For Trump to win this debate many focus groups including those of Frank Luntz, have concentrated on determining the magic elixir.. Here is their predicted formula for tonight.

Trump must show that he can do no wrong. Everything wrong is someone else’s fault. This supplements his narrative that “only he can fix it”.  “Only he”.  “Nobody else and therefore, he must be given dictatorial powers”... To reinforce that, Trump must do the following.

Never show weakness or a flickering of doubt…. If accused of hating women Trump has to turn the argument into one postulating that hating women is good, …good for the bottom line, good for the economy, good for jobs.

Trump should use the “c” word.  He should come right out and call out these women accusing him, to be “cunts”.. He will win by double digits if he does.  If he just says they are liars, the election is over.  He must call them “cunts” or he is toast.  His supporters in the audience must chant “cunts, cunts, cunts” for 5 minutes nonstop to show they are in solidarity.  It will make a statement unlike any other…. and Trump will turn this thing around….

But that was just one thing the focus groups proved….Here is another…

He should promise to use his own fortune to pay the national debt to zero.  Of course he won’t do it after elected, but that is not what is at stake here. Winning the election, is.  But Clinton is not a millionaire, how can she counter that?  “Vote for me, Donald Trump and I will buy America’s debt and America will be debt free..”   The chanters in the audience should yell on cue:  “what a guy, what a guy, what a guy”... Since Donald is so rich and such a smart businessman, obviously he can pay down America’s debt out of pocket and not lose a penny… Hillary will be lost, like a goose at 500 feet whose wings won’t work anymore thanks to a Remington 12 gauge.

But there is more.

Trump needs to announce who he will put in his cabinet …. Some of the names tested highest in the focus groups, were: Spiderman, Batman, Robin, Superman, the Fantastic Four, Woody and Buzz, and Joni Mitchell.  Announcing these tonight would make Hillary speechless.  There is no way any Democrats can compete against cabinet choices of this caliber.

It would be good to call on those military experts too, who have solidly supported Donald Trump all along and who will expertly advised him militarily.  These include such well knowns as Captain Lou Albino, Captain Kangaroo, Lieutenant Dan, Sergent Carter, as well as private Beetle Bailey.

But there is even more….

He needs to turn the tables on Hillary and talk about the 3+ decades she’s been in Washington.  Did America under her get the policies they deserved?

Do Black People still vote?  Do Mexicans still work here? Do Muslims still walk around our streets in black KKK uniforms? Do women still not drop to their knees to take ****’s in their mouth on command?  Well… America didn’t get what they needed in 30 years of the status quo.. Elect Trump and he will kill off the blacks, deport the Mexicans, set bonfires under Muslims. and especially he will relish the removal of all rape law against women, making every sexual penetration legal and fun,– no worries mate.

Hillary wants to continue Obama’s third term. .. Trump will bring racism back.  No black or woman will run for president, …. ever.

If Trump can pull this off and score big on all these things, it will be obvious to his supporters, all hundreds of thousands of millions of them, both seen and unseen, that he will fulfill his promises and he will win both the debate and the election by a landslide….

This effect would be cemented in full if his supporters in the audience at the end, during Hillary’s summation, all chanted drowning her out:  “Hilliary and Bill, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G…. First comes Love, Then Comes Marriage, Then comes Monica sucking a cigar in a Baby Carriage… ”

According to Luntz if Trump does those things, he wins the debate and maybe the election.

As for apologies…. That is the kiss of death… never, never, never, never, never apologize. Just double down harder and make them cower like timid little Cocoa Puffs….

No one is cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs anymore. That is so seventies……