“The reason those people are now saying what they are saying and doing what they are doing is primarily because they are part of the Washington, D.C., establishment or the GOP establishment and they are very concerned, very afraid, Donald Trump may break up their establishment way of life,” said Duke Brooks, a conservative talk show host on WGMD-FM..

It has absolutely nothing to the visual of some creep grabbing your mother by her pussy knowing she’ll enjoy it,  just because………………….

“Paul Ryan, as far as I’m concerned, is inexcusable, and I don’t even think he is a Republican at this point.” said Duke Brooks in Sussex County. ”

He was voted in as Speaker of The House with 236 of 247 possible Republican votes. He was the Republican Vice Presidential Candidate in 2012.  Dukes definition of “Republican” seems to be his own or representative of an extremely tiny faction.

“It’s not something that happened yesterday,” said Sussex County Republican Committee Chairman Billy Carroll. “I don’t condone that kind of language. I’ve never used it myself and I don’t really have guy friends that do that, but I don’t think it’s a disqualifier to talk that way.”

As a Christian he does not have any friends or acquaintances who talk like that because he won’t associate with such disgusting behavior, but it is “ok” for the leader of the free world, the head of a mostly Christian nation to show such behavior.. Because we all know,  that is exactly what Christ would want us to do….

Carroll said talk is talk and actions another thing entirely. He was quick to follow the Trump line of attack on Bill Clinton and his well-documented sexcapades. He said the “mainstream media” swept those scandals under the rug — despite their dominance of early 90s news cycles — and is hypocritical to be offended by them now.

Anyone living during that time knows Carroll is not being entirely forthright.  The scandals NEVER rose above the National Enquirer level because they were all proven to be false accusations.  The only ever documented incident was the Lewinsky affair which like it or not, was mutually consenting, and not an unmitigated assertion over someone who doesn’t want their vagina to be touched. One should also note that the two biggest Republican finger pointers at that time,  Newt Gingrich and Henry Hyde, were both cheating on their own wives at that exact same time while calling Clinton’s “sexcapades” morally despicable.. It is actually embarrassing to that person for anyone to bring up an equivalency between Trump’s sexual assault, and Clinton’s sexcapades.  One further mention, in polls taken after the impeachment trial, America by numbers near 90% said they didn’t care about who had sex with who in government… They were too busy enjoying the amazingly prosperous economy and spending their new family time with their families, thanks to the Clintons…  In polls being taken now, Americans are saying Trumps comments are a BIG DEAL!

As for establishment Republicans in Washington, D.C., Carroll said it’s they who deserve to be abandoned – but by the rank-and-file party members”…  The insider GOP Washington, D.C., group has lost credibility with the GOP grassroots,” Carroll said. “Paul Ryan should lose his leadership position. Not because of what he says about Trump, I don’t really care, but because of his lack of leadership in the House. He’s guilty of exactly what Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are guilty of and that is being all talk and no action.”

True, we’ll agree the House Republicans need to be abandoned, but disagree in that should be replaced with Democrats, instead of those few remaining Republicans who are too timid or too deeply buried in a hole with sand over their head, to say Trump is not fit to be the President of our country…

Hans Reigle, the Republican candidate for Congress, is voting for Donald Trump on the issues, despite misgivings about recently-revealed comments. Reigle pointed to Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence, well-known as a social conservative, as an example of setting aside pet policy points in the quest for a more secure and prosperous country. Reigle and Pence both believe Hillary Clinton could ruin the United States and having a bawdy President Trump might be the price of avoiding it.

This is what you call ruining America?    


“I have spent a lot of time speaking about Mr. Trump, that is true”. Reigle said. “That has detracted from other issues. I would say, to a certain degree, talk about both candidates has blocked out the sun when it comes to issues, While I disagree with some of his personal locker room banter and saying inappropriate things, I just don’t see Hillary Clinton as getting done what needs to be done in getting American back on track.”

So you are willing to totally ignore sexual assault, as long as it doesn’t happen to you?

“The regular Republican voter out there is probably not swayed all that much by mainstream media saying, ‘This makes Trump a sexist, raping, sex-assaulting, crude, lowlife, low-brow,'” WGMD’s Brooks said. “D.C. just really doesn’t matter because they have screwed up everything they have tried.”

Why would anyone trust a Republican voter saying rape doesn’t matter, after this?  They really don’t belong in the nation of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, or Teddy Roosevelt, if this is truly how they feel?…

I happen to know, this is not how most Republican voters feel… Just a tiny fraction of a few select older bitter males who are angry they were deceived and that the world didn’t conform to their idle wishes and elevate them on top of their own pedestals so they could continue being rewarded for their lazy ways.

The solution is to remove from power all those who have not at this moment, said Trump is unfit to be president... Those Republicans who have, need to be picked up and carried high……

In Delaware that is only two.  Meredith Chapman and James Spadola... Please, before responding to requests from Delawareans who won’t disassociate themselves from Trump,  send these two all of your giving and contributions, otherwise conservatism will have no carriers after November 8th…