The following as of this time, are Republicans running in the state of Delaware who have not repudiated Trump publicly….. It is their right not to do so, but even more, it our right to completely dismiss them and vote for their opponent because they lack moral character.  We have enough losers in the Democratic Party. We certainly don’t need any more from the Republican….

(This will be ongoing. Red denotes those who remained silent. Green those whose morals impel them to speak out… )

Charlie Copeland: Chairman of the Delaware Democratic Party

Greg Lavelle: Official Republican Flunkee

Colin Bonini: Republican Governor

Jeff Craig: Republican Insurance Commissioner

George Parrish:Republican Insurance Commissioner

Morgan Hudson: State Rep District 33

Charles Postles: State Rep District 33

Robert Scott: State Rep District 33

Robert Mitchell: State Rep District 35

Dave Wilson: State Rep District 35

Mark Blake: Republicans for County Executive

Ciro Adams: Wilmington City Council at Large

Benjamin Cohen:  Wilmington City Council at Large

Richard Dyton: Wilmington City Council at Large

Robert Keesler: Wilmington City Council at Large

Gregory Luna: Wilmington City Council at Large

Lisa Hudson Briggs: Sussex County Council District 2

Samuel Wilson, Jr: Sussex County Council District 2

Kevin Burdette: Sussex County Council District 3

Irwin Burton, III: Sussex County Council District 3

Mark Schaeffer, Sussex County Council District 3

Frank Shade, Sussex County Council District 3


Most of the above are locked in a primary battle whose dust will settle after September 13….

The below are Republicans not being primaried who have remained silent and by being silent, thereby support their parties nominee.

Special hats off to Meredith Chapman of the Senate Dist. 8th for being THE FIRST to repudiate Trump.


Hans Reigle:  Rep in Congress

La Mar Gunn: Lt. Governor

James Spadola: State Sen District 1

Catherine Clouthier: State Sen District 5

Anthony DeCollo: State Sen District 7

Meredith Chapman: State Sen District 8

Carl Pace: State Sen District 14 

David Lawson: State Sen District 15

Brian Pettyjohn: State Sen District 19

Gerald Hocker: State Sen District 20

Lee Murphy: State Rep District 6

Kevin Hensley:State Rep District 9

Judy Travis: State Rep District 10

Jeff Speigleman:  State Rep District 11

Debbie Hudson:  State Rep District 12

James Louis Demartinio: State Rep District 14

James Startzman: State Rep District 19

Stephan Smyk:  State Rep District 20

Mike Ramone: State Rep District 21

Joesph Miro:  State Rep District 22

Tim Conrad: State Rep District 24

Janice Gallagher: State Rep District 29

William Outten: State Rep District 30

Jean Dowding:  State Rep District 31

Patricia Foltz: State Rep District 32

Lyndon Yearick: State Rep District 34

Harvey Kenton: State Rep District 36

Ruth Briggs King: State Rep District 37

Ronald Gray: State Rep District 38

Dan Short: State Rep District 39

Timothy Dukes: State Rep District 40

Richard Collings: State Rep 41

Michael Vincent:  Sussex County Council 1


If you are NOT against him. then you are FOR him.  (Please keep me updated if you see any of these publicly withdraw from supporting the head of their ticket…. )

One would have thought they would have put country first over party, a long time ago….But as goes the chairman, so goes the party. If one looks over the past decade, the current state chairman is the best friend BLUE democrats have ever had….