I have seen the effects of both.  As we close this nasty campaign year in what may be a landslide of epic proportions, the question remains as to what to do afterwards… I have toyed with calls of action to fill out files of all we know on Trump supporters, and use that against them in their real lives as retribution for what the did.

The simple point slapping our faces, is that they are unfit for any job requiring judgment.. For when it came to protecting our democracy, they flocked over to the side intent on destroying it…

How can one do that and expect to be treated as normal afterwards?

Yet on the other hand, forgiveness is a big part of our heritage.  It has served our nation well.  Instead of mulling over long term differences of opinions, we have for the most part focused on moving forward with bygones being bygones.

We have recently relearned that racism, and misogyny are cyclical.  Who in 2008 thought racism would be the ugly stain it is today;  after all we were over racism, we just overwhelmingly elected a black president!  But it was that triumph that fanned the flames of dead coals from before the 1960’s.   Soon they had heat awaiting just the right blowhard to flame them up again.

Likewise, we thought that women were more or less accepted as equals in society today. One had holdouts of male dominance but one also had women in charge of other places as well.  But putting a woman into the world’s highest office, brought out all that misogyny we thought was inert.

Unless we act against it, we can expect it to hobble this next president like racism hobbled the last one.

This past year’s events have shown once and for all, the Republican Party was a safe umbrella for all racists and misogynists. Enough so in this year’s perfect storm, they were able to take over their party and ineptly implode it into one of the most one-sided elections in history.

So what do you do about it?

Punishment won’t work and here is why.  Just for argument’s sake, let’s say you kill them, kill them all!  Suddenly no more racists.. That often gets tried in totalitarian governments on certain people or groups of people, and it backfires.  So does imprisoning them.  So does blacklisting them. So does firing them. Because someone either in your country or outside, is friends with those people.  Your retributive actions now turn them against you and suddenly you are embroiled in a war you can’t win… You may win battles of that war, but it drains you and never goes away until you yourself, go away..

Which brings us to forgiveness.  When one is forgiven for obvious bad works or decisions, one immediately feels relief at being spared.  One can either choose to reward that action by being good, or be bad and continue to stay true ones original cause and ignore that action, using the opportunity of extra time to inflict more damage…. Groups choosing to follow the latter path, are called terrorists.

It was common during ancient conquests to simply ask the conquered people to sign a proclamation of allegiance to the new king, and continue to live their lives as they had prior; just worship the new boss who to paraphrase the Who, was the same as the old boss…

Point being, when life is pretty much the same, what incentive could there be to rock the new boat?

Human beings are our life blood. They are the platelets bringing life to all of society, including those at the top. The more of these platelets we have, the healthy the top will be.

So it appears that with the political thumping about to come, the racist and misogyny problems will handle themselves.  After all, a lot of boxers trash-talk before the bout, but none do so afterwards… It will be like that…

It is really hard to credibly say you will continue your case for building a wall and make Mexico pay for it, when the election results cause everyone else to say, “oh man… that wall thing whooped him up pretty bad.. That’s the worst whooping I think I’ve ever seen..”

It’s time to forgive and move on folks…

Just be watchful… If you have good memories, you can remember the charges of racism against those stifling Obama in his first term and how all the Rick Jensens’ in this world derided and “pooh poohed” the claim, mocking those calling out the real motive.  Now, with the racist takeover of the Republican Party apparatus complete, it is pretty clear those racist charges were versed in fact…

The same stonewalling or misogynist grounding to a halt, will attempt to take place beginning this upcoming January 20th.  We need to universally not waste time arguing over its motive, but immediately assume we know what is driving it and snuff it out early and completely..

An overwhelming whooping of Republicans will go a long way to setting that in motion…