He de-legitimized the African-American President… (they are not African American)

He denigrated Mexicans.. (they are not Mexican)…

He denigrated a prisoner of war who actually ran for President twice …(they never fought in a war)…

He implied a journalist was on her period.. (yuck, periods always get a laugh, ha, ha, ha)

He questioned the loyalty of American Muslims  (they don’t know they worship the same god)..

He mocked a disabled man ( it still is kind of funny (to them) lol)


He called for a religious purity test (they are not Muslim)

He advocated violence at his rallies.. “Hit him once for me”. (they were never a protester)

He claimed ignorance of the KKK when they supported him. (they are not Afro American)

He said a judge was unfit because of where his parents were born ( their parents though coming from immigrants, were born in the US)..

He favorably quoted Mussolini (because that’s a “good leader” who incidentally was hung by his own people and his death cheered, btw)

He suggested assassination of his opponent.. (None of their initials are:    H  R  C )

He denigrated refugees.. (They are not 5 year girls whose parents got killed in a Civil War)..

He called on a dictatorship to commit cyber-crime against (hack) our country. (Democrats are the real enemy)…

He denigrated parents whose son had been killed fighting for our country  (they never gave up a son for their country)….

He said the President founded a terrorist organization (“He’s not THEIR president”).

He changed our party platform to make it more palatable to a Russian dictator (not sure why we support this, but we follow our leaders always… USA, USA, USA)..

He said we should go to war over a crude hand gesture… (none of their family is in the military)…

He shamed and ridiculed a pageant contestant.. (they are neither Latino, or women)…

He bribed a state Attorney General with charity money  (That’s smart)….

He settled business lawsuits with charity money (That’s smart, too)

He broke US laws by doing business in a Communist country…(that’s nothing, just good business…)

He called five innocent men, exonerated by facts and science, guilty… (they must be guilty … they ate fvcking black ni**ers for heaven’s sakes..)

Then he bragged of sexually assaulting white women,  (Pffft. just words for which he apologized; just locker room talk, just locker room talk… we talk about our women that way all the time, all the time, all the time… all the time…

“Ok, he does have a few faults” they admit… But he’s still better than Hillary Clinton.. She is an unmitigated disaster… The end of our nation as we know it!”

You mean, the end, ….like as in this?