This past week has done a lot of damage to Republican dreams… We are getting justification across the board that enough electoral votes are locked in to certify our first Madam President.   We are 3/4th through the fourth quarter and have a lead that can’t be beat….

It it time to drive up the score… Keep pounding these deplorables until they become deplorablesauce in the bottom of their bucket…  After the election we can spray them out with our garden hoses never to see the likes of them again…

We will have put up a good lesson for future American wannabe demigods to never use racism again to try to take power… It works against you… Not for you, in the end….

Meanwhile…. Charlie Copeland is still waving his racist Trump Flag going ” support the ticket, support the ticket”…..

Bonini and Greg Lavelle are right there with him… Remember this when their Senate seats come due…. Party over Country….

Meanwhile Republican Governor Hogan next door in Maryland, say no fvcking way he’s supporting that piece of sh/t Donald Trump… His numbers just went through the roof in a predominantly Democratic state….

So far the only (still running) Delawarean Republican who has denounced Trump as of this minute…. is Meredith Chapman in Newark/Hockessin’s 8th Senatorial District…

Her courage in being the first and only, should be rewarded  with your votes… if you don’t live there, please send her a donation.  Especially since her opponent is the person who destroyed Delaware’s once great public education… , Dave Sokola…