Courtesy South Park

Since many Republican voters have no concern or empathy over what it is like to be a minority, I am calling for all those who whether in your employment, your family, your circle of friends, your bar, your church, to become ostracized after the election in a way very similar to how Afro Americans are treated every day.

I think both our state and county officials need to mandate racial profiling on all elderly white males… Automatically pull them over and try to find something incriminating.  I think every pickup truck with American flags flying off the back, definitely needs to be shaken down.  Handcuff them and go through their trucks with K9’s for any drug paraphernalia….. Ha, ha,, maybe one just…. might…. appear.. lol. lol..  I think every NRA sticker is an automatic reason for lighting them up… Pull them over and write a ticket unless they are so conciliatory, you feel they will never disobey the law again in their lives..

I think our county and state offices need to have two wait-in-line tickets at all their offices… One for whites, and one for everyone else… after the everyone else gets done, then move to beginning at the top of the line for whites… I think that anyone who is a white male, and works with you, and is not particularly overly sentimental to the female prerogative, needs to be fired and replaced with someone either male or female who is.  I think that any male who compliments a female making her uncomfortable, needs to be fired on the spot…I think all white men should find themselves on the receiving end of a sexual harassment lawsuit, and leave it to the judge to determine if such a suit has merit or not.

I think all elderly white males still employed in the state’s workforce need to take a 25% pay cut so they are on par with women.

I think everyone who we can pin as being a Trump-supporter right now, must by law, wear a yellow star that says:  KKK …  We should be able to imprison without bail, any known Trump supporter including that now famous list of Delawarean Republicans still supporting Trump. who get caught in public not wearing the required identification.

I think we should have affirmative action towards Trump supporters and based on the percent of the popular voter that Trump supporters receive per state, we should guarantee that all businesses cap their white male employees at that low number… If only 30% of the voting public supports Trump, then no business or government employer is allowed to have any more than 30% white male Republicans on their payroll.  The remainder have to be filled by women, and non white smart intelligent human beings… After all, fair is fair.

So please, you who are NOT Republicans… if you have a neighbor, a co-worker, or a friend who you know is still a Trump supporter which now, means they must also be a closet racist.  contact the FBI office closest to you and report them as possible domestic terrorists…

We cannot be too safe… We will only be safe when every rednecked Trump supporter is rotting in jail…   Then,  life will be good.

Gosh, wouldn’t life be awesome?  We can dream…