As a historian, one tends always to live in two worlds simultaneously. The present and the past and one is always comparing them….

It has always been my hope to have someone like Roosevelt who could ride a tidal wave of good luck into office along with earning a majority in both houses, and who could return to using logic and science to rebuild an America beneficial to the Middle Class….

It would involve curtailing the power currently possessed by the upper class, and forcing them to become actively involved in improving our nation, instead of  having them run our nation for whatever they considered was best for them…

Since Reagan, most of all that has happened in America has been to the benefit of the upper crust of the upper establishment.

Roosevelt grew up and came to us from that same upper crust, and knowing their lies and arguments, was able to demolish them and call their bluffs.  Once called a traitor to his class, FDR changed existing policy across all of government so we could limit corporate profits, increase public wages, establish a comfortably adequate retirement plan, and then, run the world’s biggest war. and taxing those profiting from it, at rates of 100%…

In the past week’s debate, I glimpsed some steel and fire that only comes from believing one is divinely supporting oppressed common people, coupled with the ability to manipulate the upper class into willingly accept their own smiling heads on a platter as a gift and be grateful they too got a present.

Trump, may be cartooned by the media into a potential threat again… but the debate which was seen by perhaps one third of the country,  proved once and for all, that no matter what his handlers may present to us in the next 40 days, he flat out is flawed and not capable of running a nation… Any nation, period.  No “ifs”… no “ands”.. and no “butts”…. (especially fatty ones)… (ha, ha, see what I just did there?)..

Roosevelt also had threats to which he had to contend, but they were as bizarre as what has lately come out of Trump’s mouth. Bottom line was a whole nation dug in to support him and together we dug ourselves out of a Depression, then we went to war to preserve Good from being overrun by Evil in Europe and the Pacific….. .

Bad health was not a liability for FDR.  He was in a wheelchair.   He actually died in office. But he also constructed the stage for America to play on for the next 60 years… Only when we foolishly demolished the protections which his time had built, did our own stage start crashing underneath our feet in the middle of our ACT III….

Although we don’t currently have a dictator intent on world domination (Roosevelt had 2 1/2), we do have global warming intent on making our planet inhospitable.  This issue  is now past benign and now is very scary. We could wake up one morning and have no atmosphere like Mars.. (No one knows what happened to the Martian atmosphere, nor does anyone know what may happen when the methane buried in our arctic seeps out and gains a high enough concentration to ignite…) Or we could face a gigantic cost of relocating civilization 60 feet higher…. Or we could face a smaller minor cost of shifting over to a carbon free energy system globally, boasting the entire economy in the process.

In any regard, the planet on which we live, is not the same one in which many of grew up. Parts of it have physically changed; we now need someone who can make the solid political changes necessary for humans and other species to continue living on this planet. This means we not only need a change of direction, but we also need a change of global priorities and a new environmental permanent structure similar to the economic one put in by Roosevelt, to ingrain these changes into the new status quo…

That means we need someone who can understand complexities, and explain it in ways we can understand.

As for leadership, any person who says, “this is what I say,  do it or YOU’RE FIRED”…. is a very ineffective person.  No one ever  wholeheartedly does what they get told to do if it goes against what they believe and consequently, nothing gets done.  A person who says, here, let me show you why you need to do this,  it is because all of these millions of people are counting on you to make this happen, … is a very effective person… Everyone wants to work for them and particularly everyone wants to make sure they do not fail in their pursuit of what these people asked of them…..

FDR had that charismatic characteristic.  When he heard Communists were in control of the shipyards of Seattle, instead of arresting them, he sought their  leader’s endorsement, and by getting it, rendered them no longer a threat… Sure they remained Communists in name but they were solidly behind America. As a result of that bargain he played a strong union card against the elite during his first 100 days, and he never had to worry about his back. Hillary though tepid against Bernie’s very progressive ideas during the early part of her campaign,  likewise absorbed all of them and made them her own after seeing how they excited great parts of the electorate… Those Sander Policies now have a greater chance of being enacted than ever.  Because… Hillary is probably going to win.

This is what excellent leaders do… They go up against great competitors and then after beating them, they absorb them and together they become an even stronger team pursuing the same agenda…  One could say Obama did the same with Clinton by asking her to be his Secretary of State..

The Greatest Presidents are those who listen to a higher powers first, and political advisors second.  They are those who work well with people.  There are those who feel at home talking over the fence with their friend’s neighbor, or sitting at a table of leaders from around the globe… Hillary Clinton has miles and miles of stories behind her of real people she has helped either as an Attorney General’s wife, a Governor’s wife, the President’s wife, as a junior Senator from New York, as the Secretary of State, or as the first female major party candidate for the highest office in the world…   Her current opponent’s record with “real” people is much less stellar… lol.

For as all these great human beings know , their real measure of success over time will be if they helped millions of people calling themselves Americans…  Trying to stop someone who is this good for our nation, someone who is as good if not better than Roosevelt, should be a treasonable offense.  (The Constitution never imagined someone this competent running for President, so such a clause was never put in the definition of treason)… For a second, just imagine history if FDR had not become president in 1932?  No Social Security. Immediate carte-blanche capitulation to  Japan and Hitler. No unions. Class inequality rivaling that of Communist Russia… We can never know what might have been for Americans today if back then Americans didn’t have good sense to know Hoover was a clown, that capitalism couldn’t be trusted with anything other than making their owners wealthier, and that we needed someone seriously minded and smart who could run things well and really didn’t care too much if capitalists weren’t rolling around in money….

I’m sure there is no one out there who still undecided for whom they will vote for President .. I believe at this point, all of us know. Therefore this is is not an attempt to persuade anyone to change their vote…
Instead, this is an eye opening piece to allow you to see that we really can’t gamble on incompetence like we did in 2000…Some of you thought you’d give Bush a try for reasons other than who was really the more qualified to run the country.  Today after that mistake, you really need to choose  once and for all whether we are going to run America into the ground through sheer ineptitude, allowing the rich to squeeze all of  us out of our last dollar, or …are we going to choose the highest quality of leadership ever available across our history, in front of us, now, today… Never in the history of the United States has there been a more qualified Candidate entering the White House… We’ve had former Secretary of States, We’ve had former Senators. But we’ve never had someone who was both plus who has already lived in the White House for 8 years.

If America passes on this moment to “make ourselves great again”…  then we deserve what we do to ourselves.. One has only to look at the incompetence of Republican controlled Congress, or the Republican running of Kansas and Wisconsin, to see how real human lives quickly deteriorate under Republican incompetence and inadequacy … (of course provided all those lives are earning less then $1 million a year…  Only the rich do well under Republican administrations….)   This is not political pandering; the solid evidence is there to see if you are willing to look.

Which is why, you not only need Hillary in the White House but you need a slate of Democratic candidates to back here up…. Again, this post is not a politically scribed piece. This is a solid factual human-resource analysis for filling a job opening titled: “President of the United States…. ”

For America’s sake, not only should all Americans come to realize that Hillary should get your vote, but far more importantly, one should make sure she is given the tools in Congress, in state legislatures and across governorships, and that she will have them waiting for her, available for when she needs to make things jump her first 100 days in office….  Putting someone to work on a job without necessary tools, has always been pointless.