All rationality dissipates the closer one gets to election.  Really. It’s no fluke. It dissipates in every close contest be it a boxing match, World’s Series, or high school football game. Things get said in the heat of the moment that on reflection weeks later, probably should never have been said otherwise.  It comes from being in the heat of the moment, we weaponize our speech. Me and you, we all do it, unless of course we’ve spent considerable time on Dagobah with Yoda learning how to control our anger by using the “Force”..

That being few among us, it is understandable that those on both sides skimming (in a panic), would quickly pass over this post in search of a more reassuring tidbit promoting proof that their side will win over the other…. That is understandable. however, this will still stay up for the ages to remind ourselves of what what could have been; how we should have behaved; which choice we should have taken…

That said, sometimes the best advice is old advice (and I believe it originally came from ancient battles where hand to hand fighting was the norm)… When confusion is rampant, it is best to step back, look around horizon to horizon, and take a deep breath.

You are voting for someone to run our country, not for your favorite cartoon character. Like Brexit, this is serious.  The traits one would need for president should at least rise to the level required for running ones employment, tons of little stuff needing ones endorsement day after day after day, and hopefully some additional time to make your mark on some big changes you want to make into policy…

Too often I hear a pronouncement begin with:   “Oh, but I don’t like…..” as if liking someone was the best criteria for running our country.  There really is no relation between “like” and “ability”.. Some people you like may be douche bags, but you still like them anyway. Having a likable douche bag for president was actually tried during the 1920’s and it gave us hands-off government which plunged the globe into a Great Depression. Likewise, the winner of “who would you rather have a beer with” contest of 2000 gave us 9/11, two Middle East Wars, $4 trillion in “new” debt, and our version of The Great  (2nd Republican Caused) Depression…

We really cannot be distracted by a popularity contest, or past loyalties to one team versus another… Your choice first needs to be solely based on qualifications.Would you want a plumber running your hospital?  Would you want a ghost writer fixing your sewer and your stopped up toilet?  Would you want the new-hire on the bottom rung  of your workplace whatever that position is, to become the person in charge and running your organization as CEO?

Probably not.. Why?  Because if they screw up and ruin your company in a few short months, you are out of a job and all your financial plans for the future are now up in the air…

It’s exactly the same with running the country.

All of us need you to seriously decide if you truly feel safe and comfortable with your presidential prospect running either your business or office where you work, before you vote for them.

Can they flat out do the job that is expected of them?  You are, after all their human resource officer.  You are on task for the quality of hires you provide to the organization. Will the hire you vote in, be able to do the job? The whole job?

A lot of people are ignoring this. “He tells things like they are.”  “She’s a crook”.  “Both are shitty so I’m voting 3rd Party to protest.” So I’m just mentioning it here so you also put this into your calculations before making the choice of the century so far.

It boils down to a simple qualifying question that all candidates should pass before you go onward in analyzing them to make your decision.

Would you want your chosen candidate running your job?  If absolutely not, why are you doing this to yourself and sticking it to everyone else in the process?

Once you’ve determined you are comfortable in their ability to actually run the office he/she is seeking,  which is to keep the government running while they try to enact their agenda and selling points…. the next step should be whether they will go in the direction YOU want them to go?

Too often we reverse these priorities (especially towards those running for Congress). We get a confirmation on their quoted destination and vote them in, realizing much too late that they’ve never driven a car, looked at a map, or made a reservation.  

“Load up the truck you’all;
we’re moving to … Beverly”

This is one of the reason our Congress is filled with Tea Party idealogues who strut and fret over the direction our nation is taking, without doing anything solid to get us moving. This is ninety-five percent of the reason middle class white America is frustrated and hurting today: republicans in Congress.

To fix that, you need to make sure that whoever you put in Congress is at the very least, capable of doing what is needed, and only then, determine if they are going to go your way…  Because reversing those priorities, just doesn’t work….

Only then, if you are sure that both candidates are equally qualified, and both are going to go the way you want to go, do you then begin to look at character of the person. This is the part where liar accusations arise, infidelity issues arise, loyalty issues arise, RINO or DINO issues arise, or if you are Darrel Issa, actually arrest records for theft apply.

And here is the crowning point.  You may not like your boss at work (you may even hate him), but you don’t try to remove him because he is paying you to live a good living as it is. You put your own self interest far, far above your fuzzy feelings of ” like” and “dislike”..

There is precedent for what I’ve just said.  Harry Truman was washed up in 1948. Going into election day the polls were against him, the press was against him, and it looked like a rout was going to wipe him out, so much that a famous headline was preprinted and sent out which turned out wrong.

A lot of confused political people wondered what happened… What they found was that most people who had come home from Europe and Japan while he was president, who had gone to school or found new jobs while he was president, simply could not find it in themselves to remove someone who had shown themselves to be so skillful, so competent, and such a great American, no matter how much “character assassination” had been printed about him.  Although a lot of voters did vote for Dewey; more went for Truman because they felt they just couldn’t let a good man go.

Many people have been fed a lot of lies about Hillary. You can see it in the comments of some on this blog below articles about her. There is an entire industry of highly paid muckrakers funded exclusively by billionaires who drag her name through the mud. They’ve poured over ever word she’s ever said to try and find something they can hang her with, and across 25 years of national public life, to date they found nothing…

If you are making less than $250,000 a year, you should probably ask yourself “why” on earth these billionaires are spending so much of their money to tarnish just her above all other people?

They are afraid of her because she WILL fight for you…. 

In the real world you live in, the world of too little income coming in and too many bills to pay going out, that should be all the endorsement you could ever need…. One should always vote opposite of how billionaires tell you to vote….