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The Guardian expressed it thusly:

$2.1 Trillion of the worlds wealth was erased on June 24, 2016.
Well, it was actually $2.09 Trillion.  We are supposed to be saddened; what a horrible decision Brexit was we are to think… In one day it cost the world $2.1 Trillion dollars…..

Sad face  😦

But if you google $2.1 trillion (as I did for this article) you fail to find yesterday… (until I post this and then it will miraculously appear, thanks to Google)….

But you do see that $2.1 Trillion was ERASED from the world’s wealth as of August 26th, 2015.  Do you remember that?  I didn’t. Had to have my memory jogged.  But it did happen. and yet we can’t remember it?

You see that as of March 2015, US corporations were stashing $2.1 Trillion overseas to avoid taxes, something the Panama Papers showed us was endemic.  Have you missed that?  Apparently it is ongoing and is not such a great problem that anything has been done to solve it…

We find that in the last 6 years, our economy has only grown by $2.1`Trillion, while our debt has mushroomed $9 Trillion over the same time.   And life goes on, it really can’t be that much of a deal….

If anyone looks at the losses on the big exchanges and sees that they averaged down by 3.5% yesterday, with a little math, you would know then that the total global equity is then 60 trillion.  2.1 of which disappeared yesterday, and will eventually return.

Did your world change yesterday?  I have yet to find anyone’s whose did…..

Which means that $2.1 trillion as a part of wealth’s pie is inconsequential… They don’t miss it really, it comes and goes quite readily.

So that is the portion we need to shift through our tax laws from the elite back to society… We could probably do a lot more, but that would be a start that no one really could complain is costing too much…

But just for the record, if you took that non essential $2.1 trillion and divided it equally among all 7 billion of the world’s population, you would be printing 7 billion cashiers checks for $300 American dollars apiece.  That would go a long way in some of our most impoverished continents… Large families would do well.  Even in the US, a family of 4 would get a free $1200.

Yet no one cares when the rich people lose it… Even they don’t care…

So why are we not taxing sufficiently to meet our societies’ needs?  It is the one single thing everyone in the entire world needs to do…. Tax those who have the money…..

(At this point, some dork always says…. and give to the poor.)

No… build things. Lots of things and put your poor people to work making a decent living while doing something amazingly great for mankind….

By the way…. Bill Clinton put the cost at $3 billion for completely eliminating hunger in the world…. Brexit just eliminated 700 times that amount…. and no one really felt a thing… Think about that for a second….  Then think of what if feels like when YOU haven’t eaten for about 2 hours… then think about perpetual hunger, and that no one cares that we lost $2.1 trillion of the world’s equity wealth.

There is so much we can do…. We need to get started and to get started we need to change the tax laws so the rich pay more… Period… and there is no issue that cannot be fixed by doing this…. Every issue is money centered and we have the money… It’s just in the wrong account!…. Move it over and let’s get started….

Kevin reports that Sokola and Jacques put up a bill that postpones the Education Funding Improvement till effectively legislature is over. (Senate CCR 56)


Here is what the old bill said…

“BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Commission shall report its findings and recommendations to the President Pro Tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives, the Governor, and, for public distribution, the Director of the Division of Research of Legislative Council and the Director of the Delaware Public Archives by March 31, 2016.”

This was one of the major sticking points last year if you will remember, because several people would not originally vote for the original bill’s date of June 30th 2016 because that was “bad” government… So it was changed to get passage votes… and now it has been changed back.

This original bill was forced on an runaway Educational lobby that really did not want it. It’s purpose was to propose legislation to change how schools were to be funded. it was also a foil being used to blunt the passage of Opt Out and opponents to the charter takeover of city schools.

The charter proponents are very scared that exposing the reality of how the funding of charters does immense detriment to the rest of public education, might wake up some legislators and the Delawarean public. They want this hidden.

Hence, the two legislators who are completely owned by corporate educational big money, Earl Jacques and Dave Sokola, wind up being the only sponsors of these two bills:

The first bill requiring the report by the end of March, and the second pushing it to June 30th.

Legislature ends on 6/30/2016.  This report is due on 6/30/2016.  There will be no time to debate or even look at what was proposed.

That is the bill’s intent.

Whenever anything comes up due on the last day of legislature, we can be assured that someone is trying to sneak something in, the majority of Delawareans don’t want…

What the original bill was intended to accomplish was a way to shift more funding to poorer state school districts.   it sounds good in principle.

But if one takes the actual record of deals stuck in the middle of the night by this administration, deals such as Fisker, Bloom Energy, TDC, Kinder Morgan, and Race To The Top, with 5 straight losses it does not look good for the sixth.

Anything other than a late night end-run-sneak, was no reason to pass this bill…

It is past time to hold accountable, those who are accountable for Delaware’s Educational fiasco. 

Our legislators at least for now, seem to be failing miserably at doing so.






Today, as I was sitting on my lawn chair soaking up the hot temperature, a cabbage butterfly flew over me.

My first thought was oh wow, I have to mention this to Allan.

But then, I remember, they pulled the plug on  comments to their blog, so this little conversation that should have lead to other conversations and topics, will never happen.

Death …. it is final.

Verrrry  Interesssttiiinnnggggg.....

Courtesy of Arte Johnson

As the Republicans have said, one party rule has gone on long enough… At least here in Delaware…This makes sense… If there are two parties and one is evil…. by comparison… the other appears good… That happened to the Republican Party in 2008 when it was run by the same person who is running it now….

Back then, giving any vote to evil, meant you were hamstringing good.

That is no longer the case… Those in the Democratic Party, due to there being no elected Republicans to suck up large donations, have themselves taken on that undesirable activity. We have Democrats just as bad as Republicans who were kicked out in 2008.

It seems like partisan means nothing anymore… Education is one example, Environment is another, curtailing the police is a third, and in Wilmington, improving the police is a fourth…

The big things are almost done. Gay marriage is firmly in place. FOIA is prevalent throughout our state government. Marijuana is almost legal.

Left to do are a registration process for our guns, higher taxes on the one percent and corporations, and re-engaging the pursuit of an offshore Windfarm miles off Bethany Beach, and especially the elimination of Common Core as a curriculum and the abolishment of the litany of stupidized standard tests.

These things have protractors and detractors in both parties. David Sokola is tied with Greg Lavelle as being the worst human catastrophe for the educational system in our state… One is a Democrat, the other Republican. Both should go.

We have a former office phone answerer running for State Treasurer who is a Democrat, versus an experienced hedge fund manager who is a Republican… In this case, voting for the Democrat is a disservice to this state.

We have a long-term Republican auditor who has done nothing… And one of the top minds in the state who will do much, if given the opportunity… This one needs to go Democratic.

In the 22nd representative district, Pike Creekish area, we have one of the best minds in the state, Steve Newton, running as neither a Republican or a Democrat.. but a Libertarian… This is one non-major party person that we need to get in; for both your sanity and mine…

In Sussex we have extreme conservatives who have split from the Republican party and are running on Ipod… If you are any bit of a Conservative at all, they REALLY need your vote to carry your ideas forward. From this far out, it looks like next year there will be zero conservative representation period (RINO’s don’t count), that is if Sussex Countians don’t leave the Republican Party in droves and vote for these Independents… These guys need to be voted in by Conservatives otherwise Conservatism in Delaware is DEAD.

I’ve been struggling to find a big picture to all of this and the best one I can find, is that if your candidate is a patsy for BIG MONEY, regardless of party, he needs to be replaced by the better candidate… that candidate who fears you and will listen to you, more than Jack Markell…

We can see it in education. Where the big money lines up the center, and instead of legislators being there to express your views and concerns, they act more like bureaucrats and figure how they can finagle things through a vote so you neither know or care what happens.

Big money which ruined Washington, is now ruining Delaware. Some incumbents are good. Bryan Townsend, John Kowalko, Ernie Lopez, Cathy Cloutier, come to mind. Some Democrats, some Republicans. All these fight to take on the issues that are endorsed by the Governor, because that is what their constituents want…

But other candidates have been bought. Greg Lavelle, Senate 4th, condemned your child to the Smarter Balanced Assessments for a guest appearance our governor got for him on Politico with Chuck Todd. Many in General Assembly (represented by both parties) are in cahoots with banks, insurance houses, and charter school organizations. All pursuing cash dollars and not your interests…

What I’m saying is that (and some Democrats will freak) that it does not matter who controls the House or Senate this term by party… What does matter is that you put in the best person you can… A person who wants to run to represent you, and not someone having his bills paid by someone so he can represent them…

How can you tell? There is one vote that gives it away… Those voting for the Smarter Balanced Assessment, a test that will hurt and destroy your child, care only about the money… Those voting against, again, represented by both parties, care deeply about family values and children in general…

YOU can check out the House vote here... and the Senate vote here… This litmus test, of who is bought and who is not, can help you make the right choice when you go into the booth and push some buttons to make little lights light up…

Time to lighten up all of Delaware by getting rid of the junk just taking up weight…. If you see a Y… it is safe to remove them, no matter what party they call home….

This election needs to be decided by a district to district vote. Not a statewide partisan one. Each citizen needs to do some ground work and learn about their two candidates and then vote their conscious… Forget about affiliation… Party loyality is just an arbitrary designation designed to establish clarity… Right now, clarity actually shows us that those who were bought out, need to be replaced by those who cannot be….

Democratic. Republican. Independent. Libertarian… This time parties don’t matter. Please look hard and vote for the best person because they will listen to you, and please ignore the bought-out governor and his masters.