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There is a lot of angst out there… and the problem is that there is a lot of money being designated to promote the whims of the wealthy and powerful, and put the heel upon those common people who incredulously have the majority of numbers behind them…

So, if you happen to want to stick it to the man… here is the list you need to read and follow….

Because these are the candidates who…  a) over the past four years have shown they will put you as their priority, and are not for sale, or… b) their opponents have shown us over the past four years just how much they were for sale, and how “the right money” can buy their vote….

Here is your best list if you want to “stick it to the man….”  Call it Honesty versus Corruption.

US Senator :   Andrew Groff  — Green Party

US Rep in Congress:   Bernard August — Green Part;y

Attorney General:  Catherine Damavandi —  Green Party

State Treasurer:   Ken Simpler — Republican

State Auditor:   Brenda Mayrick —  Democrat

State Senate Seats:

STATE SEN DIS 2:   Margaret Rose Henry —  Democrat

STATE SEN DIS 3:  Bobby Marshall — Democrat

STATE SEN DIS 4:  Sarah Buttner — Democrat

STATE SEN DIS 6:  Ernesto Lopez — Republican

STATE SEN DIS 10:  Bethany Hall-Long — Sign Stealer (lol) but still the best choice<3

STATE SEN DIS 11:  Bryan Townsend — Democrat

STATE SEN DIS 16:  Colin Bolini — Republican

STATE SEN DIS 17: Kim Warfield — Republican

STATE SEN DIS 18: Gary Simpson — Republican

STATE SEN DIS 21: Bob Venables — Democratic

State Representative Seats:

STATE REP DIS 1  Charles Potter Jr. — Democratic

STATE REP DIS 2  Stephanie T. Bolden –Democratic

STATE REP DIS 3  Helene M. Keeley — Democratic

STATE REP DIS 4   Robert Kessler —  Republican


STATE REP DIS 6   Kyle Buzzard — Republican

STATE REP DIS 7  Robert Wilson — Libertarian

STATE REP DIS 8  Matthew Brown — Republican

STATE REP DIS 9  Douglas Campbell — Independent

STATE REP DIS 10  Sean Matthews — Democratic

STATE REP DIS 11  Lynne Newlin — Democratic

STATE REP DIS 12  Jeffry Porter — Democrat

STATE REP DIS 13  John Mitchell — Democratic


STATE REP DIS 15  Matthew Lenzini — Republican

STATE REP DIS 16  James Johnson — Democratic

STATE REP DIS 17  Michael Mulrooney — Democratic

STATE REP DIS 18  Michael Barbieri — Democratic

STATE REP DIS 19  Kimberly Williams — Democratic

STATE REP DIS 20  Don Ayotte — Independent

STATE REP DIS 21  David McCorquodale — Green

STATE REP DIS 22  Steve Newton — Libertarian

STATE REP DIS 23  Paul Baumbach — Democratic

STATE REP DIS 24  Edward Osienski — Democratic

STATE REP DIS 25  John Kowalko — Democratic




STATE REP DIS 29  Charles Paradee — Democratic

STATE REP DIS 30  Gorden Smith — Libertarian

STATE REP DIS 31  Samuel Chick — Republican

STATE REP DIS 32  Andrea Bennett — Democratic

STATE REP DIS 33  Harold Peterman — Republican

STATE REP DIS 34  Lyndon Yearick — Republican

STATE REP DIS 35  David Wilson — Republican

STATE REP DIS 36  Harvey Kenton — Republican

STATE REP DIS 37  Paulette Rappa — Democratic

STATE REP DIS 38  Ronald Gray— Republican

STATE REP DIS 39  James Brittingham — Libertarian

STATE REP DIS 40  Timothy Dukes — Republican

STATE REP DIS 41  John Atkins — Democratic

Updated with Green Font to portray winners.


These are people who will work for you; not “the man”… This is the best recommendation I can come up with… For everyone needs to unite to overcome the influence that money and power are beginning to exert.  We are losing our voice; these will help us regain it….

*(The missing districts have no one else running except those totally beholden to the man..).


This would be an amazing state if all these got into office… As you can see, partisanship played little in the decision making process. If you see too many Dem’s you should first check to see if they had any opposition.   Incumbents listed here have a track record for fighting against the man, so here they are…

(If you don’t know your district click on the  link and a map will appear as a Pdf link at the bottom of the next page.)  You can also find it out here.

This is a non partisan issue.  School reformers are in both parties, are intent on eradicating the Public School system as we know it, from inner city America… One word: charters.

Advocates for children, especially children who are poor, who are urban, who are minority, who have a disability, who have parents who speak in a tongue that is not English, are also scattered across both parties.  For the most part progressives and tea party radicals see exactly the same issue with the same set of eyes….  For education to work, it must do so from the bottom up.. not the top down…  Advocates for children, put party needs underneath the needs of children….. American public schools are the best institution out there, if allowed to run right and built from the bottom up.

So why the title?

Teachers.  And teachers need a strong union for public schools to thrive.   Republicans as a rule tend to eradicate unions, again starting from the top down…  If you can find a Republican who still like Ronald Reagan, remains a staunch defender of unions and of all the good they do, then my title may be an aberration in your local district.  For as he well knew, once being the head of one himself, Unions = Freedom.

If we let unions collapse in the teaching profession, we force the teaching profession to collapse as well.  There may be fallout across the economy… but that must be the subject of another post… Right now we are talking about teachers.

If teachers have to worry about keeping their jobs, they won’t be worrying about whether our children learn all they possibly can.  The protection of due process which means a teacher can’t be fired for example simply because her boss doesn’t like her, is important for the continuity of our children’s education…  Getting rid of unions has absolutely no impact on getting rid of BAD teachers… There are adequate ways to do that.  Getting rid of unions is primarily about getting rid of GOOD teachers, who otherwise would remain there until they retired.

They may want good teachers removed because they are not corporate enough. Because they are unattractive.  Because they want to replace them with poorly trained cheaper help. Because these old teachers care way too much about how their children learn, and less about how well they are make the boss appear to his boss and his peers.

We must have strong unions and that means votes for Republicans may appear to help now, but will cause problems later They are the party of anti-union… Warning, not all democrats are pro union either… That old concept of Democrats being friendly to unions seems to have fallen by the wayside these days…

However the reality remains. A strong teachers union, capable of standing up to Republicans and Democrats who want to destroy the American public school system, is imperative…

Which is why Republicans should not get your vote if you care about continuing public education… (quiz your local republican on the vitality of his local teacher union.)

The best pro union votes here in Delaware do not come from either major party.  They are as follows….

US Senate:   Andrew Groff  (Green Party)

US House:  Bernard August  (Green Party)

State Attorney General:  Catherine Damavandi (Green Party)

House Representatives 22nd district: Steve Newton  (Libertarian)


Strong unions are required for strong teachers. Voting for a candidate who is morally against unions will do long- term harm, even if you agree to his short term position…  The strongest union-supporting candidates are these individuals above who do not fit in with either major party, since both of them fawn after corporate dollars more than they follow the needs of their constuients.

The answer is to look at the House, and see what bills passed there which would then, clear a Republican Senate and find their way to the President’s desk for a veto….

Here broken down by issue, is what has actually passed the House, but was stopped by the Senate…

Women’s Issues:

*A law that would make it a federal crime for an adult to accompany a teen across state lines for an abortion and hold doctors liable for knowing that.

*A law to ban abortion coverage in all state health-care insurance exchanges.

*A law to ban abortions after 20 weeks with an exception only for the life of the mother.

*A law to end the contraception benefit in the ACA.

These will need to be stopped by the veto pen of Obama. The real danger is if they get slipped into necessary pieces of legislation, funding bills, so he has to bear the burden and blame of shutting down government or letting them pass.

Paul Ryan’s Budget

*Protect tax breaks for the wealthiest.

*Austerity put in place to hold back growth.  Non-defense discretionary spending would fall by $783 billion.

*The Ryan Budget would cut nearly $2.8 trillion from the Affordable Care Act’s subsidies and Medicaid.

*The Ryan Budget cuts all Food stamps, all Earned Income Tax Credit, all unemployment insurance, and all retirement funding for federal workers up to $1 trillion.

*Reducing Pell grants, food stamps, money for renewable energy.

*Target the EPA.

*Federal subsidies for the National Endowment for the Arts, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting can no longer be justified.

*Allow for further drilling access in Alaska, the Outer Continental Shelf, the Gulf of Mexico,  and the Inter-mountain West National Parks.

*Keystone Pipeline

*Go after the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, gutting Consumer protections by giving business more control, or taking it out from under the Federal Reserve Bank, which could reduce its authority.


*An immigration reform  with no path to citizenship, sweetened so that Obama would have a very hard time vetoing: DREAMers, border security, STEM, and temporary legal status.

*Plenty of ways to try to force Obama to accept GOP priorities, especially on immigration matters, or issue a veto that would be difficult for some red-state Democrats to defend.


*Repeal is unlikely now for political reasons… They would nip and tuck. Starve the ACA by budgetary means. What happens if Congress doesn’t pass the health budget the president requests.

*Doing away with the medical device tax and cutting expenditures required to properly implement ACA and in generally making things nasty for the administration.

Supreme Court

*GOP give a nominee a hearing but sit on the vote, leaving the Supreme Court with only eight members until we see who wins the presidency.

Hillary Clinton

*The Republican Senate will try to keep the Benghazi attack in the headlines until the day Hillary Clinton gives her acceptance speech, and beyond.

*With 2016 coming? The best thing for them to do: (in political terms, that is, albeit not for the country)—is dig in, and drag down Obama’s poll numbers. If you are running to succeed a two-term incumbent from your own party, you are in some sense running for his third term. Gutting Obama hurts Hillary’s chances.


Ironically more legislation will pass both Houses if Republicans do take the Senate.  If a piece of  legislation clears the House, it will likewise clear the Senate to then land on the desk of the President.  Question is:  is that type of legislation what you really want passed?


As long a the president has his veto and the Congress cannot override it, the big changes like the ACA already embedded into todays society by the Obama administration cannot be rescinded.   But, considerable bites can be taken out of them.  The next two years will be all about reversing the growth and development achieved over the past 6.

This is what is predicted to pass.. Of course those predictions are being made based off of 2010’s voting results…  (Looking at who voted in 2010 and predicting who will win based on those “probable” voters)…  This is why all the polls are showing the Republicans taking over the Senate….

But this all changes if and only if every single Democrat does go out and vote as they did both times in 2012 and 2008…. if they vote Democratic…..This election is all about getting them off their ass… If every Democrat is motivated to get off their ass, America continues it’s great economic  track record and even continues shuffling forward a little faster…

If they don’t, then we indeed have the road to hell ahead of us…  Conservatives will be grateful, of course, if you stay home… However, your children and grandchildren when they grow up and find out what you you could have prevented and didn’t do, won’t.





If nothing major ripples the water, it will all come down to Common Core.

Simpler as being against it… Period.

Barney as being for it!   “Woot, woot, yeah, yeah.. corporate money in MY pocket” sort of being for it…

Like a game between two really equal teams, I expect a lot of defense action the first three quarters and then things open up in the fourth…

(So It’s ok to turn away, and come back when the clock is about to run out… )

As we saw in 2010, these mid-termed elections are critical. Far more important than Presidential ones.  It really matters little who the president is these days, as long as the House stops everything he wants from going forward, and the Senate and the President stop everything the House wants done. We get nothing.

Anyone who says “my way or the highway” has to go…   When three people have to agree to get something done, and one person will not agree on anything with the other two,… you get the Congress of  the past 4 years…  and expressed in action by a House that believes plunging the world into repeated financial crises, and shutting down government to get concessions, is the only way to go…

Therefore, they have to go….

Get it?