Putting party above country is never fine.. country should always come first; at least it always does for Democrats. (I hope).

There are times when party’s and country’s interests diverge… Those moments are when we define to others and to ourselves, who we are…

There is a world of moral truth.  We can’t see it but we have sensed it all our lives.  There are times we look the other way from what we know is right in order to save our skins… Survivability is probably our biggest instinct so in such times we, though ashamed, can be forgiven….

But there are times when our nations survivability, depends on our actions, which may cause us to lose friendships, may interrupt our future plans, and may cause us consternation as we steer towards moral truth and away from where we feel comfortable.

In such times, we have only one action and that is to pick a side… We must struggle within ourselves to pick either the side of comfort which at best, may be fleeting, OR, we pick the hard road, but one that leads us to shade and cool waters where we find deep peace within ourselves.

Time and events have put you, a  now retired woman long in charge of your party here, at such a crossroads… At your point in life, I know you just wish it would go away… But let me remind you, of what you are now closing your eyes towards, what you are now giving up on, and what you are now letting flow forth from the broken dyke you and your generation have built up to stem back the murky waters of hate…

Over the space of 24 hours, it has become clear that Donald Trump’s “locker room talk” was a lot more than just talk. Multiple witnesses—and victims—of his actions have come forward. In that brief period we’ve learned that:

Do you or do you not, put your finger in that hole to stop the flow of water through that dyke?