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So, can someone tell me again, why we shouldn’t tax the rich, and instead, balance the budget on the backs of everyone else?…….

I seem to be missing that little detail where that all makes sense……

The global markets lost 1% today… Actually that is pretty good. The losses stemmed over the fact that Republicans won’t allow new revenue to enhance our failing budget…….

Like George Washington, they want to apply more leeches (tax cuts) which eventually will bleed the father of our country dry, and kill him dead.

There are great ideas to get around the impasse……

One was so close last week in which Obama and Boehner had come almost to a 4$ Trillion Deal… It was so, so close. Boehner was about to become the Alexander Hamilton of the 21st Century: Historians would forever know him as the man who brought America back from economic ruin…….

But Boehner’s owner, jerked hard on his leash… cracking Boehner’s trachea. He then spun Boehner to the ground, and applied zip strips to his wrists and ankles. He then tazed Boehner repeatedly. For the first time in his life, Boehner did not cry. He was then strapped to a board, tilted backwards into a tank of water, and held for 45 seconds, over 111 times. He was then blindfolded and pummelled with cans of Pepsi, embedded in old cotton socks, leaving no evidence. He then poked with a tube, in his (you know where) and the other end was attached to a fire hydrant.

The next morning, Boehner said the deal was off; he refused to return Obama’s calls.

Leaks from those working for his owners, tell us the taxes on the wealthy 1% were the sole reason Boehner was given “the treatment”… It’s a damn shame; for a package of $3 trillion in cuts, (yes, includes modifications to SS and Medicare) and a Trillion in tax increases on the top 1%… would shake the dynamics of our economy.

It would spur investment here in America.
It would therefore create jobs.
It would stop the uncertainty where America was financially headed.
It would prevent the immediate loss to our economy of $4 billion a day.
It would reduce the deficit over time, and save money spent paying interest, which could then be used for services.
It would be the proper step at this time in the direction we need to go.

But, if the US defaults on its debt, nothing in the financial markets is sacred, and when nothing is sacred, that… causes panics…

And a panic in 1929… caused the Great Depression. A panic in 2008, caused the mess we’re in right now.

The world’s managed wealth is $122 trillion… A one percent drop.. is $1.2 trillion. That is the amount, that one half, of one third our government,… cost the world today.

They are kids, playing with a live junction box… Sticking a screwdriver in the wrong hole, burns down the entire house……

(At $50,000 a job, today’s loss is the financial equivalent of putting 24 million human beings out of work)

He is running against Carney, you know the guy who went up against Markell? But not too many people know Scott Spencer…. They should..

Scott is the kind of guy who gets things done… Whether it is realistic or not, certain things like Sunday DART service, SEPTA rail to Newark, Fisker Electric Cars being built in Delaware, all have his fingerprints on them.

Single handedly, Scott Spencer has probably done more for transportation in this second smallest state, than any other person alive today… ( Joe Biden might be the exception for keeping Amtrack alive…. ) Scott goes as far back as pushing DART service past the 6:00 curfew that existed forever…. His efforts allowed banks and insurance companies to continue working past that early close up time…

In the future, we will see SEPTA go all the way to Aberdeen. There one can jump aboard a MARC and commute his way to DC… We will have commuter rail service from Philadelphia to Washington… Scott will have his fingerprints on that as well.. Soon (2011) 25,000 jobs will land in Aberdeen as the Army upgrades its operations there… With commuter rail, some of that money could find a home in New Castle County. At the same time, the demolition of the Chrysler plant and rebuilding of the University of Delaware’s Medical Center, will employ large numbers on this side of the state line.. It appears Newark will be booming soon. What a relief…. Of course, Democrats are the ones to thank… Use of government money to jump start an economy goes against every Republican tradition ever noted….

Scott has done more to bring jobs into Delaware than many of our state reps and state senators combined…

But is it enough.. Not only does he have to beat the person everyone thought was annointed to take over Biden’s Senate seat when he became VP, but if he can accomplish that unspeculated task, he will then have to take on the Republican challenger and take him out like one does that guy sitting on the toilet at the Rehoboth Beach Funland shooting arcade….

Most think that won’t happen.

Scott has some novel ideas. One, is his insistence he will run an organic financed campaigh. That means all his money will come from consituents. None from the party, none from outside the state, none from special interest groups… Whereas that may sound idealistic, fact is… it is. Making such a stand means that just one mistake of accepting money from an entitiy outside the state, even if done on oversight, washes the entire campaign’s credibility away… Secondly, is that if he takes no money, and his opponent takes all, his opponent will win… Perhaps Scott thinks the people will rise up and vote for this distinctive funding plan… Perhaps…

Another plank in his platform is his plan to fix Afghanistan. He proposes to take the workable plan making headway in one district of that war torn nation, and importing it to all the other areas not working well at the moment. That plan uses local implementation of solving issues… That plan will put local people into deciding their own fate. On it’s surface that plan is well thought out, and even I would endorse it.

However, it is such a distant problem to most of Delaware’s current needs, that upon its reiteration and description, the eyes glaze over and the snores gain volume…

Scott’s third plank is to re-beat the drum on health care… Yes we need it.. but the issue is worn out… However, true to form, Scott has a great plan that is workable in theory if one takes human nature out of the equation.. Scott proposes an independent commission similar to that investigating military base closures, to devise the best plan and sell it to Congress on an up or down vote…. Remove politics from decisions requiring reaoning and science.. If only that was possible…

And that is the legacy of Scott Spencer… He has the right ideas that will resonate with both conservatives and progressives, but he does not seem grounded in what is obtainable. The name Don Quixiote gets whispered among many who listen to his plan….

And that is the delimina. Scott has planned this run for a long time… He is loathe to give it up… He is a great guy, and a good Democrat… But despite his own best intentions, there must be a better spot in our state where he can accomplish more good, than running another idealistic Beiner-esque campaign across three counties… Those of us connected, must do our part to find the proper slot for this focused, intense, concrete, sharp, and visionary young man…. There has to be a postion where he can do far more good for our state, than just lose to John Carney…

(Editor’s Note: I wrote this lighthearted piece because Tommy put the intro of “My City Was Gone” in my head for days due to a discussion at the bottom of his post here….” This is to pay him back…..)

He’s back.

I’m just disappointed that we were unable to obtain any video footage of him walking Gibb’s brother’s style through Akron, in blue jeans and a denim jacket. Such a video could then be shown traditionally after the third round at every Drinking Liberally, (of course everyone could sing along), as well as possibly breaking into prime time upon the giant overhead screen at the Denver Democratic convention…..

Lurking below, is the perfect background music to match the footage of a walk he took thorough Downtown Akron……..