Courtesy of The Guardian

The US just fired ship-to-ground into Yemen.  Did you know?

Probably not.  Only a catchy headline made me look.  Meanwhile we have the air sucked out of our whole world’s news organizations by an orange haired buffoon…

Shouldn’t we be talking about Yemen in this presidential campaign?  Apparently not. Instead all the weekend’s attention is focused on a “hick” sheriff wearing a cowboy hat two sizes too large, talking into a camera saying he and his comrades are bringing out the pitchforks… Talk about crazy….

Here is a brief rundown of the REAL crazy of this week.

Saturday 8 October, a 500lb laser-guided US-made bomb was dropped on a funeral procession by the US-sponsored Saudi-led coalition fighting the rebels who, the Saudis say, are backed by Iran…

This bomb killed more than 140 people, mostly civilians, and wounded more than 525 people. Human Rights Watch called the incident “an apparent war crime”.

The US strongly rebuked Saudi Arabia between the $110 billion of arms we’ve already sold them since Obama took office, and the newest $1.5 billion, just approved for future delivery.

The US also supplies the Saudis with necessary intelligence and logistics to prosecute its war, as well as aerial refueling of the Saudi’s strike-bombers…

The US is concerned we will be implicated in future war crime prosecutions.

The US announced we would use a heavy hand with the Saudi’s and force them to be more humane in their killing of Yemeni’s.

The guerrillas fired on US warships in the Red Sea. .US Navy countermeasures caused the missiles to fall harmlessly in the water.

The US retaliated on Thursday the 13th by taking out 3 of the rebel’s radar sites with a barrage of cruise missiles from a destroyer.

This attack marked the first time the US has fought the rebels directly in Yemen’s devastating civil war… though we have been behind drone strikes against Al Qaeda there for years.

The US has a historical tendency to get mired down in Middle East Conflicts.