturally tendency to play it both ways all the time, whenever they enacted legislation, the also set in stone a date for it to expire…. So if Congress does nothing, the automatic policies go into effect and we have a $7.1 trillion deficit busting package signed, sealed, delivered right to Americans… almost as efficiently as an order off Ebay….

Hats off to Cassandra for pulling out this nugget….. Here is the source, and here is the savings….

● $3.3 trillion from letting temporary income and estate tax cuts enacted in 2001, 2003, 2009, and 2010 expire on scheduled at the end of 2012 (presuming Congress also lets relief from the Alternative Minimum Tax expire, as noted below);

● $0.8 trillion from allowing other temporary tax cuts (the “extenders” that Congress has regularly extended on a “temporary” basis) expire on scheduled;

● $0.3 trillion from letting cuts in Medicare physician reimbursements scheduled under current law (required under the Medicare Sustainable Growth Rate formula enacted in 1997, but which have been postponed since 2003) take effect;

● $0.7 trillion from letting the temporary increase in the exemption amount under the Alternative Minimum Tax expire, thereby returning the exemption to the level in effect in 2001;

● $1.2 trillion from letting the sequestration of spending required if the Joint Committee does not produce $1.2 trillion in deficit reduction take effect; and

● $0.9 trillion in lower interest payments on the debt as a result of the deficit reduction achieved from not extending these current policies.

How does a zero balanced deficit in ten years sound?

If Congress does absolutely nothing, something they’re good at, we’ll have it….

Delaware's best and brightest

Isn’t she lovely?

Before picking on a young Christine, one has to remember what those times were like. Back in the 1980’s, she really wasn’t that far out….

AID’s had just come out of nowhere. Today we don’t fear it; but back then, there was fear. Have sex with the wrong person, and you’d be dead in two years… Morte!.

Some people who were deeply religious, thought it was their responsibility to make the world safer if not healthier. Especially when MTV was promoting masturbation as the safe substitute for sexual intercourse.

Self-Masturbation could lead to mutual masturbation which could lead to group masturbation which could lead to leaky seminal fluids which could then be passed around….. indiscriminately. One could die from AIDS. And to set the stage correctly, quite a few people did die!

If one could die from masturbation, then it is best not to get started. So warning others about masturbation, could indeed, save lives… I know, wild and crazy sex may not seem like a crises now, but back then, AIDS was indeed rather scary…. Of course, the press played it up big that we were all going to die unless we became monogamous with another safe partner….

Christine O’Donnell was saving lives; That is a good thing. So don’t knock our lady.

There are two choices before us:

One, we tax the top 1% and live the quality of life we deserve…..

Two, we continue the tax cuts, allowing the top 1% to not pay their fair share in taxes, and continue the quality of life we’ve suffered since 2001..

Simple microcosmic view: find a pothole in today’s state road system… You can’t, it’s covered up with stimulus funded new pavement… Nice, crisp, sharply painted blacktop, as far as the eye can see….

Compare that to the Bush Era… Potholes galore and getting them fixed was like pulling teeth…

Now pull back and look at your entire lifestyle with all it’s moving parts…. first see one where everything outside your control is operating smoothly like clockwork ( a Visa commercial comes to mind), and the other where it is all cacophonous and catastrophic…..

So, in which type of lifestyle do you prefer to live?

Decide and vote.

It has always been a dream of mine, ever since Gingrich destroyed the camaraderie of Congress with his bombastic attacks, that one day, both sides would give the press a collective F*ck You and begin to work together……..

The press instigates many of the adversarial relationships… Framing questions, reporting sound bytes without mentioning the context in which they were uttered.

So, as you know, the two principal players were Eric Cantor, and President Obama. Obama’s role was mostly filled by Delaware’s own Joe Biden…. affectionately known in here, as Seabiscuit.

Personal relationships are how things happen. That doesn’t make good copy, so the press tries to find differences and drive wedges in to split them further…..

On would be shocked, shocked to hear something like this went on….

“I think the success of these talks thus far is due to the vice president and the way he has conducted the meetings,” Cantor explained.

“it’s been a great, pleasant surprise” to work with Cantor. “The guy’s as smart as hell,” Biden said, adding that Cantor has “been totally, completely straightforward and sincere.”

(Btw, just how smart is hell? On Google, I can find no reference!)

Elsewhere in the House majority leader’s comments on deficit-reduction talks he praised to the Times-Dispatch, the panel led by Vice President Delaware’s Joe Biden.

The commission had identified a possible $1 trillion in cuts. Cantor cited the seriousness of the endeavor and the civility of the tone mentioning “this is how the political realm ought to function”.

Remember Dick Cheney?

I’m printing this article in full: tell me, where in America can you find journalism this “fair and balanced”?

Another crisis in the horizon?

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Winarno Zain, Jakarta | Tue, 07/19/2011 7:00 AM A | A | A |

It seems the world economy has faced endless threats preventing it from sailing smoothly into a strong recovery this year.

First there was the Greek debt crisis that jolted several major banks, and then a political uprising in the Middle East that pushed up oil prices, and then a tsunami in Japan that disrupted manufacturing activities in many countries.

The world economy has not fully dusted off the adverse impacts of these three events. Yet another headwind is looming large on the horizon. This time it is the possible default of the US government of its debt on Aug. 2, if the US Congress fails to approve an increase to its debt ceiling as requested by President Barack Obama. By that date, the US government debt would have reached its maximum allocated limit of US$14.3 trillion.

The current negotiation between representatives of Democratic and Republican parties on the US budget deficit has run into a deadlock, and so the possibility is real that there won’t be any substantial agreements reached, since the dateline is nearing. Major rating agencies such as Standard and Poor, and Moody’s have warned they are ready to downgrade the US government debt rating from top grade AAA.

This would be the first time in 90 years that the US government debt has been downgraded.

It is not hard to imagine what will happen if by Aug. 2 the US government has exhausted its credit ceiling and can not get additional debt to pay for its spending needs.

The US government would have to curb its spending, and because some of these relate to payments to government employees, pensioners and other social benefits, this would strike a severe blow to the consumer spending that is so essential to the US economic recovery.

With debt default and credit rating downgrades, it would be difficult for the US government to get loans. Faced with increasing risk, investors would ask for higher returns for US government bonds. This would push interest rate higher, further depressing the economic recovery.

The US dollar would plunge, triggering a surge in commodity prices and another round of inflation around the world. A deadly combination of inflation and economic stagnation could spin the world economy into a tailspin as happened in the early 1970’s.

How would this worst case scenario affect the Indonesian economy? As capital flows out of the US, investors have tended to seek safe havens elsewhere. Commodities, especially gold and oil, would be their first targets. Emerging markets could be the next destination of this capital flight, depending on the assessment of investors on the strength of its economy and their vulnerability and exposure to the US economic fallout.

But financial crises always result in a loss of confidence and produce negative sentiments in the financial markets. They put financial markets into disarray, and as investors panic, capital starts flowing out of emerging economies.

During the global financial crisis in 2008-2009, capital moved out from emerging economies back to the advanced economies. At that time, the US government bonds and commodities like gold were considered safe havens.

If the US government defaults on its debt payment this time, the question is will the situation change? Will the US government bonds still be considered a safe haven for investors? If not, then where else will they put their money? Or maybe they would prefer to keep their money in the same place and not move it anywhere. If so, the Indonesian economy could get some benefit and may not have to face another shock.

In the longer term, however, the situation may change. No country is immune to the negative ripples of a US economic crisis. As US imports plunge from weakening domestic demand, exports from emerging countries will also suffer. The extent to which these negative impacts affect each country will depend on their trading and banking exposure to the US economy.

What is disturbing about this debt talk is the use of this debate as a political game. This is especially apparent in the Republican stance.

Economist, market analyst and CEOs of financial institutions and even the IMF itself have warned that if Congress fails to raise the ceiling of the US government debt, the world economy would slip into deep recession.

The Republicans did not fully accept Obama’s proposal to raise the debt ceiling. They only agree on a smaller number, but even it was given with some conditions. The Republicans asked Obama not to raise taxes, especially for the wealthy, and Obama should cut social spending, a sacred cow for the Democrats.

By using tit for tat tactics in the negotiation and by seemingly ignoring the impending consequences and dangers, the Republicans were trying to push Obama into an intricate political dilemma.

If the US economy slip into another crisis, economic contraction would be inevitable. Corporate bankruptcies would spread, and jobless rate would surge.

A presidential election is still slightly more than one year away, and Obama’s reelection prospects are solid. But his popularity rating is highly dependent on the unemployment rate. That is why the Republicans think the only way for them to erode Obama’s popularity now is by pushing the US economy into crisis.

As the stakes are high, the two political parties should temporarily set aside their ideologies and adopt a pragmatic stance for the interests of saving the world economy from another catastrophe.

President Obama demonstrated his willingness to compromise his political ideology during the global financial crisis of 2008-2009. Being a Democrat, Obama’s political inclination is generally anti-big business.

Obama realized that it was reckless lending by some big banks on Wall Street that triggered the financial crisis. But he also realized that saving these banks from bankruptcy was key to saving the world economy from further disaster.

His decision to pour $800 billion of taxpayer’s money to bail out these banks was hard to swallow by his fellow party members, but it worked. Now it is expected that the Republicans will be willing to do likewise.

The writer is an economist.

The global markets lost 1% today… Actually that is pretty good. The losses stemmed over the fact that Republicans won’t allow new revenue to enhance our failing budget…….

Like George Washington, they want to apply more leeches (tax cuts) which eventually will bleed the father of our country dry, and kill him dead.

There are great ideas to get around the impasse……

One was so close last week in which Obama and Boehner had come almost to a 4$ Trillion Deal… It was so, so close. Boehner was about to become the Alexander Hamilton of the 21st Century: Historians would forever know him as the man who brought America back from economic ruin…….

But Boehner’s owner, jerked hard on his leash… cracking Boehner’s trachea. He then spun Boehner to the ground, and applied zip strips to his wrists and ankles. He then tazed Boehner repeatedly. For the first time in his life, Boehner did not cry. He was then strapped to a board, tilted backwards into a tank of water, and held for 45 seconds, over 111 times. He was then blindfolded and pummelled with cans of Pepsi, embedded in old cotton socks, leaving no evidence. He then poked with a tube, in his (you know where) and the other end was attached to a fire hydrant.

The next morning, Boehner said the deal was off; he refused to return Obama’s calls.

Leaks from those working for his owners, tell us the taxes on the wealthy 1% were the sole reason Boehner was given “the treatment”… It’s a damn shame; for a package of $3 trillion in cuts, (yes, includes modifications to SS and Medicare) and a Trillion in tax increases on the top 1%… would shake the dynamics of our economy.

It would spur investment here in America.
It would therefore create jobs.
It would stop the uncertainty where America was financially headed.
It would prevent the immediate loss to our economy of $4 billion a day.
It would reduce the deficit over time, and save money spent paying interest, which could then be used for services.
It would be the proper step at this time in the direction we need to go.

But, if the US defaults on its debt, nothing in the financial markets is sacred, and when nothing is sacred, that… causes panics…

And a panic in 1929… caused the Great Depression. A panic in 2008, caused the mess we’re in right now.

The world’s managed wealth is $122 trillion… A one percent drop.. is $1.2 trillion. That is the amount, that one half, of one third our government,… cost the world today.

They are kids, playing with a live junction box… Sticking a screwdriver in the wrong hole, burns down the entire house……

(At $50,000 a job, today’s loss is the financial equivalent of putting 24 million human beings out of work)

The Republicans do not have the votes to push their legislation forward.

That is why they have to be the disruptor.

The Democrats have the final say, and a chamber of Congress that can pass appropriate legislation….

They also have the executive; the one with final say.

The weaker side in this argument is the Republican Party. That means if America crashes, turning us into another Britain after the end of WWII, it will solely be the Republicans fault. Bottom line, they are the ones who have to give in, now, … rather quickly. Yes, they are solely to blame.

When this started, the Republicans said they would not vote to raise the spending cap, unless the $2.7 trillion increase in the debt limit, was balanced by a 2.7 decrease in longterm spending….

That makes sense.

What doesn’t make sense is, in this economy, pressing forward so hard to insist, that the pain be leveled only on the poor, by demanding that the burden SHALL NOT BE SHARED by anyone making over $100,000,000,000 dollars a day…..

What does make sense, is that with 80% of Americans now in dire financial straits, that the 1% at the top, at literally at no hardship to themselves, put “our” money that “THEY” have, back into the economy…

That’s what taxes do. They take money from the wealthy, reinvest it into the bottom of the economy, so it can rise again, benefiting all.

In Congress right now, sponsored by the Democratic Senate, is a budget bill that does exactly, exactly what the Republicans stated was their original objective.

It cuts $2.7 trillion in expenses in return for $2.7 debt ceiling raise..

Again. that is what is needed, sorry to say…

Republicans are of course “opposed”. Because it’s not “theirs”, of course…..

Republicans are like a screaming child in a restaurant.. Someone needs to take them out.

Delaware Democrats Deliver Where Republican's FAIL
Toon courtsey of Inkcint Cartoons

Delaware has a surplus…

As usual, everyone put out their hand and says: “I want mine”…. Thank heavens this is a democracy and votes were placed in 2008, 2010, and will be again in 2012, all which decide exactly who will get “da” money.

From an economic perspective, the entire amount should be injected into the economy. Democrats immediately took the lead and unifyingly said: give the 2% back to those who gave it up… and increase their pensions 1% while we are at it… After all, we are making them pay more for it…. Best estimates show that this will cost $19 million… Most of that $19 million will be spent in Delaware….

It was with grateful heart that Delaware thanked their lucky stars that they chose to provided Democratic leadership in both houses as opposed to that of Republicans… Look at the turmoil in Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, as the Republican governors try to decimate the working middle class, and use their savings to give tax breaks to the wealthy….

While those states are imploding, Delaware will have money ($40 million) to attract new businesses by improving access roads and sewers for incoming businesses. While those states are imploding, Delaware will have money ($40 million) added to the Transportation Trust Fund, to stave off future deficiencies. While those states are , imploding, Delaware will have money ($35 million) for the preservation of historical buildings, our greatest heritage. While those states are imploding, Delaware will have money ($10 million ) for affordable housing programs. While those Republican states are imploding, Delaware will have money to put up ($10 million) to protect open space… While across the board, those states who had the unpleasant misfortune to have gotten stuck with a Republican chief executive are stripping money from education, Delaware, will invest money ($22 million) into early education….

Overall about $265 million of the surplus has been targeted to develop jobs. Something that directly impacts the betterment of every Delawarean. If all that money gets funneled back into our state economy, as it should, thanks to the JEC and Markell’s careful targeting of where it should be spent,…. expect an average of ($265M /897,000) $295 extra dollars to flow through every man, women, and child’s hands over the course of next year…

That IS good economic policy.:. putting money in the hands of those who spend it…. Truly, we are lucky to be a Democratic state…

Makes one wonder if those other states will eventually also come to their senses and “wise up”?

Evolution is a falsehood. The world was created in 6 days.

Cutting taxes stimulates the Economy. Raising Taxes, Stifles It.

Global Warming has been de-bunked: Ice Caps are actually Growing.

Renewable Energy costs more than Carbon based Energy.

Labor Unions are what cause American Products to be too expensive.

When the wealthy benefit, it trickles down to the lower economic levels too.

There are no gay Republican man enough to wear their party’s pants.

When it comes to sex, Homosexuals are inferior to pigs and cows.

Obama is a black man, he was born in Indonesia.

Healthcare Reform is Socialist.