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You realize the efficacy of our media in times like these…

It is in times like these that I really miss Al Mascitti…  when you want comfort, truth, and real news, there is no where else to turn to… now, since he is gone.

We should be talking about how we need to bridge things and build together.  Al was good for that… Although known for bashing people who corruptly took advantage of little people, he was very even handed and would also bash those who tried to take the little people defense too far…

He was an eye on truth.  If you wanted to find out details gleaned from the breadth of the Internet which you didn’t have time to peruse, he was the only trusted source you could turn to…

With Al, a story had nothing to do with politics and everything to do with truth…  Where some on media are more concerned about spinning lies to create a certain “message”, Al was concerned with finding the “message” immersed in a sea of lies….

Today on WDEL, we hear no empathy about “Black Lives Matter”.  The answer why is obvious; to the financial management there…. black lives simply don’t. (Actions speak louder than words)

Instead you hear about the need for more police liberties…Callers insisting they should be able to randomly come into your home and arrest you if they think you are up to no good; without the need of any collaborating proof….

Obviously they are just fishing for bites now.. Completely oblivious that was why we became a nation back in 1776; because that was what the British were doing and we objected to it strenuously enough to suffer a new nation. Now, instead of restricting gun purchases, they recommend constricting everyone’s freedom formerly protected by the US Constitution…

And… no one calls in to object?  No one says anything contrary?  Making the subliminal message coming across the air being that this is what our country should be doing?…

But that is the opposite of what America is saying on social media. That is the opposite of what George W Bush and President Obama both said at the Dallas memorial for the fallen officers.  That is the exact opposite of what bosses all across this nation calling all their workers together, are saying to their staffs.. That is exactly opposite of what parents are telling their children….

Which is, that blacks, Hispanics, and whites are all the same… They start as kids, grow up, and eventually die.  They love, hate, feel the same honor and pride, no matter the color of their skin.

But if you look for that anywhere in corporately owned media… you can’t find it.. It is flat out not there…  Instead they fall back on tired old phrases.  Instead they retreat into the same 10 step plans.  Instead they resort to find one single difference and harp on that like it is the only thing that matters in the entire universe…..

Well, none of those things matter.  and WDEL, if that is your take on life, it follows that you no longer matter.For we have grown bigger as a nation.  We have grown better as a nation, and if we can’t find positives on our airwaves, only divisiveness and hate, we are picking up our shoes and moving elsewhere….

You once led the broadcasting field and dropped Rush Limbaugh substituting it local programming.  That is when I started listening…

You once had a great balance between Al and Rick… Sometimes they even agreed but often they differed; we still knew them both as great guys…

Now, you dropped investigating truth…. for another…. Oprah…..  Where there is no truth, there are no listeners.

Hint: there is a REASON Oprah is no longer on daytime TV….


Lol. he will hate me now… I’m talking about Al Mascitti.  And  as a disclaimer, I acknowledge that now in hind sight, the Donald stands far more negatively than any American in recent memory so this analogy probably has so much additional clutter attached, it no longer is a good one… sigh.

If I can ask your indulgence, I will only continue to make that connection because like the Donald, Al Mascitti was able to vent the frustration millions of American’s feel towards their government who sold them out instead to a higher bidder… We now understand how a slave teen  felt, growing up in a nice plantation home, friends of the family even though a servant, and at a young age, without warning, being put on the block and auctioned off to a highest bidder…

Al brought that home.. His rages supposedly got him in trouble.  “People don’t want to hear that” is how Rick Jensen tried to gloss over it…  But Al was no different then Glenn Beck and people lapped THAT up. He was no different than Rush Limbaugh. People lapped THAT up. He was no different than Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, or Fox News for that matter…  He simply expressed controlled anger towards the establishment.

Just like the Donald…

And a large number of silent people DID want to hear those frustrations that mirrored their daily lives.. Instead, it was the “control elements” of our society, who didn’t want you to hear it… The same big money Republicans who didn’t want you to hear Donald Trump. First they put their money on Jeb Bush.. That fizzled. Next, they put their money on Rubio… That fizzled, their money is now on Cruz… who is fizzling…  These “controllers” were wrong about the anger just as Delmarva Broadcasting was wrong about Al’s “anger”… and anger most of us called “constructive thought”….

The “anger of the American People” is like a hard rain falling…  It sits on flat land until it finds a place to go, and then the pent of weight of all that water flows with a vengeance….

The anger has slowly been building for 15 years as Republicans stopped the Federal Government from doing its job, as corporate giants moved into the vacuum with impunity, as people became stretched like too little butter on a slice of bread… Now, the bread is tearing…

Trump points to Mexicans, Muslims, blacks, gays, disruptors, and Liberals and says, “these are your problem.  I’ll exterminate them if you let me do so”… and for many people having less competition in the job market is deemed as a good thing… “Great”, they say, “exterminate the whole lot of them..”

Bernie points to corporations and the rich, and says… “These are your problem.. We will restrain them with laws and jail sentences if you put me in power, they must obey the law the same as you…”   and for many people who were raised on America’s moral values in churches and synagogues, putting needs of people over the need to make more money, is not bad at all.

When Trump lashes out, his supporters cheer… When Al lashed out, his supporters cheered.. The difference is in who those supporters were.  Nothing Al said or did was any different than any other anger channeling  human being.  But all the people who said they didn’t like Al, all tended to be people who really needed to hear how their actions are really hurting this state as a whole, by hurting all those living in it…

In removing Al, his message was silenced, making this unmentioned threat real. “We are corporate America” this act of firing, states; “we do not stand for dissent against us”.  As long as you want to get angry at people trying to tax us, trying to regulate us, trying to hold our feet to the fire so we might have to pay them higher wages, then you can be as angry as you like.  You can rail, shout, throw things, no problem.  Just don’t tell the truth about how we are stealing all your money and keeping you down in trash heap, or we will shut you up and shut you down.

When you allow one thing for one side and disallow it for the other side, you are playing favorites.

Now as we look around, that is very obvious what happened…because the other side is still being angry. The liberals side was the only side silenced. Making what he was saying be what got him tossed. Not … in how he was saying it…

But if you are Liberal and cannot grasp how anyone could be so supportive of Donald Trump, look at how you feel about Al.  Though the message is different the emotion is exactly the same…   He told you the truth you secretly knew, but the establishment didn’t want you to hear…  And those conservatives who hate him because of what THEY are, are exactly you scratching your head how anyone could possibly follow the Donald.

I wish there was a way a lot of us could run his campaign against John Carney… That is exactly what Delaware needs….  a path for all the flood water to go. Winning the governorship would not be the prime objective; getting an alternative message out and pulling Carney out of conservatism or painting him into a Conservative corner where it couldn’t win, would be highly beneficial to the state for many generations to come….

It’s been a week and WDEL has died. Allan Loudell still gives the best news one can find, but lunch is a busy time.  Whereas before, the oscillator was always positioned on 1150 AM or 101.7 FM because of Al Mascitti who was on 9-12 M-F, and the news came on right after, now even though I know Allan comes on at 12, even though I know how good it is, I still forget because I’m already deep into another station… When they hit their commercial break at 12:30, suddenly I remember: oh crap, I missed Allan’s news.

Rick’s show is still Rick and I do listen whenever I get the opportunity, but that usually is random and now rare, simply because as soon as the car turns on, another station begins playing…

The blog of Allan’s has dried up.  No one has commented on it since the change over to facebook login only.  No one.  I wonder how long Allan will dance in the dark, putting up his links and commentary which take a lot of work and time of his, when there is no corroboration that anyone is paying attention.  Before it is too late, scroll down past the timeline of change, and see how voluminous the comments often were. I’ve gotten many comments of how less fun life in Delaware is since these changes were made.

Today I listened to Susan for a short spell. Someone from Pike Creek who used to always yell at Al and Al would often yell back and hang up on him, told Susan she was a lot better than her predecessor.  Said the previous person in her position was crass, disrespectful, and a disgusting human being.  Then he went on to lambaste Liberals as putrid imbeciles, full of hate, disgusting slugs who had ruined the entire world and would not sit still to be lectured about it..

It occurred to me. Al wasn’t a horrible human being.. This person calling in was. A real jerk. A jackass. An insolent piece of pipe one could buy at Ace Hardware for 5 cents a foot.  The reason he didn’t like Al was because he couldn’t put his “thing” down on Al’s show.  He had nothing to say, but call names.. This made me think since a lot of chatter was speculating that Al was mean and rude, the real problem was those callers who really shouldn’t have been calling in public.  I don’t know how many people supposedly complained, but… did we do a psychological examination on all those who did, before taking their side and removing the prime money-maker WDEL had?

But between the hateful spew this commentator gave, Susan, was playing along right with it.  Thanking him for listening to her show, and telling him to call in again.   Out loud I said… “Damn, what a double standard…. ”

And it became quite clear, personality clashes probably had little to do with it.  If you allow one side to be rude and obnoxious, but don’t allow the other, you are playing sides.

There is no progressive side now.  Rick’s show is more progressive than Susan’s if you can believe it.  Morning radio  at WDEL is like listening to the old days at WGMD when Don Ayotte and Frank Knox would call in and spat.  🙂  And there were calls in from Phoenix (obviously a regular caller) and West Virginia, weighing in on Donald Trump?  Can we say…. conservative plants?

One can sense all negative feedback over the change will be brushed off by Delmarva Broadcasting.  It’s a marketing plan to go after the Southern listeners… However, there are other stations down there with conservative views that conservatives listen to. Al Mascitti was the only option for progressives in this state to catch.  The math doesn’t add up. You lose everyone in New Castle County to fight in the margins of Kent and Sussex. New Castle County is Delaware’s most populous with 56% of the state’s population.



More on WDEL’s switch up.  Sorry to elaborate but you see, they are the reason I decided to settle in Delaware.  I have never been opposed to anyone expressing their views.. I have always been opposed to being forced to listen to ONLY one view.

And the former is what WDEL used to offer… Daily I got two viewpoints, morning and afternoon… Sometimes they merged. Sometimes they didn’t.  Ironically they merged on local issues for the most part; on national issues, … umm. not so much.

And the latter is what they offer now.

Now those of us who live in the real world (conservatives by their creed, don’t) know that the only thing consistent is change… So though it is with heavy heart that probably the only person in this nation who could get ahead of me and tell me stuff I didn’t already know, is no longer at WDEL, the pragmatic acceptance says that a new reality is upon us.

We can use it; or be ignored by it.

I listened to Susan Monday for a while this morning.  Even though she tried to get calls from upstate, they didn’t come… Her topic was Trump… and whether we thought he was “presidential enough”, basically she was playing right out of the Rubio playbook which would immediately disinterest the entire New Castle County.

Calls came in from Lewes, Milford, Milton, Frankford, Salisbury all sticking to the topic. There was no Liz.

And that’s when it hit.  As a state we are very different top to bottom. We always joke about it. We’ve been doing it for generations.. and with this listener trying to sit through this morning’s program like one would a corporate dog and pony show meeting, it became apparent real quick, just how different we are…

It was made stark reality by the station’s insistence of calling the station, ALL-STATE radio to advertise it was statewide, and not local.  Today’s show may have been carried statewide, but it certainly wasn’t listened to… state wide….

Then I remembered something.  During the golden years of blogging which I would rank between 2006 to 2010,  one of the greatest things about it was that we had an all-state community.  We all commented on each others blogs, north and south.  And we were loose cannons,… pretty much calling each other stupid for not agreeing with us, and it was lots of fun.

But what emerged from all that was an understanding of why they thought the way they did… If it wasn’t logical, we saw it was emotional.  It it wasn’t practical, we saw it was deeply embedded in how they were raised… Did I say it was fun?

But, over time in the back and forth and back and forth, if an idea was lacking in currency it quietly disappeared. For example, global warming which caused some of the most heated conversations, over time won convert after convert over to the side that humans need to do something.   It wasn’t a miracle of persuasion. It was the preponderance of the evidence.

The current went the other way with guns. Those originally wanting to ban ALL guns are nowhere to be found today. Again due to the preponderance of evidence.

It is with sadness that the civility found in the printed words flying back and forth, cannot be found in spoken words replacing them.  There is probably a reason for that; one primarily being that the world of written word allows us to take words back from between uttering them and them being communicated.  Not so with speech.

But the thought did occur to me today that these people below the canal live in their own little world where their own little world view makes sense.  The only way they will grow and expand their knowledge is for them to hear from different perspectives; perspectives which make them realize that they are living on a island and the appearance of water rising higher every year around them is no illusion. There are things out there they need to know.

So it does make sense then for Al Mascitti’s supporters to call the station and explain things as they are, to engage Susan in conversation. It does not make sense for them to boycott the show in deference to Al.  Especially when it comes to communicating that the entire problem we have with America today is not because we have a black president who most of America elected because they thought he was pretty awesome….. it is because most of those in Congress refused to do their Constitutionally mandated job because doing so, would make that black president look even more awesome.  We have broken national government;  it is entirely the Republican’s fault.

Constantly bringing up this fact repeatedly would make those who have only heard one line across the last eight years, that line that Obama has been an ineffective president, actually have to confront the fact that THEY were the ones who throttled government down to a standstill by voting Republican, and therefore THEY are the ones responsible for all our recent tribulations..  one being Donald Trump.

Reminders that facts make a difference.

So to keep Al’s legacy alive, perhaps it is fitting to call Susan Monday to say you represent the top half of the state, and then ask her your question…. politely.

Hello! We, up north, were wondering why you purposefully are avoiding the REAL issues?

  • Issues like allowing the wealthy to make up new rules that steal all the middle classes’ money.
  • Issues like crippling unions so none of us get paid anything close to what we are worth.
  • Issues like underfunding government  so much it hurts all of us.
  • Issues like allowing hidden money into elections, forcing politicians to be bought so they then pay their purchasers back with our tax money.
  • Issues like saddling our children with huge levels of college debt we didn’t have when we bought our first house.
  • Issues like not doing anything to stop carbon pollution.


It would be in WDEL’s interest to allow as many as possible of those liberal calls from the North to go through… So it would indeed be ALL STATE radio. For across the last two days, I have yet to see any reason why anyone north of the canal would listen at that frequency between 9 and 12 weekday mornings.

Sooner or later Northern big money cows are going to realize all those advertising dollars spent across that time frame are wasted.  I don’t think any of the current WDEL 101.7 advertisers get even one dollar of return on their investment from listeners living south of Dagsboro…






Susan Monday came on at 9:00 today.  Susan hails from 105.9, a sister station of WDEL located in Dover. Al has been scrubbed entirely from the WDEL website. Today Susan’s conversation was imported from 2006… “What we should do about waterboarding?”  Really? I flipped stations after 15 minutes because that battle was fought and won 10 years ago… The two callers I recognized from battling them back then on Delaware Politics and Delaware Right.  Even with Al, I always had another station burning in the background but would hold off depending on Al’s topics. With Susan, it is now a no brainer.

Furthermore at exactly the same time,  Allan Loudell’s blog comment section has switched over to only to Facebook verification, there is no bypass.  Those of you who do comment on Facebook, and feel disheartened by Al’s absence, should go to Allan Loudell’s blog  and replicate the thread you put down at Delaware Liberal..

Whether this change was insisted by someone to shut down a very powerful voice which did create multiple backlashes which in fact, did stymie a rather large number of New Castle County crony get-rich-schemes, OR…. whether it was as is being played, a business move to try and grow more conservative listeners downstate,…..  either way, there is now no progressive main stream media outlet in this state.

It’s like the world just went silent.

What can we do?

Use your facebook account to log onto her greeting on Al Loudell’s Blog and express your complaint. (If you get scrubbed, comment on that too, here)

Join the boycott of Boulden Brothers, Sobieski, Calvert (Now One Hour Air) Horizon HVAC, Concord Pet. They are the largest commercial advertisers. (can’t really boycott the DSEA)… Hitting them publicly will put progressitivity back on the burner faster than anything else. Visit them on Facebook.

Scold Susan Monday’s twitter feed that Northern Delaware’s attention span is too short for her ramblings; we are all dropping off …  30 tweets allegedly stand for 30,000 people who didn’t bother to tweet but feel the same way… (That is what Twitter advertising claims.)

And of course tell everyone you know how WDEL has gone downhill. I guess it was destined, being the only true news source in the tri-state area; eventually it would have to go the way of all the others… Now all we get is one sided news, efficiently scrubbed clean of any progressive points, and therefore one sided.  WDEL just went from great icon status, to another News Journal.. Seriously, how many of you still look at that anymore?

Sigh, I guess I’ll have to pay more attention to the blogs…



The new Charter School of Wilmington will be 2800 students.

Christina District currently sends out $3701 per every child it sends to charters.  That amount varies depending on district, but just to get an idea, let us use that figure.

The new school will take 2800 students….   Therefore 2800 students times that dollar amount equals $10,362,800…  This amount to paraphrase Ross Perot in the 1992 campaign, will act as a giant sucking sound siphoning off of all 4 districts created out of the desegregation debacle.  Christina, Red Clay, Colonial, and Brandywine….

Systemwide those 4 districts currently have 55,794 students….  Subtract the 2800 out of them, and systemwide there are now 55,294 students left…

The loss of $10,362,800 across those 4 districts of 55,294 boils down to an average loss of $196 per student.

Go to the state’s website, click on your district, click on your school… Your student population should appear on a graph. Hover on the top of the last dot on the graph, (that would be 2014) and the student population appears in a little white box. Take that number and times it by $196 to get the shocking revelation of what this Charter costs your school….

This represents the drain of resources this giant charter will cost this area… $196 per child…  The reality is that in some districts it will be much worse.  If by some slim chance all of the students came out of Red Clay for example, the real cost of this charter would be $566 per student and none of the other districts would be affected….  But in reality most likely it will be split, though not equally.  Best guess is Christina and Red Clay each pick up a third of the loss, Brandywine and Colonial split the remaining third as sharing two pieces of 1/6th……  If so, the losses to each district would run thusly:

Christina   933 students lost   $3,453,033     total students in district (16721)    adjusted district total (15,788)  loses $218 per student across entire district

Red Clay   934 students lost  $3,456,734       total students in district (18295)    adjusted district total (17,361)  loses $196 per student across entire district

Brandywine   467 students lost   $1,728,367     total students in district (10802)    adjusted district total (10335)  loses $167 per student across entire district

Colonial     466 students lost   $1,724,666    total students in district (9976)    adjusted district total (9510)  loses $181 per student across entire district

Just a guess… So now, go to your school and figure out its total loss per school, per grade, and per class….


Your child is losing this part of your tax dollars so those owning the new school get rich.  There is really no other honest explanation.. They can’t teach better.  They can’t discipline better.  In fact, if one takes the charter schools across the state, and isolates them by income, they all under-perform the public schools on the same economic level….   A public school with only 8% low income, does better than any charter school with 8% low income.  Likewise a public school with 95% low income, does better than a charter with 95% low income…

What this school does is pull out students from your schools to give them an inferior education, just so those owning the charter school make a profit (rent money) off of your property tax dollars… Property tax dollars that should be going to new and improved services in your districts schools…  

And this in that process, cuts down on the investment of your child… If your child goes to Brandywine in 2015, he will have $167 less spent on him than he will in 2014.  If your child goes to Red Clay, he will have $196 less spent on him in 2015, than he will have in 2014.  If your child goes to Colonial, he will have $181 less in 2015 than in 2014.  If he goes to Christina, he will have less $218 less spent in 2015, than in 2014….

Most likely a referendum will go out asking you to pay more … to cover that difference… And …That is a huge difference.. Figure a class of 23 kids? $5014 less per classroom!… That money will need to come from somewhere or class room performance will have no other choice but to go down…

You will ask… Why do I have to pay more?   The answer will be:  honestly?   … so those owning the Bank of America Building off Rodney Square in Wilmington, get paid….

That is the only reason and that is why you need to take action …. as soon as you finish reading this….

Do you know your Representative or Senator?   Click on those two links and you will soon.

Do you know how to contact them by email or phone?  Go to these email links for House and Senate and you will soon….

Simply express your dissatisfaction with your representative for allowing this to go forward… Right now, that should be enough… Make it explicitly clear you are against the Philadelphiazation of New Castle County’s 4 school districts… We are Delaware!  We are not Chicago. We are not Milwaukee. We are not Washington DC. We are not Philadelphia.   There is no reason except for the greed of a handful of well-connected men (no women), as to why we should trash our school systems as did happen in all those cities…….

Contact them today…..


I was done with my shopping at Acme, had picked up a bouquet of flowers, and saw the Blue Crab and ducked in to get some food to go…Heck, I didn’t feel like cooking…  I decided to pass upon driving through the new WSFS atm, and instead came straignt out of Suburban Shopping Center, got stuck at the light where the Soviet interference blocks out WDEL, and with the green, pulled straight ahead onto Rt.4 towards the Bob… I go up the rise that is the bridge, squeeze down to one lane, and look to my left at where the new power plant will be. thinking of course it would be way off in the corner by the railroad tracks… As I looked, it slowly dawned that it would be right at the corner, right next to the bridge i was on…  Holy Crap.


I would be directly under that smoke stack at least 4 times every day… Why would that concern me?  Because concentrations of the heaviest particles are thickest the closer one gets to the stack…  My open window or car vent would suck those in, and keep them in my car, for what? maybe a mile, or two?  I would be breathing lots of stuff that normally stays deep underground… Like lead.  Like cobalt, Like uranium, Like Radon. I know, as do you, that all it takes is one atom to get sucked into my lungs, bond with a cell tissue, and stay there, and I die of lung cancer.   Of course it could happen in Ohio, and since atoms never die, get blown from there over to Rehoboth Beach, and be hanging right above the ocean about an inch, right where I come up and gasp for air… and the same thing could happen… Therefore I have to look at probabilities.  My probability of dying from cancer is almost infinitely larger when I drive under the stack 4 times every day, or 28 times every week, or 1456 times at the minimum, every year I live in Newark…  Just imagine the probability from those living in Devon, less than 200 yards from the belching stack…

Belching, as in burping up lead, cobalt, antimony, uranium, cesium, strontium, radon,  Ever had to work with someone who had bad breath?  This would be infinitely worse….

Here is where you say… Wait!  But Jack Markell and Sam Latham all said that gas was cleaner than coal.  How does you headline fit in with your claims that gas is dirtier than coal….

Great question… Let us answer that with an entertaining example….  let us say there is a house up the street, shared by 4 young people, maybe they are in a band even…. But rumor is they smoke pot…   Now let us say, you rent one of your rooms out to Justin Beiber, and Lo, come to find out he smokes pot too…  but not that much…. Now, which of the two, is going to provide you the greatest opportunity to get high from second hand smoke:.  The reggae band 15 houses away, or Justin Beiber who crashes at your house when on breaks from his tour?

It’s the same way with carcinogens in pollution.  Coal plants are in Ohio.  This 248MW natural gas co-generation power plant, is 200 yard away….

The figures for mean damages per ton of emissions are higher for natural gas plants than for coal plants because of the locations of the plants. If you think about it, a power plant located near an urban area will do more human damage than one located in the country, all other things being equal….

There can be no question.  The rate of death will jump in areas surrounding Newark if this power plant goes in.  Explaining it is cleaner than coal is irrelevant for there is no coal plant going in… The comparative factor must be against the status quo.  Right now, there is nothing polluting the air breathed by the citizens of the town of Newark. Soon there will be… and obviously as a result, more people and animals will die horrible, painful deaths than do now.  That is inevitable, and must be recognized, while at the same time, not blown out of perspective.

There are times when the benefits might be worth the risk of dying prematurely. WWII for example.  And not everyone will die early. Just those unlucky to breathe in the unlucky molecule, which today, doesn’t exist in Newark but when finished, will soon be belched out 24/7 right there by Route 4’s bridge over Amtrack..  Those in receivership will die, while the rest of us live on… The question stands: is this power plant worth dying for? Is the money being made for its investors, worth the copays our estate will fork over on our own terminal medical bills…

You say yes?  or was that a no, I heard?

The educational department of the University of Delaware is ranked 31st in the nation... That is at least out of 5000 accredited teaching schools…

Not only that, they are 31st in the top ranked educational teacher training country in the entire world… Apparently there is no educational crises in America when it comes to teachers receiving top notch training.

Overall, the top 10 countries in rank order are the United States, Sweden, Switzerland, Canada, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Australia, Singapore and the United Kingdom….

What just passed last Thursday in Delaware, now requires the University of Delaware, again now ranked 31st in the top educator nation in the world, 🙂 to be judged solely on how its teachers administer Common Core when they go out into the field…

Common Core?

Just how good is this Common Core we are talking about?

New Attack on Common Core From Pennsylvania Democrats

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One would think someone in Legislative Hall would have at least looked into Common Core before mandating that the 31st best teaching institution in the best ranked nation for turning out good teachers, would have to be judged on its effectiveness by the results of a program everyone is having so much trouble with.

Progressives are against it. Tea Party Advocates are against it. Democrats are against it. Republicans are against it.. Red States are against it. Blue States are against it. How could this be? Could it be possible they all have children?

In fact, it appears there is no one who is in favor of common core, across this entire great nation we are so fortunate to live in… No one except 59 Delaware legislators, who apparently didn’t get the memo…..

Although the year is barely out, we do have our first nomination for the spot to be announced in December 2013.  With the Kinder Morgan Deal now on hold semi-permanently, even they are pointing to our hero of the year as the man most responsible for allowing the port to remain state owned….

I can say it was Julius Cephas who was behind almost every move to combat the loss of good jobs at our port.  He is being pointed out as the villain by the capitalists at Kinder Morgan.  In Delaware’s eyes, that elevates his hero’s stature even more…

In truth, he is no villain and knowing him, he will probably shun the acclimations being made by us common folk as being our hero.  In his eyes, he was just doing what needed to be done because no one else was there at that very moment to do it, and as that task swelled, it took a lot out of him….

Capitalists always need a villian.  But it was the “truth” which actually is what killed this deal.  Kinder Morgan WAS going to cut back on jobs, and their change of heart and blaming Julius instead of others, points exactly to the core of their problem with our port… …

People in Texas, do not understand unions.  They simply can’t fathom or understand how there can be an actual law that lets people strike and shut you down, whenever you try to pay them less..  In their eyes, you work for what they want to give you and if it is too little, ..humph.  go elsewhere….

The second culprit (after the “truth”),  was our office of economic development.  We gave Kinder Morgan too many “eager” signals that set us up as being seen as an easy pick.  They truly thought they could waltz in, pick up a top notch East Coast Port for a song, and we would eagerly give it up…  Again, that was because everything was done in secret.  Had a meeting been forthcoming in the very beginning,  Kinder Morgan might have moved on earlier when it became readily apparent, that southern Texas practices do not bode well in the Northeast…

Of course, being a corporation, they will blame the whistle blower.  (Ironic since the whistle blower of Enron works for them)..   Of course.  It is not like they find anything immoral in taking a state asset for a song, in firing those skilled dock workers, and replace them with some Spanish speaking Texans who never even heard of a union….

And Julius did blow that whistle. .  Like Rose on the Titanic, he took the whistle off of Jack (pun intended), and blew softly at first, then harder, and harder.   Gradually the sound registered on others ears….

Without Julius, Bob Marshall would not have pushed through Senate Bill 3.  Without Julius, most of the links showing up in everyone’s blog, would have not been found.  Without Julius, the case for protecting workers would not have even made the rounds of the Norman Oliver show….

There were many helpers. Bob Marshall, Nancy Willing, Norman Oliver, Norinda, Helene Keeley, Al Mascitti, Liz Allen, John Kowalko, and (an other blogger too shy to be mentioned here). When one looks back through all of them one sees from everywhere, there in the center of the universe,  stands a normal human being just like us, known to most … as Julius.

There will come a time when a better deal will arrive.  Could even be this year. There will come a time when a suitor who does care about Delaware, who does care about unions, about human beings, about those businesses on the outside, and who will want to upgrade the port for everyone’s interest, not just their own… And that suitor in this day and age, could even come from abroad.  Germany is very committed to union labor, to the environment, to being a good neighbor…. There are a great many possibilities out there that are immeasurable…. We definitely dodged a Texas bullet with this one….

When that suitor arrives… Julius’s stature will be set in cement….  For he did nothing really Herculean, except argue the truth…  He didn’t lie.  He didn’t connive,  He didn’t threaten….

That was done by our office of economic development.  Instead and unlike them, Julius told the truth.  He told the truth to anyone who would listen.  He told the truth enough, so many “did” listen….

And that is why, he  deserves this nomination as Delaware’s Man of the Year.  I know it is early into 2013, but great things just do not wait!!….

You will hear smears that Julius tubed the deal… I saw the letter and it is already out on WDEL and the Delawareonline’s News Journal… But as an impartial blogger, I can tell you exactly what killed this deal.

It was “the truth”.  The truth of what this deal would cost us Delawareans….. is what turned the tide and caused the outcry that rose up against it….

If Kinder Morgan really wanted this deal, they could have easily said… “we are expanding and putting 5 new berths out into the river.  We are buying the port for the bargain price of $5 billion.   We need those businesses outside the fence because the jobs we get, will soon be too big, we can’t do it ourselves.  We will keep the union just as it is;  Wilmington needs good jobs and we are going to do our part….  We are also going to contribute into an emergency fund to be used for any spill or environmental accident that takes place under our tenure….

Kinder Morgan could have done any of those things, … and didn’t…. The blame doesn’t lie with Julius after all…. Especially when you consider the following…

This Economic Council erred on Fisker Automotive.  Then it erred on Bloom Energy.  Then it tried to Kinder Morgan us out of our port…..   Someone rushed in  with a save to make sure that last one didn’t happen.

That person is now hereby nominated for Delaware’s Person of the Year…….

We’ve all dealt with duplicity.  Where someone will complain loudly behind their bosses back and as soon as he pops into the room, they flip and lavish praise, sometimes to the point of criticizing others in the same room….

Today I listened to WDEL’s two talk show hosts, and Allan Loudell during his two news broadcasts.

Of the three, Al Mascitti was the most honest, Allan the second, and Rick Jensen …. not even plausible.  Let me explain.

Al Mascitti laid out the facts.  The sequester was small compared to the overall budget, but the people it hurt, were the ones who not only had no safety net but nowhere else to go.   The sequester could have been, and would have been prevented if the Republicans had not filibustered the Senate bill to raise the revenue from those who could easily have afforded: the top one percent.

Allan Loudell was neutral and baited both sides.  I believe I counted four times he asked leading questions that would suggest it was both side’s fault that this bad sequester bill was passed.  I believe I counted three of the four who all laid the blame solidly on the Republicans.  However,  why was this even brought up? Any impartial observer like a journalist from another nation, can easily see off of any newscast that the Democrats are running around the country trying to avert the sequester and warn America ahead of time about its effects, while the Republicans are doing nothing!  In fact, they are gloating over how they pulled the sequester off ……   It is disingenuous to even pretend this is not completely a Republican debacle;  one forced upon the nation by their party and their party alone, and forced in such a way, that Democrats were powerless to prevent it from being fulfilled…..

Rick Jensen, … oh my.  His time was spent trying to pin the sequester on Jack Lew, because Jack Lew was the person Bernstein said originally brought it up…  Therefore only in his mind, is it a Democratic machination.   There was no mention of course, that it was a Republican filibuster that prevented the solid alternative from reaching a vote.  There was no mention that it was all the Republicans who agreed upon the sequester, and voted for it.  There was no mention that a budget act without the sequester attached, was vetoed by every single Republican when it came up for a vote, and that the sequester was only passed, because the Republicans all piled on to push it through….

And here is how he tried to explain all the press reports to the contrary.  “Oh, the press is part of Obama’s team.  They are all lying and twisting things to make it look like it’s the Republicans are the ones who made this sequester happen….. ”  

Upon hearing this misstatement, one must readily ask themselves, hey, wait a minute! Since the press is rather hostile to Obama, perhaps reality IS that they are indeed telling the truth, (and nothing but the truth), and perhaps Rick Jensen is dismissing that truth, and all the facts supporting it, because it makes his side look really bad….

Most people will probably accept the latter before the former. After all, only 24% of voters today will admit grudgingly that they were once Republican.

And here is the problem for the rest of us.  If the press can’t straight up tell the truth, how can the American people ever know?  If the press tries very hard to contort reality into making this appear an even handed event when it certainly is not, they are doing the public a disservice by not informing the public of the reality taking place before their faces….

So, why are we not being informed Republicans filibustered that piece of legislation that would have prevented the sequester?  That alone, makes them the culprits.  You cannot filibuster a bill that will prevent something, and then say… It wasn’t us; it’s the other sides fault.

So, why is only Al Mascitti telling the truth, and nothing but the truth at WDEL these days?

There absolutely, unequivocally, irresolutely is no way Democrats are culpable to the sequestration…  This is absolutely, unequivocally, and irresolutely the Republican’s mismanagement that put us into this predicament…. Pure and simple.

If you don’t know that.  You are not reading news.  You are reading make-believe….. The most frustrating part of the latest frame of the budget war has been that the media’s fetish for evenhandedness prevents us from seeing the simplest truth…..