A woman should have the right to choose.  NO ONE should take that “choice” away from her…. No one can force anyone to give birth to their rapist’s child, or carry a dead fetus inside of their body for 20 weeks, or derail their future because sex is great and everyone has it and accidents happen, or otherwise be a non-consensual incubator of any kind.

Clinton wants to make it harder, not easier, for bad guys to buy guns. She believes in eliminating loopholes and expanding background checks on gun sales. She does not think domestic abusers should own guns, which is good, because abused women are five times more likely to be murdered if their abusive partner owns a gun. She would prefer your children not to get shot in schools or shopping malls or nightclubs.

Clinton believes in guaranteed paid family leave….

Clinton wants to tax rich people more than poor people…

Clinton’s platform addresses:

  • mass incarceration,
  • the school-to-prison pipeline,
  • climate change,
  • violence against trans women of color,
  • the systemic neglect of veterans,
  • mental health stigma,
  • voting rights,
  • student loan debt,
  • public education and
  • affordable health care

Clinton is qualified for this job. She is a shrewd, savvy, tough.

Clinton has weathered intrusive, insulting, gendered smear campaigns –Benghazi, emails and pneumonia – She swam through tar every single day of her career and still surpassed male opponents who swam through water.

But bottom line…. I feel safe with Clinton.  The best years of life were during the 90’s… Bush-Cheney made our lives more dangerous in both economics and terrorism, and the recent reminder of this past week’s bombings directly stems from their misguided invasion of Iraq.

No one can predict what the future will throw at us… But unlike some  members of humanity, I want someone at bat who has hit  home runs before.  Not someone who doesn’t know which end of the bat to hold…..

Experience counts.

Compassion counts.

Toughness counts…

On all three, Hillary trumps Donald… There is no comparison.