1) They do not respect women enough to let her make decisions about what happens to her body…..

2) They do not respect women enough to make sure that their own daughters have the same opportunity and earn the same pay as their sons and other men….

3) They do not respect women enough to give them the same affordable access  to health care and prenatal care and child are.

4) They vociferously opposed the equal rights amendment when it came before the states in the 1980s..

5) They oppose Title 9 protections giving female athletes the same funding as male athletes.

So fellow women.  This goes WAY beyond Donald Trump… You can thank him for bringing it out into the open so now women, all women, can do something to make it go away, at least in public, for good…..

It will take women to go D all the way down the ballot if they want to make the message resound across the next 6 generations…. Battle Cry is “this is the year of Women.  No Republicans… Period…”

(Unless you are in the 8th Senatorial District of Delaware, where Meredith Chapman is running against Dave Sokola, destroyer of education… OR in the 1st Senatorial District of Delaware, where James Spadola is running against Harris McDowell….  Both of these vehemently disavowed Trump. )  Please make these two the exceptions if you live in their district, but if you are a woman, or if you support women, make it D all the way down…

(No, it is not partisan.  It is about making sure the lesson sinks in and is finally learned…. )