(As with all recommendations here is the standard disclaimer.  I may or may not vote for these people for various reasons unknown to all but myself, but here is who I recommend you vote for… provided you have no other promises to fulfill … )

Demon-Crats… (oops, did I just slip in an extra “n”?)

US Congress    Bryan Townsend

Lt. Governor:   Sherry Dorsey Walker

Insurance Commissioner:  Trinidad Navarro

County Executive:  Tom Gordan

Pres. County Council:  Penrose Hollins

Wilmington Mayor:  Dennis Williams


If you belong to the Republic-nation, here is who I’d like you to vote for….
Governor:   Lacey Lafferty (does NOT support Trump)

Insurance Commissioner:  Jeff Craig (does not support Trump)

County Council Exec:  Barry Nehe (does not support Trump)


In state delegate and senate districts I have knowledge of a few who would do you well if you vote them in… (But I’m not commenting on ones I do not know).

Senate District 1:   Joesph D. McCole (his opponent is one of the very few who voted AGAINST HB50 which lets parents opt out. )….

State Rep  7   Byron Short (voted FOR suspension of rules on HB 50 this January)

State Rep 10:  Sean Matthews (also voted along with Short to overide Jack’s veto)

State Rep 14:  Don Petersen  (against Schwartzkopf)

State Rep 15:  James Burton  (against Longhurst)

State Rep 33:  Charles Postles

State Rep 35:  David Wilson


So if you are really out of the loop and still want to vote,  but not sure if you are voting in someone good or bad, print this list and take it to vote with you…  You will do fine…