The underlying foundation of all anti-immigrant policies is that they harm the nation….

Donald Trump pays no taxes; has not for 20 years... Undocumented immigrants pay $11.84 billion.... each year in state and local taxes.. If that holds for the next 20 years,
we’re looking at over a quarter of a trillion dollars we get from immigrants compared to Donald’s big flat zero…

Every year state and local communities gain 12 times the amount of Donald’s business loss in 1995, (which was YUGE, btw)… and is roughly 8% of their incomes whereas billionaires average paying 5% of theirs to states and their localities..

(Full reinstatement of Delaware’s illegals would pump $5.5 million into the state’s coiffures yearly)

Furthermore undocumented immigrants pump $13 billion yearly into our Social Security Fund

Bottom line, immigrants are better for America than is Donald Trump …..  We should deport him to Rykers Island and build a wall there to keep him out…