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I just passed the WAWA near the Maryland border of Route 40, and found the cheapest gas….ever….. or so it seems…. My local station was stuck at $2.39 which I was grateful to pay…having come down from $2.59 a week ago…. It’s wonderful!

Wait a minute…. It still costs the same to drill, to refine, to store, to transport, to distribute, to dispense, and you know that no one is selling gas and losing money in the process…. They are comfortable with the money they are making now…..

So, in truth, despite all the bullshit, we were being fleeced $2.00 a gallon back when gas climbed over $4.12….It’s so obvious…. Those damn fat cat Republicans were skimming off two dollars for every gallon of gas… Two ‘effin dollars!

All that bullshit about changing environmental laws… about building nuclear power, about drilling off shore, was a smokescreen to cover the fact that huge amounts of oil were being hedged off-shore….

Remember when it cost $100 dollars to fill your tank? $50 of that went to fat cat Republicans…. Remember when you had to pass on the paying of some of your bills last summer, just because you needed $250 dollars more a month than the previous summer, just to go to work? Remember those huge profits comprised by those Republican supporting oil companies…Chevron (Condoleezza Rice) Exxon- Mobile? Halliburton? Cheney’s BBQ with Big Oil in 2000 paid off really big, didn’t it?

Remember McCain wants to give those same oil companies an additional tax break?

So what changed? Those Republican fat cats needed to sell of the oil they were hoarding for liquidity. That’s all. We were being robbed by the off-shore oil hedge funds that were allowed by Phil Gramm’s end run around Congressional oversight….. And he is first in line to become McCain’s Secretary of Treasury..!

$2.00 for every gallon!… for nothing!… DOESN’T THAT JUST REALLY PISS YOU OFF?

Well, guess what… America can return the favor on November 4th……..

Republican fat cats…. Meet Obama-Biden…..

Who Would Have Guessed?
Courtesy of Biden for Senate

You by now have either heard or heard of Barbara West, the world’s stupidest reporter’s interview with Joe Biden.

As I was expounding to my progeny on how one could literally use that opportunity to embarrass those drowning souls with lifelines still attached to the sinking Republican ship…. with a statement such as this:

Socialist? Are you kidding? The democrats? Who thinks that these days… We can all see what the opposite of Democrats do to this country… Crashing stock market, falling home values, out of work slips for 700,000 Americans.. broken bridges, roughed up roads, 10 billion every month on a war we cannot afford.. This is what you get from a deregulated Republican society.. Go back just this last year… lead toys and poisoned pet food from China… Why? Because the Republicans stripped the FDA of both finances and inspectors to pay for their foreign extravaganza… That is Socialism… taking American’s money and throwing it away… Socialism is what McCain and Sarah Palin talk about when they ask you to vote for them… All of their proposals want to spend your money on projects that benefit wealthy people while killing the middle class.. Socialism is defined as the government taking your money and putting where it wants… despite the will of the people it oversees… At $10 billion a month on Iraq….. that is the slot where you need to put your socialist finger…. ”

What a great put down…

But, …it would give Republicans the replay value of splicing that across the cyber-media…

Wisely seeing that, the new Biden simply stepped back and said.. “Are you serious….” thereby carrying the same effect of minimizing that argument into the rubbish can where it belongs… without inflaming the Republican base.. Today the only people showing “that video” are Democrats with the headline…”Aren’t Republican’s Stupid…” Real republicans are too embarrassed.

Joe just taught this young buck something…….

Although a fan before, (great people have that effect on me) I’m much more confident in Biden’s ability to speak for the middle class, than I am of his opponent’s……

It was to be the best debate on television. One Sarah Palin who couldn’t say anything right, and the other Joe Biden, who kept biting his toes…

But no meltdowns occurred tonight. Biden carried himself on the forcefulness of his delivery, and Palin carried herself by her photogenics and playing to the camera…

Depending upon your criteria, you picked a different winner… If you were a policy wonk, then Biden carried the day.. His facts were straight, he at least answered the questions, and he showed that he was an effective debator…

But if you are a normal person, you should have felt that Sarah Palin responded to your needs. You would have cheered her as she spunkily refused to follow the questions being asked of her, and continued on her own agenda. In her own way, she was an expert too. Did Biden know about the third grade class watching both of them for extra credit? Of course not… And she looked good on camera too. So if you are of the belief that we do not need experts running our country, just someone with good ole country values, then you may have thought Sarah Palin to be the winner… Contrary to expectations she certainly didn’t tube…

So like the first debate between Obama and McCain, with this one there was no clear winner. Neither side put away the other and locked up the election…. But there was a loser.

That was John McCain… Even though he was not present, he was the topic of most of the conversation. Obama though mentioned, was not mentioned as much… Biden tackled the policies of McCain and I believe effectively linked McCain’s philosophy to that of Bush… Sarah talked of McCain being the “maverick” and riding into Washington to set things right… and Biden attacked that idea enough so I do not think most people will ever see him as the “maverick” as he wishes they would. Sarah, like a peppy cheerleader, was unable to sell her concept of how different John would be, and we the listeners walked away thinking more about the weaknesses of one John McCain, instead of that of Barak Obama.. Also like a good cheerleader, Sarah did her part to rally the troops with her version of “push ’em back, push ’em back, w-a-a-a-y back…” but as anyone who has ever been to a game knows, those cheers on the sidelines continue as positive as ever, even though the score is overwhelming against your favor….

I don’t think Sarah shot herself as did Dan Quayle in his debate… He never went on after his term ended… (what’s he doing anyway? I heard he was moderating spelling bees.) She, I think based upon her performance tonight, still has a political future, maybe even still on a national scale, if she returns home with some good handlers and begins boning up…. Wow, did I say she was hot?

But John McCain was the big loser… I think Biden effectively pegged the Bush presidency on McCain’s shoulders, despite all “maverick” talk to the contrary. And if regular voters look back at where this country has gone in the past eight years under Bush’s reign, that has got to hurt.

And that……. indirectly benefits Obama…

And just for the record, the historical issue that I will be pursuing…. will be to determine if this outcome was planned, and executed aptly by the Democratic planning committee, or after all the pieces were in play, did it just pan out that way… For if planned, it was brilliant. For as you remember before the debate, we were all discussing what tactics Joe Biden should take: whether Biden should hold back, or attack strongly, and then, would the moderator be blamed?…

What they succeeded in creating, was a debate where the two candidates came out in a draw, and Biden and Palin and the moderator all looked good. …. But John McCain, the maverick who was not there, came out …..the big loser…

I am sure that all his life, Joe Biden has imagined that one day the whole country’s future would one day lie in his hands…

Although it did not come the way he anticipated, he got his wish… For if Sarah Palin is capable of persuading Americans tonight that she will be a good person in charge of this nation should McCain suffer a stroke, then it may just come to pass… As we have seen in only three interviews, Sarah Palin does not really have the grasp necessary to keep our country running…

Other nations have had queens who did not reign well.. being placed there by blood, but lacking in competence … Usually those countries suffered severely during those reigns…

But also more trepiditious, is the historical fact that sometimes a less capable person can be placed in power based on support by strong parties cheering for them, and by the force of their own personality.. Hitler and Stalin were both mourned at their death by millions of followers… Unbelievable. Obviously someone at an earlier point in their careers, did not do their duty to stop those two dictator’s ambitions from continuing forward….

If Palin wins tonight’s debate, the polls start returning towards the other direction… People not completely satisfied with either candidate will settle and vote Republican because she represents their values… If Biden lets her appear as even possibly presidential, then the past videos we have seen, get washed away…. It is Biden’s moment and duty to ensure that the sanctity of our American Government is continued, by showing before a national audience, that that yes, sometimes mistakes happen and the wrong people do get a place on the ticket, but…. the overall structure of American Politics is sound enough, not to let such mistakes get too far…..

If she actually does stumble through the entire debate without making a glaring mistake, this whole nation is probably in big trouble…. you betch-ya.

Tonight, our nation in Biden’s hands.

Vice Presidential Debate

Just in, are the questions for tonight’s debate between Senator Joe Biden (D) De. and his Republican opponent Sarah Palin, Governor of Texas… It is my belief that this source leaked them beforehand strictly to prove that the questions being asked were fair…. as some have questioned whether they would be…

TO SENATOR BIDEN: Can you go into your complicated plans on how you wished to divide Iraq into separate provinces, and explain why the Iraqi’s themselves are choosing to go the other way? Isn’t you plan bunk?

TO SARAH PALIN: One of the things Dick Cheney was able to accomplish during his past two terms as Vice President, was provide an ear and solid advice to George W. Bush… If you are elected and become Vice President, do you feel confident that you can, if required, spell the word “tax”?

TO SENATOR BIDEN: The recent bailout passed by the Senate last night contained a lot of pork completely unrelated to saving Main Street from Wall Street.. for example removing the tariff off of kid’s arrows 5/16ths an inch thick… Can you explain to the American people why everything the Senate has to pass, has tons of things not relevant to the American people?

TO SARAH PALIN: Many Americans are worried that you, coming from Alaska which being separated from the rest of the US by the nation of Canada, might make your values a little different from the rest of those of America… Can you put those fears aside for all Americans and say the entire “Pledge of Allegiance” without missing a line?

TO SENATOR BIDEN: You have recently said we need to find Bin Laden even if it means entering Pakistan to find him… Ten years ago you were advocating that we use force in Bosnia, and then Kosova, and then Albania, and then Macedonia to prevent outbreaks from occurring over there…. In your opinion, if your plan ten years ago was so controversial, why are we hearing nothing about it now?

TO GOVERNOR PALIN: You are currently involved in an ethics controversy within your home state. Can you tell us “yes” or “no”, is Monegan a good or bad, person?

TO SENATOR BIDEN: You claim that you have sat down before heads of state… But some of those heads of state are now imprisoned. Can you explain to the American people, why if this is what happens, any other head of state would want to sit down to talk with you?

TO GOVERNOR PALIN: America wants to know. Do you wear underwires in your bra?

TO SENATOR BIDEN: Do you wear underwires, also?

TO GOVERNOR PALIN: What brand of undergarments do you find to be the most comfortable? Mine always start to hurt after the fifth hour… know that wire starts to bite in…..

TO SENATOR BIDEN: You are soon, if not already, about to send your first born off to Iraq. What is it that you expect him to accomplish and will you be disappointed if he does not return with “world peace” in his hands?

TO GOVERNOR PALIN: You too have recently sent your first born off to Iraq… Can you in front of these cameras, show all of America that you truly have the where-with-all to serve as Vice President in a McCain administration: by spelling the word “Iraq”?

As Democrats predicted, and Republicans feared, the unemployment rate soared to 6.1%  in August, it was announced today..  The last time unemployment stood over 6% was September 2003.

The person responsible for the collapse of the economy, Phill Gramm has stepped down as McCain’s financial adviser….

Americans tend to blame the party in power during economic downturns, and pin their hopes on the opposite party, when times get tough… They usually prefer the inexperienced candidates over those offering ‘more experience.”  Hence Jimmy Carter beat Ford, Ronald Reagan beat Carter, Bill Clinton beat Bush (1), all times when Americans turned to Inexperience.

This does not bode well for Sarah Palin.  By having the most executive experience of all four, she will be the one to take most of the hit………

Rather unceremoniously, the Secret Service conveyed Vice President-elect Joe Biden to his home around 4:45 this afternoon.

It Could Flip Either Way

Photo Courtesy of Le Point

Debate Moderator:

Senator Biden: With your emphasis upon your protection of battered women, and your avid stance as a protector of woman’s rights everywhere across this nation, and your career-long belief that women should be considered for what they are, other than sex objects,…. do you or do you not, within the time allowed,…. feel that shots of your your opponent’s cleavage…against which you unfortunately have no defense,….. should be allowed to be shown across this nation during these debates…..

Senator Biden:


The news is out, meanwhile the delegates are on their way to Denver, and the 08 campaign now turns a page into a new chapter….

This morning’s announcement puts Delaware (is that a state?) on the map, due to one of our state’s longest serving 1961 Archmere Academy’s alumni…

Some of us are not surprised, and our record shows it.  The bedrock for this decision was laid as far back as January 3, 2008…..  Those who followed Biden through out Iowa, knew as far back as then, that Barack’s people were very interested in him….  Most particularly because of Biden’s final stand, when  the Obama campaign reached out to Biden with a deal, that if any of their excess delegates were not needed in a certain caucus, they would vote first for Biden, if then afterward all of Biden’s supporters would then go stand with Obama.

Biden, to his credit (as well as the credit of all America), said he appreciated the offer but would have no part in such a deal….. ( They next went to Richardson  who said sure why not… the difference between them was 1%)  But it was Biden’s principaled refusal which pricked up the ears of the Obama organizers…

Today as the conventions approach, even before the announcement, the most skeptical gradually have come to the conslusion that there could be no other viable alternative:  It had to be Biden.

So what does this choice bring to America?   It brings real hope that America will turn itself around over the next four years…

Competency, the ingredient thoroughly lacking over the last eight years, will again be in charge….

Competency?  You might well ask.  How so?

Three areas:  all areas in which a Vice Presidency needs to be effective, if America is to continue to be effective.

One.  Knowledge of the Constitution:  Simply knowing what is right….and what is wrong.  Biden has stood on the side of, and fought for the Constitution each time it has come under attack.  As member of the Senate Judicial Committee he has both approved and disapproved Court judges, always voting with the Constitution against Republican attempts to water it down.

Two.  Respect among foreign leaders.  Most recently he has just returned from Georgia. At other times Biden has sat across the table from certain Communist premieres,  Balkan war criminals, and persecuted refugees.  Today his Balkan plan is working, compared to an Iraqi plan that may work one day ( a hundred years from now), but currently isn’t.  Most telling of Biden’s international respect, occurred late last fall, when riots erupted in the streets of Pakistan, both opposition leaders, Bhutto and Musharraf, placed calls to Joe Biden for advice; not to Bush, Cheney, Rice or anyone in the State Department.   That last fact is priceless.  Both sides upon asking themselves, just who out there can give me the best advice….. turned to Joe Biden.  Meanwhile the rest of the world daily continues to turn away from the current Republican leadership.

Finally, most importantly, knowledge of how to move bills through Congress… Joe biden has deep long term connections on both sides….  If there is anyone in America who can get both sides to work together, it is Joe Biden….

But only if the anti America bloc of 30 + Republican Senators can be diminished to 29.

And this is where we come in.   Obama-Biden cannot be expected to be able to make the change alone.  They  must have a Congress that will support them. 30 Senate Republicans have held up government for two long years.  Therefore it is not a big stretch to say that every sane American’s duty is to elect far less Republicans to Congress in November, no matter for which House they are running for. In Delaware, this specifically means we need to replace Mike Castle….

For Delaware (and the rest of America as well), this specifically means we need to replace Mike Castle.

“For if you always do what you always did, you will always get, what you always got….”

I will keep this short.  As reported in the Wall Street Journal, The Democratic short list is as follows:

His focus now includes five colleagues in the U.S. Senate — Joseph Biden, Evan Bayh, Chris Dodd, Hillary Clinton and Jack Reed — and two governors, Tim Kaine of Virginia and Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas, according to Democratic operatives, though he could still make a different pick.

The’s had a report by Marc Ambinder which profiled one of the candidates. An excerpt:

President Bush signed into law: Biden’s (and Sam Brownback’s) Second Chance act, which appropriated hundreds of millions of dollars to help criminals transition back to society. Next week, Bush will sign PEPFAR, a global HIV/AIDS bill that Biden played a key role in shepharding through the Congress. He led a CODEL to Pakistan, Afghanistan and Turkey. His legislation reducing the crack/powder cocaine disparity will be considered in the fall. His approach to Pakistan has become the default approach supported by both Republicans and Democrats.

He’s delivered three major foreign policy speeches, including one — at Georgetown’s Gaston Hall — that helped to influence how the Obama campaign frames John McCain’s national security judgment. He led early hearings on the global food crisis and the rising crime rate, two issues on which the two presidential candidates are behind the curve; his legislation authorizing helicopters for Darfur passed the approps committee; he’s held numerous oversight hearings on Iraq and foreign policy….

OK, no prophet is ever loved in his home country, so one cannot sincerely take Delaware’s opinion on this matter seriously. Among ourselves we are more critical than Philadelphia sports fans.

But looking over the list I am struck by the fact that none of the other candidates seem to have risen to this stature. Since the role of a VP has evolved beyond cutting ribbons whenever the president cannot attend, I am being persuaded that having someone so effective at moving a Democratic agenda through this recalcitrant presidency, just might have the skills that this nation needs from its Vice President, as we prepare to enter this nation into the repair shop in order to fix the damage done over the last 7 years…..
Metaphor for America's Next 8 Years

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