I really didn’t know much about her.  Like Al Mascitti I felt I would vote for her because the alternative was worse..  I have just finished reading KILLING THE MESSENGER, The Right Wing Plot to Derail Hillary and Hijack Your Government,   which clued me on to many of the things I felt about her were not true at all.. in fact they were concocted and fanned by a right wing noise machine which actually existed just to bog the Clinton’s down.

How could I have missed this?  It was written by a founder of the “right wing conspiracy” who later developed a conscious, and came over to the other side…

One can’t make stuff like that up.

Brock the author was commissioned by one of the 90’s wealthy right wing financiers of the movement to build a major hit designed to ruin Bill and Hill before they really got started on a national level. As Brock dug deep into their dealings, lives, and character, he found, as an investigator of integrity, that indeed all the Little Rock stories were completely manufactured.

Basically any of the alleged scandals occurring before 1992, cannot be believed.  They were made up, with willing participants, well coached, then publicized.   So says the guy who made them up….

So if none of the stuff being said is true, who then…. is Hillary?   A short cliff-note version biography, I believe, is in order…

Chicago suburb.
Goldwater Girl in 1964
Inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Democrat in 1968 dedicated to public service.
Wellesley College –Senior Class President
Yale Law School — with honors
Yale Child Study Center — post graduate
Summer Jobs included working for Mondale, McGovern, Judiciary Committee,
Faculty Member — Razorback’s Law School
Worked Jimmy Carter’s campaign 1976
Appointed to part-time chairman of the Legal Services Corporation by President Carter.
Chaired the Arkansas Educational Standards Committee
Co-founded the Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families
Served on the boards of the Arkansas Children’s Hospital, Arkansas Legal Services
Children’s Defense Fund
Served on the Boards of TCBY and Walmart
The National Law Journal — named one of the most powerful lawyers in America
Task Force on National Health Reform (1993)
Won New York Senate Seat 2000 — 55 – 43%
Reelected 2006
2008 Primary Campaign against Obama
2009 Secretary of State.

Truly there never has been a more balanced and well versed human being to run for office. It is no wonder that wealthy conservatives who could never compete or find anyone capable of competing, would seek to create innuendo to tarnish the glory herein.

It is impossible to believe that someone whose primary concern was working with children for most of her early life, could ever be the Killary of Benghazi as Republican idiots make her out to be… It’s as if someone trashtalked Mother Theresa or imprisoned Nelson Mendala without cause, because they otherwise have a profound impact and would be successful and loved worldwide…

And she has been vindicated in every one or the charges… No one in my memory has gone through such scrutiny.  There is no … “there”…. there……

When you swear that someone has to be guilty despite all evidence to the contrary, what does that make you?  Don’t worry, you are in good company. The Pharisees and Sadducees felt the same about someone 2000 years ago.

And that is what all voters have to realize…  If someone stepped up and accused you every step of your way for silly accusations which had no merit, were not true, yet were repeated over and over and over, you probably , being a lesser person than her, might actually come to believe them yourself, having heard them for so long….

When the guy who created them, writes a book to say “yeah, we created them; they aren’t true”… it might be wise to listen and then re-evaluate your analysis.

Because if you don’t… you’re living a lie.  A lie you got tricked into believing which one day you’ll realize how easily you got played…

It’s really not hard to verify.  You should check it out yourselves, and like me, realize that you too were indeed played by some real creeps…