It was actually auto-correct which came up with the title; I liked it.

Republicans are in a lemonade… A mouth-puckering concoction they keep trying to sweeten with sugar and dilute with a liquid of fluid nonsense.

One of the most arrogant, vilest, decrepit humans to ever head an American main party ticket is now at the top of theirs. Oh many others across our nation’s lifespan including the Clintons have been accused of vileness, but none have ever wallowed in it as much as this one.

How do you run down-ticket from such a voter turn-off?

Exploring the options you have several choices.

  • A) Embrace him. If he is arrogant, vile, and decrepit, you pitch to your crowd that arrogant, vile and decrepit are good.
  • B) Blame others. It’s not your fault he’s at the top of the ticket, but since he is, you support the ticket, even if you don’t support the actions of the man heading it.
  • C) Denounce him. Cut your ties… You simply have more morals than will allow you to support such a cretin as head of your party…
  • D) Say your party is F’ffed Up… and bail….


Embracing him is has its risks as well as does cutting ties.   By embracing him you forever tie yourself down to his sinking ship. Each 4 years, 6 years, 8 years, someone will always bring up this as your character flaw: poor judgment.  You supported sedition, prejudice, and misogyny.But by cutting ties from your top ticket you take the risk of alienating his supporters who have rabies and who will in anger  or severe thirst, bite you…

What one thinks first to do, is try to balance carefully and work both angles simultaneously.  That basically means talking out both sides of their mouth.  Which if you cut the junk thrown in the middle meant to discombobulate the listener, it would sound like this:  “he is a vile, odious, and ungrateful man, ………………………. and I fully support him in November….”

One can accomplish this slight of hand when speaking directly face to face, we listeners all get tricked at one time or another, but the long term damage is that if we do hold our noses and vote for you, this stays on your permanent record that at this time, you supported an vile, odious, and ungrateful man… You can never escape it; you may at some point be forgiven for it, but you will never escape it.

Which is why now only two Delawarean Republicans have had enough courage and bravery to cut ties with Trump. Meredith Chapman in the 8th, and James Spadola in the 1st, both Delaware Senatorial Districts.  All other Republicans have tied the loose end of their noose to Trump.

They are either trying to keep their heads down, or if at the top of the ticket and queried by reporters, duck and cover but still support the nominee.

Nevertheless, whether they win or lose in November, they will feel feckless, emasculated, and embarrassed by themselves (sort of like Peter who got caught denying Christ 3 times).

Supporting him is a lose-lose proposition.  Even if you were to win your election, your own next primary constituency would be split between those who hated you for supporting Trump and those who supported you for that same reason or vice versa.  Any new primary challenger could waltz in untarnished and grab untainted votes from both factions with the charge: “he’s creepy and I’m not”.

No. the best bet is to decide now, if you really do mind or don’t really care, that Trump is the top of your ticket. Either way you will be resolved to your fate. .  If you really mind his actions and do not disassociate yourself from him, you are a false fake candidate, and will lose the trust of your constituency..  Likewise if you truly see nothing wrong about his antics, you are being honest to yourself, and come what may you can accept the outcome of your vote..

You should either jump both feet in, or as did the two refrainers, jump with both feet out. The voters will make their choice and their choice will be clear.

But here’s the caveat.  4 years from now you probably won’t really care if you won or lost this election. Much less 10, certainly after 20 years. But you will care, and it will eat you, if you were dishonest in this election and ran on someone else’s platform that brought up vomit into your mouth.

Be who you are.. Don’t try to guess by numbers.. Determine your course based on your inner principles and then work your butt off. Win or lose, God will make sure you are alright..