The Mafia used to take people, set their feet in concrete till it hardened, then throw them off the bridge… Most of you have heard of the Hitler youth, boys 9-14 sent out with full chambered pistols and nothing else, to stop the Russian tanks as they rolled through Berlin.. Think of what we are watching:  as the equivalent…

They choose to ignore our all-American candidate who is respected around the world, for one who literally frightens our allies, and emboldens our enemies…..

They choose to ignore the one with a deep understanding of the challenges we face….. for one who is unprepared for them….

They choose to ignore the one with  steady hand…. and go all out in support of a loose cannon….

They choose to ignore the human being showing common sense and unity…. for the thrill of one swirled in false drama and bitter division….

They choose to ignore a women who spent a lifetime helping children and families…. for a man who could care less about either, whose primary concern is himself…..


We only have one America… One our fathers, uncles, grandfathers fought to save, and maybe died in doing so… whether forgotten in the steamy jungles of Vietnam, or some atoll in the Pacific, or some field now covered in wheat near Verdun..

Every four years, we are given the chance to honor them, by our choice, by our vote.  By choosing what will be best, what will last, what comes closest to what they fought to save… And luckily we have done ok so far….

But when you look at the truths above, it is clear there really is no contest in any fair comparison.  If you vote the wrong way, it is you who are in error, not the wrong candidate. If you make a huge mistake, it falls to your vote, and those likewise who voted with you, to put someone incapable of leading this nation, in our nation’s driver’s seat…

It will be you, not the media, not the party who nominated him, not the candidate, who failed to make it right…

Once you pull the lever and lock your vote,  all the cartoons of what we were told these people represent to many, fall away… We are left with either the real man or real women running our country…

Imagine how those who died would feel if you r;uined our nation because you believed in all the cartoons the various media told us about both candidates?

This is real.  This is about choosing a human being to continue leading in the tradition of all our past presidents; this is not a choice to toss away lightly on some fleeting emotion….

If you could talk to the ghosts of your ancestors who died, and they could see the comparisons I put up above… there is only one conclusion you can come to, to which they would say… It is just obvious.