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Surprising the (thought of too late) proper answer to Romney’s silly statement that: Corporations are people too… would be how I ended my post below, which is the headline above. People are capital, too.

Which means just like you have to invest in physical capital, one has to invest in human capital too.. Ironically the wisdom of this disappears in corporate boardrooms. They look at how to use capital to achieve more profitable ends. Therefore it falls upon the shoulders of Labor Unions, to bring this argument into daily discussion. sometimes by employing the action of a a strike.

Suddenly with a work stoppage, the idea that one needs to reinvest in human beings, makes itself readily apparent.

Business Is Up At Wilmington's Port
Courtesy of Maersk Lines

To privatize or not privatize Wilmington’s own ocean-going port; that is the question now up for debate. Talks begin next week.

One the port loses money; turning it over saves money the very year it gets dumped.

Two, privatizing the port, will cost union jobs and their pension fund, dearly. There is no way any company will not want to “own” that pension fund.

Three, as a private business, the port must be taxed, earning revenue for the city.

Four, safety, upgrades, competitiveness with other ports, all take back seat to revenues acquired per quarter.

Five, the city will have another major business knocking its doors down asking for new major concessions.

Bottom line, is whether the city wants to sell out those working, taking the financial hit that will cost it, or to pay the extra each year to keep the port running….

In this day and age, it appears selling out the people, carries far greater risk and impacts the area with a greater negative, than simply paying for the shortfalls year after year.

Let’s us remind ourselves what actually “is” privatization….

In privatization schemes to outsource traditional governmental functions, taxpayer dollars are diverted from the building of public assets and institutions to create long-term revenue streams for corporations. Privatization has resulted in the loss of public sector jobs that have been crucial to the growth of the middle class, and instead has created a system that favors lower wage jobs and new profit centers for CEOs and investors.

Here is how privatization works. I buy a field next to your house. I live in a tent. I watch your house while you are away on vacations. You’ve paid off the house, and now, having retired, you live in Florida, and the house taxes are backing up here in Delaware. You sign the deed over to me, so you don’t pay taxes anymore….

I just stole your property. All that money you put into it, was essentially, wasted. Your assets, drop by $500,000. Mine jump $500,000. You could have put the house on the market… That is what most people do… But no. You just gave it away. Thank you, btw.

That is privatization. Giving something free to corporations, a handout, that they only get, because they just happened by at the right moment…. Here you go, bud… have $45 million dollars… Run a business! Welcome to corporate America.

That is privatization. Of course, it is framed these three ways: …. “let me take that off your hands…;” “I could take care of that awful problem for you;”…. ” You, know, I could make that “problem” go away..”.

And in the heat of the moment, that investment that years of hardworking people have put into, gets whisked away…. So of course privatization is going to be sold hard. Who wouldn’t want a free $50 million dollars?

Bottom line, there are some entities in public society that are there for the common good. The public funds them… Take roads for example. If Delaware privatizes 95 into to Wilmington, every commuter pays an extra $2 a day to make the trip. Every commuter pays $2 X 5 X 50 on the average, or $500 a year. At roughly 60,000 commuters a day, $30,000,000 is sucked from all other businesses in New Castle County per year, and given to the new owner of interstate 95…. Primarily to prevent that, was why a long time ago public funding and ownership, was deemed to the better approach. Furthermore, repairs and potholes, suddenly get low priority status; skimming off the top becomes number one…..

The choice of privatization boils down to the following…. Which is better? A choice of higher business activity, or a choice of keeping the wages of those working now?

This can best be seen in Greece. The Greeks farmed one half of this port, the container side, over to a Chinese company. They kept the lucrative part, the cruise ship side, for themselves. What has happened is that business on the Chinese side as doubled. It is becoming one of the busiest ports in the world. The Greek half is languishing. Lacking the money to invest, their side has, by not going forward, fallen backward.

The Chinese have invested in new ideas and new technology. But, being Chinese, one can rightly expect they don’t invest in human capital.

On the Greek side, some worker’s salary and benefits amount to $181,000 a year. Obviously a full work force paid that much would soon force closure of the port. The Chinese pay $23,000…. and have no job security plan. They also do not abide by Greece’s union regulations and safety requirements. Currently they have no trouble filling workers when they need them. (Greece is in the imploding stages)…

And there you have it. One simply has to plug in whether the lease amount and tax revenue from a thriving port on top of the diminished payroll purchasing power of all its ex-employees, is greater or less than…. the diminished tax revenue from a mediocre port, on top of the purchasing power all it’s unionized employees possess…..

It appears that the one best option, is to have Government upgrade the port, meanwhile keeping government ownership, thereby keeping its workers employed and their money flowing through their economy… That option maximizes the most money flowing out of the port, and into the city.

The problem for unions is, that as long as wages are consistently high across the Seaboard, then that is the price of doing business in America’s ports. But let one port hire 7/8th less per worker, then in all other ports to remain competitive, all workers will soon also have to be working at that level. 7/8ths less of economic clout per worker, needs to be quantified in dollars, before knowing the full economic benefit.

There is one more thing. If the business running the port loses money, even one dollar; they can just shut the port down and walk away…. Then there are no winners.

Pros and Cons of Holding A Nationwide Strike on January 2nd, 2013.


1) Forces Republicans to negotiate.
2) Demonstrates to Congress this is not a game.
3) Gives everyone a day longer holiday break.
4) Raises stakes for Tea Party Republicans thinking about defaulting.
5) Causes all eyes to stay focused on the deficit issue at hand.
6) Could be conducted as a wildcat strike , just call in sick.
7) Shows that Americans are serious about taxing the wealthy.
8) Gives our president a tool to hold over corporate America
9) January 2nd is the lowest productivity day of the year, no economic loss
10) Needs to be viral to have any meaning. People have to want to show their support for balancing the budget through taxes on the wealthy.
11) Continuation of occupy themes.
12) Businesses as well as labor, can show their support for raising taxes on the wealthy.
13) After experiencing a nationwide strike, Labor negotiators will have more clout in negotiations.
14) America’s people takes back their destiny. Like Thanksgiving, almost every American is off work.
15) Will demonstrate what happens if America stops working.
16) Will be called off if Agreement is decided before Dec. 15th.
17) Should be also supported by Businesses, corporations as well as workers. We all have a hand in making sure our government can pay it’s bills far into the future.

1) Inconvenience to those flying that day, or any travelers.
2) Lost day of work.
3) Job may fire you.
4) There are no winners in a strike. Victor goes to the one who stands hardship the longest. All lose.
5) If successful Could be overused. Strike for Animal Rights.
6) Will gum up normal operations. for whole day. and perhaps the next.
7) Will lower GDP by one day’s worth in that quarter.
8) May cause gigantic riots never before seen in the history of the World.
9) Nobody will come.


Delaware’s most expensive race this season, has gotten catty.  Meow…  Republican Greg Lavelle in typical Republican fashion started  and attacked Democrat Mike Katz for missing committee meetings…   In typical Republican fashion, the charge went like this…. “You’re a no good, two timing, scheming, lazy, and unfit for office, because you missed a few meetings this year!!! How can you even dare run for office when you missed meetings like that!”

It was quickly pointed out on the Rick Jensen show, that Greg Lavelle has missed quite a few meetings over his career too… Since it is a longer career, he’s probably missed a lot more meetings… But charges like that are what one expects from Republicans, especially those in northern New Castle County… I can remember another one like that… I think his name was Clatworthy?  Am I right?  And another one who’d pull charges out of thin air…. I think the ran for Lt. Governor in 2008 and only got like 17% of the vote or something?

Delawareans don’t like  bomb throwers…..  Don’t take my word for it.   Just ask Janet C. Rzewnicki…..

The Ms Katz takes to the airwaves and levels the Lavelle campaign.  It is over.  She tells of how she got the call that Mike Katz  was about to die and so were his two girls, when the ski lift collapsed and they slammed into the ground.  She tells how the paramedic put the phone up to his lips, so they could say the last goodbyes…  And Greg Lavelle would use that, to blame Mike Katz for not showing up for meetings?

(Of course he would; how to do it is listed in page 3 of the Republican ethics manual.)

Greg, like the bully in trouble runs to Rick Jensen and says that he was talking about meetings in 2012, and the accident was in 2010.  He pulls out a stolen email from the Katz campaign that says Mike has worn out a pair of sneakers going door to door, campaigning since January.

(He also admitted it was common policy to have staffers present at the meetings and that most of the work can be done a lot more efficiently from home.  He does it himself quite often.)

Both were in WDEL’s studio this past Friday.  Katz responded that he has ongoing medical concerns… (like a broken back) and sometimes, it is impossible to move.  As any chiropractor will tell anyone who thinks to ask, often the real pain comes  years later, as the cartilage settles and wears thinner…  Therapy takes a long time…

For those who live in the Fourth, here is the real deal… Dr. Katz has done more for your district than anyone in recent memory.  Prior to Katz, you had a prima-donna who was too busy pursuing Republican Party Rings, to take care of constituent needs.  Mike has done more.  Mike has fixed the Beaver Dam Road.  Mike has gotten things done…

On the other hand, Greg Lavelle has done very little.. Like the predecessor before Dr. Katz, he is more concerned with pursuing Republican rings, than he is in helping Delaware grow.  Although all knew there is no way it would pass, he still ( like every Republican) wastes everyone’s time with his proposals for anti-woman legislation, his proposals for anti-marriage legislation,  proposals for gigantic, impossible-to-execute tax cuts for the top !% ( so he gets campaign funding from them in return); and bills meant to keep innocent people behind bars who have served their sentence, to stay even longer…..  Greg Lavelle is far more concerned about what ALEC seems to think, instead of the people of Delaware.

In fact, the running joke in Dover about Lavelle, is:  How do you know when Delaware’s elections season starts?  ANSWER:  Greg Lavelle is featured  in the News Journal, screaming about something wrong with Delaware’s prison system.. LOL.  I believe he wanted Danberg fired or something?  Danberg?  Really?  Of all people?  True to form, this September,  just after Labor Day…. he begins screaming… first to the News Journal, then to Rick Jensen… “We gotta do something; we gotta do something; outrageous; travesty.” Yeah. yeah. yeah.

So residents in the Fourth.  Do you want a doer as you have in Mike Katz?  Or do you want a screamer, who has been doing it for 12 years… No track record until … Uh oh, it’s election year…  Time to scream:  “Fire that guy”.. (he has no power to fire or hire the replacement, he has no responsibility so screaming is his easy way out.”…

It is time to definitely retire Greg Lavelle…  Listen to his voice.  Does his voice tones  sound like he is lying to you too?

Delaware does not need 2000 year Dick Cheney style politics clogging up our getting things done…  In fact: this democratic General Assembly has accomplished getting 900% more done than the previously two party divided General Assembly… A big part of that proficiency came from Dr. Katz…  Another part or that productivity was that as a Republican, Greg Lavelle was sidelined to where he could do very little damage….

There is no reason to hire Greg Lavelle, a person who is little more than a Copeland clone.  Dr. Katz has done much, much more.

In the next four years, Delaware will need to figure out where we go with Obamacare.  Without  a doctor like Dr. Katz in the General Assembly, we’d be making that foray into the future while..  blind…. 

This is one clear case of good versus bad.   We need the good now more than ever.

Peruse at your own pleasure.  Just looking over the CDC’s mortality figures and came across with a surprising fact that would cause the abolishing of Obamacare on day one,  to be a drastic mistake… … …

Results—The age-adjusted death rate decreased from 747.0 deaths per 100,000 population in 2010 to
740.6 deaths per 100,000 population in 2011. From 2010 to 2011, age-adjusted death rates decreased
significantly for 5 of the 15 leading causes of death: Diseases of heart, Malignant neoplasms,
Cerebrovascular diseases, Alzheimer’s disease, and Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome and nephrosis.

Gee, getting checked out earlier by having the insurance companies pay for it, saves people from dying….

7 out of 100, 000 lives living who would have been dead without Obamacare,  for Delaware means  Obamacare saved 63 people, some probably even Republicans!   That ratio applied to the US’s population, means 21,980 people are alive today because of the early screening provided by Obamacare…..  For those who don’t know, it was our current President Obama’s crowning achievement…..

I would be shocked if any of them voted for Mitt Romney….

One Signature…… 21,980 people saved in one year…..   no one can ever say Republicans got your back like that…..


Anyone who has read this blog over time, knows I’m all about the numbers. If it comes down to what people say, versus numbers, I’ll always take numbers and I’ll always be right. Of course sometimes you have to probe the numbers of the other side, to be sure the other side didn’t (erroneously) switch a minus sign, or divide when they should have added, but if anyone were to analyze past writings of mine, they could only concur, that numbers speak volumes…

In the Bush years I called out that the numbers weren’t matching up; we were headed for a gigantic meltdown and we did. I called for all (who listened and got out in time) to get back into the stock market at 6600 because it would reach bottom the next day and bounce upward, and it did. I called out that our economic well being was based upon removing the upper tax cuts, keeping the lower ones, and we instead, we got the Tea Party because some nuts out there still don’t read this blog.

So, as everyone knows, if given enough time, and pointed in the right direction, a person with one leg can hop towards and eventually reach the finish line. Basically the set back caused by the Tea Party Republicans, has caused us to have to complete the second half of the Obama years, on one leg….

Now, we are seeing Progress that will continue, unless the Tea Party is able to knock out our other leg….. The Romney/Ryan budget does exactly that on a macro scale. (One would expect that from someone who grew up in a little town and has never learned there are other ways to do things.)..

One of the most credible sources out there these days, is the Federal Reserve of St. Louis. Consisting almost entirely of Republicans, when they say things are going well, I will tend to believe them. And they are excited by the latest returns. I borrowed these from the Business Insider, but just seeing them in sequential order, is like art, a beautiful thing for a numbers person to behold…..

New Housing Starts Up

Retail Growth Escalating

Unemployment Rate is Collapsing

Confirmation on Unemployment Rate

Vroom Vroom Go Car Sales

Credt Sparks New Growth

Gallup confirms Consumer Confidence

Discretionary Stocks Higher and Higher

Homebuilder Stocks Up Up Up

Wal Mart Increases

Home Depot Jumps Off The Trampoline

Consurmer Confidence Rebounding

Food For Thought

Housing Prices Up

Yes, to change the lyrics off a CCR song, ” I see a GOOD moon a’rising….” The only thing that can derail this economy off its tracks, is any major Republican victory in November… Barring that, we are on our way…..
Obama and the Democrats did pull us out of the worst Recession (it would have continued as a Depression if Republicans had been in power) since the Great Depression…..

Trust the numbers: only with continued Democratic leadership, will the money keep coming back…..

Of course one schedules a big announcement at an opportune time to divert attention from everything else. Suddenly not turning in tax returns is old. “Why you bringing up that shit for, you creepy old loser?” Suddenly, Bain Capital’s fortunes made at the expense of working class heroes, is like last years Mason Jar-d green beans…..

But, did you know, (and it will get lost today for sure), did you know that NOT SINCE EISENHOWER, HAS THE STOCK MARKET EVER PERFORMED AS WELL AS IT HAS THIS PAST TERM OF PRESIDENT OBAMA?
Not during the Republican years of Richard Nixon
Not during the Republican years of Gerald Ford
Not during the Republican years of Ronald Reagan….
Not during the Republican years of George HW. Bush….
Not during the Republican years of George W. Bush……


(ok, ok, in order just to be considered fair here…)

Not during the Democratic years of John F. Kennedy…
Not during the Democratic years of Lyndon Baines Johnson….
Not during the glorious years of Jimmy Carter….
Not during the most amazing years in American History, of William Jefferson Clinton……


Not since Eisenhower…

Let that sink in….. Not since Eisenhower…..

If this were the Philadelphia Eagles and we’d had three back to back Superbowl wins…..we’d be jumping up and down for joy… These results are absolutely awesome. Obama/Biden is really the best team we have seen in our lifetimes…..

Of course, you would never know it if all you listened to, was the Dallas Cowboy’s …..

You see guys…. That’s America today…. And you are listening only to the Dallas Cowboy’s Network……

So if you want to see all the good news that got buried by today’s Ryan grabbing headlines…… and it is definately worth it, I have a link for you here……..

Look through the collection and tell me, does Romney’s choice really matter? REALLY?

All new plans must cover certain preventive services such as mammograms and colonoscopies without charging a deductible, co-pay or coinsurance. Women’s Preventive Services – including well-woman visits, support for breastfeeding equipment, contraception and domestic violence screening – will be covered without cost sharing…..

Religious organizations which were given an extra year to implement the contraceptive mandate have until August 1, 2013 to comply…. .

When the Allies began their assault on Fortress Europe, Eisenhower laid out the groundwork for all to see including the enemy. There would be no settlement of the conflict other than unconditional surrender.  It was acknowledged that completely wiping out Germany was our objective, and therefore any means necessary to do so, would be employed.

It also communicated to the Germans that once we began overpowering them, that they were eventually going to lose.

It is with that same foresight and passion that we must assail the biggest enemy America has faced since.  The Republican Tax Cuts.  These have crippled a nation once so economically strong it was going to pay off its entire debt by 2008.  These cuts have destroyed an entire class of people, the middle class, who now are scrambling to figure not just how to live well, but how to survive retirement until their death. Meanwhile, copious amounts of the middle class monies have been sucked up by the giant vacuum cleaners of insurance companies, medical billing companies, gas stations and utilities, all funneling into the pockets of 1% of our citizens.  The 99% are left with nothing.

The Republicans are in disarray.  Laura Ingram is calling for Mitt Romney to start swinging. Rush Limbaugh is yelling for Mitt Romney to get up off the mat.  Bill O’Reilly is screaming for Mitt to start punching.  Sean Hannity is foaming at the mouth for Romney to start hitting Obama.. It reminds you exactly of what happens in a ring, when one of the boxers begins to get groggy from getting hit too much, and at that point, you can tell it is just a matter of time.

Do not relax and wait for a split decision.  Now is the time to go in for the kill.  Left, left, left, stomach, right, left, stomach, left, left, right, right, right, and with every hit, remember every family that has lost its bread winner, with every hit, remember every family that has lost its house, with every hit, remember every family whose pension got stolen by corporate America, with ever hit, remember every tax dollar not paid by the obnoxiously wealthy, with every hit, remember it is what brings America back up off its knees.

All democrats are responsible.  This is not a battle between two candidates.  It is a battle for the soul of America.  On one hand you have all that is good:  hard work, family, health, retirement, owning ones own home, self respect, honor, and integrity, and on the other side, you have people who think they have the God given right to make themselves rich off your hard work and pay you nothing for your efforts.

It is a war between mankind, and bacteria.  Up to now the bacteria was winning.

Here is what every Democrat needs to do up to November 6… Whoever, wherever, however, whatever, whenever one of these infectious Republicans opens their mouth, you respond with these five words.

I’m…… sorry….. That’s …… Not…….. True……..

National Healthcare is unconstitutional and must be repealed/ I’m sorry, that’s not true.

We need to cut taxes, cutting taxes creates jobs/  I’m sorry, that is not true.

We need to nuke Iran today, not one city, the entire country/  I’m sorry, that is not true.

We need to invade Syria right now/  I’m sorry, that is not true.

We need to eliminate Social Security to balance the budget/  I’m sorry that is not true.

The Republicans have a working budget; the Democrats won’t pass it/  I’m sorry that is not true.

The Republicans worship God; the Democrats worship Satan/  I’m sorry, that is not true.

The Republicans could fix America if it just weren’t for Democrats/ I’m sorry, that is not true.

If billionaires pay one penny more in taxes, the entire solar system will explode/  I”m sorry, that is not true.

Grover Norquist came from God, he is not mortal/  I’m sorry, that is not true.

Giving poor people the right to healthcare is un-American/  I’m sorry, that is not true.

The only reason we have unemployment is because people are too lazy to work/ I’m sorry, that is not true.

As long as there is one Burger King job unfilled, there should be no unemployment insurance/ I’m sorry, that is not true.

I’m sick of people doing nothing and getting welfare, while billionaires do nothing and pay no taxes/  I’m sorry, that is not true.

That was fun, but you get the point.  Whether around the water cooler, at a bar, on the bus, in the church basement, with the old man, on Rick Jensens talk show, ……. it is time to stop the lying.   and when you do, others around you will say you are exactly right, and pile on that republican so he won’t know what to say next.

As Americans it is our duty to swear that, as citizens of the United States of America, it is our duty to keep up the fight until we get unconditional surrender in November….

Unconditional Surrender in November.

You have gubernatorial posturing by Texas gay Rick Perry and Florida atheist Rick Scott:

We are not going to do Obama-care no matter how much it costs this state. Humph.

Minutes ago, Bill Frist (remember him:  Republican Senate Majority Leader throughout the Bush years) just came out and said that was nonsense.

Frists writes that both parties should support exchanges, since it was an original Republican idea. Here is part of what he said……


A doctor, Frist says that he “sees little advantage” for Republican governors to refuse to set up exchanges in their own states and “default to the federally designed, one-size-fits-all exchange when they can design and run their own.”

“State exchanges are the solution. They represent the federalist ideal of states as “laboratories for democracy.” We are seeing 50 states each designing a model that is right for them, empowered to take into account their individual cultures, politics, economies, and demographics. While much planning has yet to be done, we are already seeing a huge range in state models. I love the diversity and the innovation.”

First it was Roberts.  Now it is Frist.  It appears that all conservatives who have nothing at stake in this election are supportive of Obama-care because it is such a great idea. After all, Republicans were the ones who thought it up.

Meaning that those who are against it, simply have a political axe to grind.

Obama-care is the best thing that has come our of government since Medicare and before that, Social Security.

Even honest conservatives think so…..

Now, if we can just persuade the dishonest ones…..