Trump has so smeared white people as racists to those of brown skin, that whites almost now have to denounce Trump publicly, in order to be viewed as not supporting him…

Being silent is acquiescence…  it is like if someone comes into your house, shoots your spouse, and you say nothing, you wished for it somehow….

That is the plight at which all white people now find themselves… Trying to be polite, trying to bite your tongue so as not to “offend” your white neighbors, is being pro-racist…. not because of anything you think or harbor in your heart. but because of the immensity of the awfulness we are all faced with…. the actual rounding up of Afro Americans and Hispanics to be exterminated in concentration camps.

Bottom line… If you don’t say you hate Trump, you condone him. You ARE racist…. There can be no other excuse…..