As we freefall into election day, untethered by anymore national election events galvanizing the entire nation to one extreme or the other, most Americans have now made up their minds as for who they want to vote in as their commander in chief..

Someone competent versus someone, incompetent.
Some moral, versus someone, immoral.
Someone social, versus someone unsocial.
Someone deeply religious, versus someone who grabs them by the pussy.
Someone our kids can look up to, versus someone our kids will despise.
Someone who remains cool under pressure, versus someone who dishes out but can’t take pressure.

By now, you have made up your mind…

The battle now turns to those downstate and in local elections… What do you know about them?

Contrary to popular belief, most of what impacts us directly takes place on the local level, and state level. Not from the Federal level… As long as there is no war, as long as their is no financial crises, as long as there is no inflation, for the most part, all of our problems are handled by our state and local governments…

Who most of us can’t even name by name…

Are they closing your child’s school? State and local.
Are they going to do something about that traffic bottleneck? State and local.
Are property taxes going to rise? State and local.
Will they do something about my neighbor’s super tall grass? State and local.
Can we do something about those bright flashy signs at night? State and local.
Can we make trucks stop down-shifting in our neighborhood in the middle of the night? State and local…

Almost 90% of all things affecting us personally, are handled by our state and local governments…

Local Taxes,
Trash and littering,
New Construction,

Yet most of us don’t know the name of our city or county councilman? (Ok, you read this blog so you’re smart… Go ask your neighbor though…) Most of us fail when given the test question of who is your state senator? who is your state representative?

This ignorance on most of our parts is why legislators feel they can act with impunity. Our ignorance breeds their arrogance.

Commissioner Gordon for example is the way he is because of us… Now hear me out…

Do you get nervous when your boss hangs around too long and looks over your shoulder? If human, you should. Do you get nervous when your spouse seems a bit too interested in what you are doing on-line? Again, if human, you should. Did you ever ask yourself why it is you feel that way if you know you are doing nothing wrong? Think about that for a second. If you were a great musical performer, you would want a room full of people just to see how great your were? So how is that different from doing an amazing job at work, and having someone watch you the same way?

The answer is because we feel they are looking for something wrong. We feel that if we slip up once we tumble into the world of negativity and have to expend great effort to put ourselves up to a neutral level zero again.. Often that fear raises our blood pressure, and we stop thinking as clearly as usual, and we do make an unthinking mistake which never would have happened if no one was watching…

Then, on the other hand, when no one has bothered to look in on us at all for weeks, months, four years, we would tend to get lazy as well. “Oh, I’ll take half a day off and to home early. Not like anyone would know or care anyway.”

Putting both together on one hand we have someone making mistakes solely because we are there, and on the other hand we have very poor productivity while thinking someone must be doing a great job because we haven’t bothered to check on them for a while..

Both scenarios boil down to your job as our government’s boss, is to be involved…

When you fail in your duty, they fail in theirs…. Start now and learn who your representaives are now and who you will want them to be after November 8th…