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Rand Paul made some rather bizarre statements that at first do not seen true… This is an attempt to tackle them logically and see how in what context, they could possibly be true…

His subject was the extension of unemployment benefits.

I do support unemployment benefits for the 26 weeks that they’re paid for. If you extend it beyond that, you do a disservice to these workers,” he said… “When you allow people to be on unemployment insurance for 99 weeks, you’re causing them to become part of this perpetual unemployed group in our economy,” Paul argued.  “You get out of a recession by encouraging employment, not encouraging unemployment.”

First… Take his statement:  “I do support unemployment benefits for the first 26 weeks…”  He is talking about state money, not federal.  Federal money starts on the 27th week.  So at issue is who will pay for it.  From the point of the Treasury, since employers pay unemployment insurance into the state, and the state pays the unemployed, essentially employers are paying the unemployment, and not the government… Of course sometimes the cost may outweigh the income and shifts have to occur. However it is in no way nearly as costly as using all Federal money, all of which comes from taxes, to pay for those people who cannot find work….

So from the Federal Governments role, not extending benefits initially looks good on its balance sheet…

Now let us look at it through economics…  You have someone maybe or maybe not trying very hard to earn a job…. In any regards he doesn’t have one… So from the 26th week to the 27th week, this happens.  His income goes from $330 (Delaware’s maximum) down to zero….  He files for SNAP (food stamps), Medicare, TANF (cash assistence) and utility payments.  Most likely, with zero income he will be eligible.  There will probably be a two to three week delay before the payments go into effect, and they will be paid with all the back pay up to when the request was processed.

Now, to keep TANF, this person must undergo a forced regime.  They must show up at a service such as the Salvation Army or Career Team, and go through seminar training for roughly the equivalent of a work week.  They get times for interviews and resumes, and have coaches helping them find employment…They undergo internships.   This impedes their time looking for additional work… If one is required to spend the day in class, it makes going to an interview rather difficult…  It sort of makes it harder to get a job for the same money that just getting unemployment would allow….

So the idea that cutting unemployment is economical for society is bogus.  It completely forgets to factor in the cost of assistance that would be required.  Essentially from an economics standpoint, it would not fund the supplicant from one fund, but would be doing so from another….  The one fund would need to be funded by additional revenue.  The existing fund, would have to figure how to pay for the extra demand off of their limited resources…

In review, this idea does not work well on either the deficit’s or economic level.  It simply moves the cost to another department, and that is actually more costly by the time one factors TANF, Medicaid, SNAP, and subsidized utility payments.

The only way cutting unemployment could work, is A)  it forced someone to get a job, and B)  the person disappeared off the grid and cost no one anything….

I cannot but help think, that the premise for Rand Paul’s argument, is based on the assumption that people are free-loading on unemployment.  He is calling them out by implying  sure they are going through the motions of looking, but they are acting like they are on vacation….

For it can only if that premise is taken, then the removal of benefits miraculously causes everyone to walk up and get a job and live happily ever after… Further more, I sense morality making a play here… The idea that getting money while not producing is unhealthy for our country, seems to be the driving force here…

If you extend it beyond that, you do a disservice to these workers,” he said… “When you allow people to be on unemployment insurance for 99 weeks, you’re causing them to become part of this perpetual unemployed group in our economy,

The idea clearly stated, is that the perpetual unemployed group in our economy, exists because people are on unemployment.  Other factors are irrelevant… such as no new jobs,  such as old people suck; let’s hire new ones, such as the jobs we have are in Missouri; you’re in Delaware. All of these factors are simply dismissed.

If you want a job, Rand Paul’s stated assumption goes, you just have to go ask and they will give it to you, no questions asked.  Only because you are unemployment, have you not only not gotten a job, but neither have you sufficiently looked…..

Are the jobs really there?

Let’s look at numbers….  Four days ago it was released that 230,000 new jobs grew  in November. it surprised everyone. Unemployment dropped 3 tenths.  The total number of unemployed  dropped down to 10.9 million.  The number of long-term unemployed (those jobless for 27 weeks or more) was essentially unchanged at 4.1 million in November. These individuals accounted for 37.3 percent of the unemployed. The number of long-term unemployed has declined by 718,000 over the past 12 months.

So, 4.1 million of the 10.9 million are either at or over 27 weeks of being unemployed…  if Rand Paul gets his way and benefits suddenly stop, 4.1 million shuffle onto on assistance instead of getting unemployment….  Rand Paul was expecting them to get work…

Let is demonstrate how long that would take….

4.1 million unemployed  – 230,000 monthly new jobs  =  3.87 million unemployed left without benefits in January 2014

3.87 million                        -230,000 monthly new jobs  =   3.64 million….          February 2014

3.64 million                       -230,000 monthly new jobs  =   3.41 million…..           March 2014

3.41 million                       -230,000 monthly new jobs  =   3.18 million…..            April 2014

3.18 million                       -230,000 monthly new jobs =    2.93 million…..           May 2014

2.93 million                      -230,000 monthly new jobs =    2.70 million…..            June 2014

2.70 million                      -230,000 monthly new jobs =    2.47 million…..            July 2014

2.47 million                      -230,000 monthly new jobs =    2.21 million…..             August 2014

2.21 million                      -230,000 monthly new jobs =    1.91 million…..              Sept. 2014

1.91 million                       -230,000 monthly new jobs =    1. 68 million….             Oct. 2014

1.68 million                      -230,000 monthly new jobs =     1.45 million…               Nov. 2014

1.45 million                      -230,000 monthly new jobs =     1.22 million…              Dec. 2014

1.22 million                      -230,000 monthly new jobs =     920,000……                Jan. 2015

920,000                            -230,000 monthly new jobs =    690,000 …..                  Feb. 2015

690,000                            -230,000 monthly new jobs =    460,000                          March 2015

460,000                            -230,000 monthly new jobs =     230,000                          April 2015

230,000                            -230, 000 monthly new jobs =    full employment….     May 2015……

Of course this is only theoretical. If real,  it would take much longer because one would have to factor in all the new perspective job seekers entering the job market each month,  as well as factor the ratio of which the new get hired versus old, etc. and obviously it would take much longer than just this scenario implies…..

But the fastest we could ever hire all of those long termed unemployed is a year and a half….

A year and a half with no income.  Even if looking for work regularly, and someone took a slot before you, it could be a year and a half until another slot opens up where you could finally be employed….

Those who say, one can get a job delivering papers,  in the meantime, are forgetting that there already are 7.7 million part-time workers due to the economy,  already working those jobs, and looking for full time employment as well…

So it appears that simple math proves Mr. Rand Paul wrong.  Keeping unemployed workers on unemployment benefits is not providing a disservice to workers, it is doing the opposite;  but cutting them off and leaving them with no money while they try to find work  across a full year and a half is what would truly provide perhaps the greatest disservice to workers….

Rand Paul erred in his math.

Now this may be esoteric for most, but for me, this was the most intriguing aspect…  (So instead of ending with a bang-up finish, this post will fade away ethereally..).   Remember that unemployment benefits are taxable income… So if unemployment is extended past 27 weeks, the net cost over a year will be less because some of that comes back as taxes…   So if one takes that calculation into effect, and at a 10% rate which is low… $33 dollars of every $330 Federal Unemployment check comes back, meaning the economy is being boosted by $330 dollars, at only a cost to the Fed’s over time, of  $297….

The average benefit per person on SNAP is $133 dollars.  Medicaid costs and average of $166 among low income people.   Rand Paul’s plan would increase these two items to $299 per person,  to save in another category, $297 per person…..

It appears the only thing Rand Paul has going forward in his favor, is the cultivation of  anger against people terminated by the past Recession who cannot get rehired and must wait for the economy to grow…..”How dare they take our money!”  The math behind his assertion, agoes completely against him….

But to his defense, he did say something of merit:  “You get out of a recession by encouraging employment, not encouraging unemployment.”

Increasing the size of government would do far more to get people off of long term unemployment benefits, than cutting them off cold turkey. Adding 100,000 new Federal government career jobs each month, would do wonders all across the economy. Don’t think Rand will have any of that, which is why the economy will only putt along until Congress allows the Federal Government to again start hiring …..

Inequality or the 1% , is killing the human race.  That was the message from Pope Francis on the Sunday before Thanksgiving and from Obama last Wednesday.   Occupy Wall Street first brought this message to public consciousness in the Fall of  2011 and it has now in  just two years, risen to the top most important people in both the fields of government and religion.   Obama and Pope Francis.

This is huge.  The top of the pyramid is now aligned with the needs of the bottom of the pyramid….

But if you read or watch American media you would not know.  The American media tells you the pope wrote a paper and Obama gave a speech….

But what a paper and what a speech….

It pinpoints the biggest issue of our time…  Putting money over people…

The answer to this lesson can be found in business.  Those good businesses reinvest in themselves before they worry about profits.  Eventually there it nothing more they can invest and the profits come naturally, and keep coming forever.  Those that open to squeeze out every penny, soon close when the pennies run out…  Not good.

The easiest overall fix is to tax business more….  As soon as tax rates go up, it becomes cheaper for a business to not report income by investing it in itself,  than it does to record great profits and have it all go towards the tax increase….

There are great ways to hide money.  If you have a house, and put a new roof on it, should you sell your house will be worth more.  That new roof was not an expense; it was an investment….  It was just held in a non-cash form.

That is the same principal for a business.  When the business owner asks, should I give Mary a raise,  the answer is, “if I don’t, I’ll just have to pay it out in taxes”.  Mary gets her raise….

The beauty of using taxes to achieve good for society, is that it is so much simpler than using Marxism.  The result s are actually better with none of the problems attached…   The French tried a bloody revolution, so did the Soviets, and it messed them up for decades.  The US put in a high income tax, and we had the biggest growth and expansion in our history….

When you raise taxes, everyone does better….

That is the quickest way out of our mess.

The tycoon wishes to remain anonymous because he is one of the most solid Republican monetary supporters.

But when asked how he reads this chart, here is his compelling answers….

“Aside from the obvious, that we have had 39 months of continuous private sector job growth, something not seen since the Clinton Era, I suppose the biggest question remains as to “why” the glitches. Why are there parts that drop down in the recovery and seem to go backwards?

Here, let’s just go through the time-line. Let’s start at the bottom of the inverted pyramid… The general climb out of the hole was due to TARP money which jump-started construction projects and the big infusions to banks which kept the economy from falling off the cliff into the pit of no return. It culminated with a big push of Census hiring in March of 2010. Most attention was on Obamacare at that time and with everyone’s lack of attention from the president, congress, and corporate, things languished for several months. Also one must remember that the Republicans looked like they would make big gains in 2010 and turn all Obama’s directives around. That would be very bad if it were so, and no one sank any money into investment until the election determined things.

Those who figured Obama would win, (Northeast and California) invested heavily in October only to be mistaken and with the Tea Party rattling their sabers upon their win, no one invested anything at all. We all thought the economy would crash and burn again. Up until the election we fully expected the Bush Tax Cuts to be eradicated, so our goals had been to move our funds over into areas where they would not be taxed, primarily investment into our own companies. As the tax laws became extended, many of us were not in the right zone at the right time to take advantage of the two year grace period that tends to better reward those investing in liquid assets as opposed to longer term job creating ones.

By 2011, in February we realized the Tea Party was nothing but a boil, a cyst, a sham, and things would hold current at a status quo. February, March, and April we made plans to go forward and grow. Then in May, the first debt crises occurred and shocked, we all pulled back. The Tea Party did not vote on its unceremonious raise and emergency measures were begun to be implemented by the Federal Treasury. In June, we rode our previous success fully betting that no one, not even the Tea Party would be foolish enough to destroy America’s credit rating for their own political gain. By July, we knew we were horribly wrong. We pulled back on every investment option we possibly could.

The Grand Design ($4 Trillion Budget Arrangement) never did come about. If it had we would have thrown everything into getting on the ground floor of the next boom. But by August 2011 we were confident enough to begin putting some of our extra money now trickling in over to self-investment and it continued straight through January 2012.

That was when Republicans began their Primary campaign in earnest and the Democrats were silent by having no primary or no opponent to which to reply; all bets were that the Democrats were very vulnerable. In fact, it looked like it could be a clean sweep of both Houses and the Executive. This would mean all new investment was futile. The Fed would raise interest rates according to all these Republicans against soft money, costing banks billions and overall investment would slow to a crawl. This slide lasted until the juxtaposition of the two party conventions back to back, which gave us all a clear idea of who would win. I mean who would you want behind the shoulder advising the policy of the next president:  Bill Clinton or Clint Eastwood? The fruits of our investments through Sept and Oct. paid off through November and December. Although we too had quite a scare after the first debate.

Then came the Sequester. It is hard to remember now that we really thought we were going off a cliff back then. Once settled, January’s hiring was alread done but February received the spike of top money shifting from taxable investments over to job producing non-taxable investments. The stock market jumped  as world money became content that America had finally finished with its infatuation that the top 1% carry the economy as a whole and should be taxed less, jumped back in. Problems in China and Europe made sure we were the world’s safest investment at the time.

Currently it appears that our entire economy has matured in 2013… if anyone looks at the chart, you see that the spike in February almost perfectly cancels out the dips in January and March, and that the average across all 6 months is very consistent, almost the same number.

In fact, we have plateaued. This is where our economy is right now, growing steadily with population growth and nothing more. There is nothing any more that anyone can do to increase private sector hiring.

Nothing will change I figure until the House of Representatives gets enough democrats and government hiring can begin anew.”

“Oh” I said, “so now you are a Democratic supporter?” lol.

“NEVER!” he responded. “However I’ll admit that Republicans are absolutely worthless when it comes to growing economies.”

And there, you have “the rest of the story….”

Nancy had something about SB 27.

This Act would authorize the Department of Education, pending available funds, to offer competitive two year start-up grants to public schools for the purpose of developing new programs for students capable of performing accelerated academic work.

Some background.

It is a copy of the Federal Program that went horribly wrong. The US Department of Education decided to give grants out to just Charter Schools to help them start up and become viable. It is the same as capital funding except these were going to be competitive.  By making it competitive, one can “choose” who will get the money…  Hooray!  Triple X Charter School! You win a Prize!”  and it can be done with no mention that the money would be better served in an existing District, which also did the work and actually put in a better grant application. This type of legislation opens the doorto where I can request money from my “friends” in legislature “whom I shoot pool with”, and they will …”give” it to me, and they can actually preapprove or “guarantee” that I will win the contest ahead of all the other future applicants…

The Federal Program, sponsored by the federal DOE, had one purpose…

“The purpose of the Charter Schools Program (CSP) is to increase the national understanding of the charter school model by (1) expanding the number of high-quality charter schools available to students across the Nation by providing financial assistance for the planning, program design, and initial implementation of charter schools, and (2) by evaluating the effects of charter schools, including their effects on students, student academic achievement, staff and parents.”

Now the state is emulating that same policy.

However the Federal Program had some glitches.  In 2011,  the Federal Program awarded new grants to the top two rated applications, New York and Florida. Three other states, Massachusetts, Minnesota, and New Jersey received highly rated applications but could not be funded with the available FY 2011 funds. Therefore, the Charter Schools Program funded down the FY2011 slate using FY 2012 program funds.

The language of SB 27 specifically designates public schools. Since the Federal Program was strictly for Charters upon which this was modeled, we should get clarity if Charter Schools are being designated here as public schools for this grant?  Public schools are owned by the public, Charter Schools are owned by profit seeking corporations.  Can they, or can they not,… apply for these grants?

Further more, there is now, another task force:  The Gifted and Talented Student Task Force... Time for FOIA requests.

There are two Amendments attached to it in the House both by Miro, and one is to replace the other…  The first amendment has this line added…. supporting existing or inserted before this line… “initiating new programs”.. Apparently he was redacted after posting it, for the second amendment has these lines inserted instead….  “or renewing existing programs of the same description whose funding sources are expiring”.

Then with this sentence in the middle…  “The number of schools receiving such grants and the amount of such grants shall be determined based upon funds available during the relevant fiscal year”…. it concludes with this:   Grants shall not be awarded to supplant existing funds for current programs..

Confusing?  Not just to you.   How can funds be used to renew existing programs which have current funds expiring, but at the same time be forbidden from being used to renew existing funds for current programs?

Cost of this?  The fiscal note is complete, but…by magic, it unfortunately disappeared as has mysteriously happened with all education bills being processed through the General Assembly this session. It went dark as critical voting approaches.  The website shows it was done on this page, but the link… was disabled…

So are we giving Charter Schools, $1 million?  $2 million?  $3 million?  $4 million?  $5 million?  $10 million?  $15 million? $25 million?  $30 million?  $45 million?  $50 million?

Kind of makes the Port of Wilmington look like pennies on the dollar.

I’ll close with Bryan Townend’s remarks,  published by Nancy.

4) “During Senate floor debate, it was noted that the JFC Co-Chair had never seen a bill with a fiscal note that said “TBD” pending decision of JFC. Given the complete novelty of that approach, I believed it to be inappropriate to vote for the bill. It does not set a particularly helpful precedent to pass bills with “TBD” fiscal implications.”

I’ve got this feeling that this Senate under Blevins and this House under Schwartzkoph are taking the Democrats to their ruin in 2014 and 2016. The city seats will be safe, but not the suburbs or rural areas. As these effects hit all public schools on top of Common Core, voters will get mad. When they look back and see shenanigans such as voting on bills that are incomplete to be filled in later, passing bills without debate which will do colossal damage to our educational infrastructure just as suffered by those in Chicago and Philadelphia…

Even I’m ready to work for Republicans running against these rubber stamping guys. You don’t mess with our kids!

There is little that is more rewarding than standing in a buffet line, dispensing out donated food cooked to perfection, to those of society who have nowhere else to go this special day. No money. A net worth under a $100, who tomorrow will be eating scraps again.

One can think of them as a obligation, I suppose, a “thing” that has to be done in order to call oneself “moral” and “rightous”.

Or one can think of them as people in a different world, a world of unlimited hope, unfettered possibilities, who fell out of someone’s birth canal into loving, awaiting arms, and the messages went shouting out across the world, “it’s a boy”; “it’s a girl.”

Someone who, had a different set of circumstances prevailed, could now have been on that side of the line serving food to us, as we shuffled by, plate in hand, so thankful for the love of others who would do this for us in our unfortunate circumstances…

That circumstance could have been caused by the death of a parent. By a chemical dependence. Or it could be caused by service in our military, by a firing “without cause,” by an illegal foreclosure forced by a fly-by-night financial institution.

It just so happened, that across the billions of influences that bombard our lives, we got enough beneficial ones to enable us to prosper, and they didn’t..

This Christmas, 98% of America is struggling as were those before me with plates in hand… The 2% won’t donate, won’t volunteer, won’t even answer the phone when the call for help comes…. “Dont’ answer it! Read the caller ID first. Who is it again?”

On this Christmas Day, nothing could be more un-American than such behavior.

Here is a list of All the House Republicans. You may not be in their district, but many there who vote, think like you. Simply say:

I am middle class. I always vote in primaries. I cannot afford any tax increase withheld from my current check amount. You can stop it now by accepting the compromise proposed by our Commander in Chief to get us past this crises. You represent me and I will hold you responsible for its pass-or-fail; after all it will be the Republican Party who caused my taxes to rise! If you fail and I wind up paying more to help out your rich friends, I will not support you in 2014. But if you support John Boehner’s and the President of the United States compromise, you will have my vote against any primary challenger….. May God grant you the wisdom that comes with responsibility, to see things clearly. Amen


1)   Achieve energy independence

2)   Trade that works for America

3)  Provide Americans with the skills to succeed through better public schools,

4)   Cut the deficit, reducing the size of government and getting the national debt under control ..

5)   Champion small business.

For anyone born before 1996, this is all completely new….  but for the rest of us;


1)   To encourage investment and expansion by restraining federal spending, reducing regulation and making the tax relief permanent.

2)   We will make our country less dependent on foreign sources of energy.

3)   We will expand trade and level the playing field.

4)  We must protect small-business owners.

5)  We must cut Federal Spending.

Then there was John McCains bold new plan.


1)  I will open new markets to our goods and services..

2)  I will cut government spending.

3)  We need to shake up failed school bureaucracies with competition, empower parents with choice.

4)  We all know that keeping taxes low helps small businesses grow and create new jobs.

5)  We’ll produce more energy at home.


See any similarities?    Here is the proper Obama response…

“We tried that.

We tried that in 2004.  Four years later we had an re-election of that policy in the middle of a economic collapse.   My previous opponent, John McCain, lost to me, because he held too tight onto that same platform;  he didn’t change from what we all saw, didn’t work… .

Now let me show you, what does work….

Over 5 million private sector jobs created since my team took office.

New housing starts now higher than when I took office.

Consumer confidence now higher than when I took office.

A Stock Market now higher, than when I took office.

Gas Prices, now down to about the same as three weeks before I took office

General Motors again became the largest seller of cars in the world.

Coal exports are now the highest since 1981.

More homegrown gas and oil drilled in the United States then before I took office.

Natural Gas Prices a hell of a lot lower now than when I took office.

Renewable Energy, off the charts higher now than when I took office….

Middle America is paying far less taxes than when I took office.

So don’t you go chasing after the first $5000 suit that says he can do better…  Do it like your grandparents did… Say .. “Show me… Show me how this will work, cause I’ve already seen how it don’t work….  I saw in 2004. I saw in 2005, I saw in 2006,   I saw in 2007. And I sure as hell saw it in 2008…”.   Now don’t tell me discussion about your track record in Massachusetts is now off limits, cause governor… even Texas Republican Rick Perry called you out to say, ‘boy,  you sure messed up there…..

Cause bottom line is… what we did… worked… Together, we, the people, put ourselves to work and together, we did this… We said, let’s get this done, rolled up our sleeves, and we did it…  This is really about you, your work, your effort…  And now, the other side is saying,  we need to change direction because  YOU didn’t work hard enough…  And now, the other side is saying, we need a change in direction because YOU didn’t work cheap enough; and now the other side is saying we; need a change in direction because YOUR collecting benefits that cost too much…   Well, I got news for the other side…  We pulled ourselves up after you knocked us down with your 5 point plan!  We pulled ourselves up, after you pulled the rug out from under us with your five point plan.  We pulled ourselves up, after you crashed the economy following a laundry list that does nothing but put OUR money into your’s and your friends pockets. and call it a 5 point plan…..  We’ve been there, Mr. 5 Point Plan, and we aren’t going back again Mr. ex-President Bush,   or is it Mr.  ex-presidential hopeful  Senator John McCain,  or is it the shape-shifting Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, one day a moderate and the next Attilla the Hun.. … Doesn’t really matter who it is, it’s exactly the same plan… no matter whose face it is wearing…

America, we have seen what works.  We have seen what doesn’t..  We’ve won our regular season…  They lost…  We got just one more big game, and then….  It’s time to take this country off to the playoffs….

Why won’t Mitt Romney release his tax reforms? It may be because if the results are seen, it disqualifies him from the presidency…

Here is the shot of his 1999 tax return.

Tax Return of 1999 Courtesy of McCain's StaffRight click for full image

The important piece is to notice the date, and the address. Here is why.

Under Federal code you can only live in one state at a time.. If it is Utah, you can claim state and local tax breaks of Utah, not Massachusetts. If it is in Massachusetts, you can claim that state’s local tax breaks, but not those in Utah. Simply try having two homes, one in Maryland and the other in Delaware, and try getting a local price on a fishing license… “Sure you may pay property taxes in two states,…. but what state is on your license“, you get asked.

Romney in 1999….. $54,000 a year in Utah tax breaks, while taking the same in Massachusetts tax breaks and voting in Massachusetts.

Mitt voted in Massachusetts in 2000. Which fails as a violation of election law since he declared Utah on his Form 1040 submitted on January 3, 2000.

Mitt ran for Governor of Massachusetts in 2002. Which fails the Massachusetts Constitution residence requirement if he filed in Utah in 1999 or 2000 or 2001 on his Form 1040.

Therefore his Massachusetts term of governorship was illegal. He was not eligible to run for any Massachusetts office because he was a Utah resident in 1999.

Knowing the controversy swirling around our current president and the unfounded rumors of his holding office illegitimately over lack of proof of a certain residency, Romney is certainly not going to suffer the same fate. He is keeping his tax returns under wrap.

It all makes sense now.

One Fish, Two Fish

If wishes were fishes…

I’d go catch me one…..


What would I wish for?  A great economy. That would take care of so many problems.

The issue within the economy that gets the most attention, is jobs.  Not enough people are working. And the reason not enough people are working is because not enough money is getting spent, to add on additional help.

What we need is to get more money spent, and then add on extra people to assist with that increase of business.  So, how do we do that?

 Here are the old tried and true was trotted out long ago.

1) The government can hire. Those people spend money into the economy.

2) The government can award contracts.  Those people now working, spend money into the economy.

3) The government can dole out more tax cuts.  If people get more in their pocket they will spend more.

We’ve tried that, but the amount the government needs to spend to cover the salaries of 16 million people, would be (at $50,000 each per year)  would be $800 billion.  (Does TARP come to mind?)  That is just a too big job for government to handle by itself…

Who on earth has $800 billion.  Are we doomed?

No, corporate America makes almost $2 trillion of profits per quarter. By now all of you should know that is every 65 working days.  


So who do YOU think should be hiring all these unemployed workers?  The government that is in debt ($16 trillion) up to its eyeballs, or…. corporate America that after all expenses, has a new $2 trillion every 65 days to play with? 

I hope you said Corporate America.  We now know the cost: $800 billion/year. We now know the profit: just under $8 trillion per year (four quarters). 

So the cost to Corporate America of putting all these unemployed back to work, is in percent: 10%. So instead of making a full dollar in profit, Corporate America makes 90 cents on the dollar.

If that seems like a lot, keep in mind we are not discussing an expense here.  That is not a 10 % cost incurred that the business has to scramble and find some method to compensate. Historically profits are not this high. In fact, they never have been this high in the history of the United States, at least according to the records kept today of long ago.  So these very high profits are a new phenomena… They are probably occurring because business just aren’t hiring; 

Remember: profit is what is left over after everything has been paid off.  So having businesses take ten percent of their “profits” and put people to work, doesn’t cost them anything. They just don’t record dream level profits anymore.  Instead, they just have healthy profit levels..

So let us review.  We have 16 million unemployed and out of work, who for just $800 billion could be working at $50,000 a year.  That would give us zero unemployment. And we have Corporate America making $8 trillion a year earning profit that is so much, they have no idea or way to spend it.  

So, all we have to do is make, force, impose, compel Corporate America hire 16 million people. 

But wait.  Wasn’t everyone up in arms over forcing, imposing, and compelling Corporate America to pay for health insurance?  Saying things like the government “can’t make anyone do anything?”  Didn’t a whole bunch of patriots emerge from the woodwork with that philosophy in mind?

Justice Roberts opened the door.  And he showed Congress the way.  Raise taxes on Corporate America; its legal; Congress can raise taxes. . Raise taxes and take their money… But, if you want to be sporting, you can allow them to not record profits as high as they have.  You could also allow them to write off the amounts they invested in building new plants, establishing budgets for R & D.  Hey, they could even pay you more.  Better to have you a happy camper than give that money to the IRS…..

So you see, if we just raise taxes, the economy takes off.  And raising taxes is really just a trick with words.  All we are really going to do is raise the tax rates.  The amount of taxes a corporation actually pays will stay the same or maybe be less, because their profit (by their choice) will go down and so though they will be asked to pay a higher rate, it will be on far less “income”.  And where does that money go?  If they act in their own selfish interests and choose to invest the money in themselves so they don’t have to fork it over to the FED’s, .. all that money goes to new jobs.  16 million of them.

The solution is plain as the words on this page.  Raise the tax rates, watch corporations reinvest in themselves here in America, watch the hiring begin en masse, and watch the economy get roaring again.

It is nothing new;  it is the way it always was, up until the Bush Tax Cuts were passed.  How many of you remember old Delaware, where around the middle of December, Dupont’s tax division presented the data to the chairman, “this is what you gotta spend”; and building contracts came flying out of 1007 N. Market Street.

We should have never stopped the gravy train, but we did.  It’s time we return to reality and raise those Federal Tax rates.  It wouldn’t hurt to remove every Republican from office while we are at it………

I think I just caught me a wish…….  






The following is a list of corporations that still support ALEC.…. and here is the board….

CenterPoint 360,   W. Preston Baldwin – Chairman
Altria Group,   Daniel Smith
American Bail Coalition,  William Carmichael, Jerry Watson
AT&T,  William Leahy
Bayer Corp.,  Sandy Oliver
Diageo,  Kenneth Lane
Energy Future Holdings, Sano Blocker
ExxonMobil Corporation,  Randall Smith
GlaxoSmithKline,  John Del Giorno
Johnson & Johnson,  Don Bohn
Koch Companies Public Sector,  Mike Morgan
Peabody Energy,  Kelly Mader
Pfizer Inc.,  Michael Hubert
PhRMA,  Jeff Bond
Reed Elsevier, Inc.,  Teresa Jennings
Reynolds American,  David Powers
Salt River Project, Russell Smoldon
State Farm Insurance Co.,  Roland Spies
United Parcel Service (UPS), Richard McArdle
Wal-Mart Stores,  Maggie Sans

If you don’t know, ALEC collects corporate money, to hire people to write legislation that benefit corporate interests.  They wrote anti union legislation. If you are union, you need to boycott UPS.

They wrote the legislation that  bans abortions. and requires women to have things stuck up their privates.  If you are a woman, you need to boycott UPS.

They wrote the legislation that bankrupted government.  They are responsible for running up our debt, without finding means to pay for it.  If you love your money, you need to boycott UPS….

They wrote the legislation that protected Zimmerman, keeping him from being arrested as anyone else would have been, standing over a dead man, gun still smoking.  Arrest him and acquit him.. That is what trials are for.  If you think Zimmerman should have been arrested a long time ago, and not 44 days later by a state prosecutor because the sheriff was too involved with ALEC, you need to boycott UPS.

UPS funds ALEC…

Until recently,  so did McDonalds.  Not anymore… So did Wendy’s.  Not anymore.  So did Bill and Melinda Gates:  Not any more.. So did Kraft Foods:  not any more… So did Coca Cola…. not anymore.  So did Pepsi… not anymore….

But… UPS still does…   Make your postal dollars benefit you, and not some freaking cultish society called ALEC… Send your packages FED-EX instead, or use the post office… They have union employees…..  And go ahead, do UPS a favor and Twitter them to let them know why you are choosing FED-EX ground, and why you are so angry you don’t care if it costs you a couple of cents more…..

(This is not an attack piece on Republicans; just a warning that time is running out and they’d better get it together.)

It’s halftime Republicans…. What are you going to do?

Here is what you did?

You said bailing out Detroit was wrong; yet GM is alive and recorded their highest profit ever; one incidentally shared by all of its union employees.

You said contraception was wrong, and should not be used.

You said that we need less revenue coming into the Treasury, yet the treasury is 1.3 Trillion in deficit each year.

You said you would cut expenses. You spent more instead.

You said you’d balance the budget. Instead you dropped our AAA rating to just above junk…..

You said religion’s rights were abused. Yet if you turned Herman Cains tax plan upside down, it was the mark of the devil.

You said all gays suck… Yet one of your best heroes, was gay all the time…

You complained we were leaving Iraq… It is costing us a lot less now, isn’t, and we have the same results…

You said women had a place in the Republican Party. Yet you put not one woman on a panel discussing every women’s reproductive rights.

You said you were for protecting the internet. Yet all your SOPA supporters dropped from supporting that very bad bill.

You said you were for low taxes. Yet you fought tooth and nail so the payroll tax cut could not be passed….

You said that you would create jobs… Yet only Democratic policies have created jobs… Republican and Tea Partiers have lost them.

You said government intervention cost jobs… yet in Detroit it saved them…

You said Democrats couldn’t grow jobs? They almost reversed all those that Republicans lost….

You said Obamacare was a disgrace? Working pretty well these days, isn’t it? Well care visits. Free contraception for your daughters, Free screening for cancer. Lower premiums. Better coverage…. Maybe now is a good time to get that prostate checked out, huh?….

You said using government money to save jobs was unconstitutional. Turns out it wasn’t.

You said you were for racial equality. Even had a party chairman to prove it… (What was the name of your Texas governor’s camp, again?)

You said we couldn’t leave Afghanistan; but as soon as word got out we were, then Karzai and the Taliban stepped up talks, seriously…..

You said the 1% created all jobs… ha, ha, ha… You were wrong.

You said you were for “family values…” You didn’t say it meant trying to start multiple families with multiple women while still married…

You said millionaires couldn’t afford to pay taxes. The middle class would have to pick up the slack…

Just saying, that as you scramble and fight among yourselves. the rest of us see a party in disarray that has no clue who they are or what they stand for. We see jokers who should not be in Congress, we see platitudes that were dis proven ages ago….

Just sayin’ Republicans… You’ve had two years… It looks from here like you can’t do anything right….

it’s halftime Republicans… What are you going to do?…..