Donald Trump

The United States District Court in New Jersey ordered discovery on Donald Trump and the RNC’s poll monitoring efforts, with a hearing on November 4th, just days before the November 8th election…

It is in violation of the 1982 Consent decree.

If a 2 month campaign can’t be bothered to learn and follow the necessary rules of play, how on earth can you expect the nation to survive 4 full years of a Trump presidency?

You can’t. No one can…

Yet despite that… These Delawareans STILL support Trump…   They simply don’t care what happens to America…  They are not Lee Greenwood material… They belong in the Soviet Union…

It is ok to be a Republican if you don’t support Trump.  This is in no way partisan… This is about common sense and the following people simply don’t have any…

Surely, you’re not going to defend them, are you?  Yet they are on your ballot and will be your representative UNLESS enough of you vote against them… (Hint: you should vote against them…)

Charlie Copeland
Colin Bonini
Hans Reigle
La Mar T. Gunn

State Senate Candidates

State House Candidates

Kevin Hensley:  District 9

Judith Travis:  District 10

Jeff Spiegleman:  District 11

Debbie Hudson:  District 12

James Louis DeMartino:  District 14

James R. Startzman, Jr:  District 19

Stephan Smyk:  District 20

Mike Ramone:  District 21

Joesph E. Miro:  District 22

Timothy Conrad:  District 24

Michael Nagorski:  District 25

Janice Gallagher:  District 29

William Outten:  District 30

Jean Dowding: District 31

Patricia Foltz:  District 32

Charles Postles:  District 33

Lyndon Yearick:  District 34

David Wilson:  District 35

Harvey Kenton, Jr:  District 36

Ruth Briggs King:  District 37

Ronald Gray:  District 38

Daniel Short:  District 39

Timothy Dale Dukes:  District 40

Richard Collins:  District 41

Lip service is one thing. Actions are something else.  All of the above at this late date are still supportive of Donald Trump and what he stands for….

These are all the Republicans running for state office, but two… I must isolate and mention both of them and encourage you to vote them in over their democrat opponents (no loss there in both seats) to show the world that Delaware is not a satellite of Donald Trump….

These two very special people, the only two republicans who have repudiated the Courtroom Clown Donald Trump,  are:

Meredith Chapman    Senate District 8

James Spadola    Senate District 1