Sadly the Trump atmosphere has permeated public schools.  Bullying is on the upswing and the bullies are invoking the name of Donald Trump in their endeavors.

Groups affected are women, Hispanics, blacks, and even Asians…  We all know why this is so. Children imitate their parents.  and none of us have been immune to the television and YouTube clips showing America at its finest (not)…

“Regardless of one’s politics, the impact of this year’s political rhetoric on K12 schools is huge. It has produced increasing levels of fear and anxiety among students of all ages. Fear levels are becoming especially high among ethnic, racial and linguistic minority, and LGBTQ youth. Perception is reality.”

Obviously this carries over in school… We need every public official right now to denounce both bullying and that presidential candidate who is instigating these onslaughts… some physical, but with children, most offenses are verbal..  Particularly damaging is those slurs at Hispanics taunting that they will be deported … all coming from a candidate which media, as well as many silent Republican officials, seem to endorse.

We have these people running politics here in Delaware who have not yet denounced Donald Trump.

Charlie Copeland… Head of the Republican Party in Delaware.

Colin Bonini………. Candidate for Governor of the State of Delaware

Reigle Hans……….. Candidate for US House of Representatives

La Marr Gunn…….. Candidate for Lt. Governor of the State of Delaware

Jeffery Cragg……….Candidate for Insurance Commissioner of the State of Delaware..

To my knowledge only Meredith Chapman running in  the 8th Senatorial District of Newark and Hockessin areas has said anything about not “supporting” this yuge problem making things more difficult in every one of our public schools…..