How many times have you heard them say this?   “No political correctness with Donald Trump.  He tells the unvarnished truth.  He tells it like it is....”


“Bragging about sexually assaulting women is just his latest atrocity. He has called Mexican immigrants rapists. He has insulted our veterans and ridiculed the parents of a fallen soldier. He has called for discriminating against people based on their religion. He has cozied up to dictators like Putin and invited Russia to launch a cyberattack against America. He has encouraged violence at his rallies, especially against African Americans. He is clearly a racist. He questioned the judgment of a respected judge based purely on his Mexican heritage. He elevates those who traffic in White Nationalist rhetoric, and even hired a man with White Nationalist sympathies to run his campaign. He uses his charity to enrich himself and lies about his wealth. He is the first nominee in decades to refuse to release his tax returns, because he knows they will expose him as a fraud and reveal that he is not as rich as he says he is. He has a long history of discriminating against African Americans and still believes the Central Park Five are guilty even though another man confessed and was proven to be guilty by DNA evidence. He has repeatedly promoted anti-Semitic sentiment on social media.”

Guess what, Mr. White Supremacist Trump Supporter?  You just told us EXACTLY what…. you are….  And you don’t belong in the nation of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Alexander Hamilton, Andrew Jackson, Ulysses S. Grant, or Ben Franklin….  Go home, get out of our country… You’re not American… You’re one of those guys we shot and bombed in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam…. This isn’t your country…. You don’t belong here, at all.