Often battles are fought in far away places.  On the edges of the known world but their win or loss has ramifications for all civilization.. On can think back through history and see many examples of the fact.  Rome’s fate was decided not in Rome, but the extreme edges of their known world….

The 8th is a battle between the incumbent Dave Sokola and Republican challenger Meredith Chapman… It lies on the outer northwestern edge of the state, from west Newark up to Hockessin.

The incumbent Dave Sokola, it has recently come to light, is in favor of using data and tacking it on a child in preschool and running that file through his life.  Data is a mine and support of such, ties one to very wealthy interests…

Here is what Dave Sokola has secretly been writing into Delaware’s code to align us to in regards to education…

“Currently,  Section 134 of the Federal Higher Education Act wisely prohibits the development, implementation, or maintenance of a federal student unit-record system (one that would allow the government to collect personally identifiable information (PII) on individual higher-education students and link education data to workforce data)”.

Interests both nationally and through Dave Sokola are seeing to overturn that….

First, it would compile students’ personally identifiable information (PII) without their consent – or even their knowledge that their data is being collected and disclosed…

Second, the purposes of the proposed system would be so open-ended that the repository is certain to be expanded over time to centralize data far beyond collegiate and employment data….

Third, the idea that this massive repository of PII will be protected against unauthorized access and data breaches is quite simply delusional….

Those behind Dave Sokola argue thusly:  think how much more efficiently our nation could operate, and how much more the government could help people run their own lives, if it maintained a centralized repository tracking almost every conceivable data point about every citizen – where he attended school, what courses he took, what grades he earned, what extracurricular record (good or bad) he compiled, what jobs he applied for, what jobs he got, what salary he made, whether he was promoted, what salary he earned in his new position, whether he lost his job and why, whether he joined the military, what sort of military record he established, whether he was arrested and for what, whether he went to jail, and on and on ad infinitum.

This is not a description of a free and open United States of America. This is a description of a totalitarian society that keeps tabs on its own citizens…

Who among us would be hired if this information had been available on us at critical points in our life’s journey?

Which is why longterm thinking Americans have united in supporting Meredith Chapman for Senate against Dave Sokola in  Delaware’s 8th District.

This it not politics as usual… This is about the future of a free America.