The NRA is a mess.  Silent over cops killed in Dallas, it took media outrage before they could issue a statement.  They still at this writing, are silent over the slaughter of innocent people profiled by the police due to race then killed for legally carrying an weapon….

Here is why?  They’ve been caught up in their lies….

Lie Refresher Course 101

  • If everyone carries a gun, we are all safer.
  • Guns don’t kill people, People do.
  • The reason there is so much crime is that there are too few guns on the street.
  • If everyone has a gun, there is no crime
  • All people are safer when everyone carries their gun out in the open.
  • We don’t need training on how to shoot guns, just just need more gun purchases.
  • The 2nd Amendment is there to make us safer.
  • The more people who have guns, the fewer are those who die.
  • The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun……


That’s enough for now?  If  you think of some more catchy sayings my memory slipped past, add them below…

Now that we have changed our gun laws to make guns available to all, each new year we set new records on number of police killed by gunfire, number of innocent civilians killed by cops, number of mass murders, number of deaths in Wilmington’s streets, number of children killed by gun, number of toddlers committing murder, number of blacks killed by racists, number of Hispanics dying by gunfire, so much so… that the leading cause of non-medical death comes out of a gun’s muzzle….


The leading cause of pre-mature death is gun violence…*

The leading cause of pre-mature death is gun violence…

The leading cause of pre-mature death is gun violence….


Stuff that in your holster NRA… We did not get safer streets. We got more dangerous streets. We did not get safer traffic stops, we got more dangerous traffic stops. We did not get fewer mass murder, we got more mass murders.  We did not get fewer deadly gun accidents, we got more deadly gun accidents…


Think about that…. Every single promise (lie)…..

Now think about this:

Where would all these figures if we’d only allowed gun collectors to own guns? Or placed some other more stringent safeguards upon gun ownership?

How many cops now dead, would still be alive?

How many innocent black civilians now dead, would still be alive?

How many children now dead, would still be alive?

How many Americans now dead, would still be alive?


It is very simple when you stop looking at little factlets and look at the over all picture….


Everything spewed out of the NRA is bullshit.



If you do want guns to continue to be part of America’s culture, I suggest you disavow all connections to the NRA and join the Pink Pistols.

First, they are a gun ownership advocacy.  They are not sidetracked by all the 2nd Amendment bullshit…   Flat out, their motto is that responsible people should be allowed to own guns for their self protection.  Notice, their emphasis on the word…”responsible”….

Second, they are not “revenue driven”.. You can’t even give them a donations.. From their Constitution, here is how they put it….

We do not take donations. Consider donating to your favorite charity, or taking a non-shooter to the range and showing them what it’s all about.

Third they are open to all.  If you are anyone who is not balding, white, overweight, fat, stupid, arrogant, pig headed, and prejudiced, and would feel very uncomfortable among the NRA of crazy loons arguing for citizen’s military takeover of all government functions, the Pink Pistols is geared to you….

To the rest of you normal people?  Stop paying the NRA and join here… Sometimes people just scream so much you ignore them… that’s the NRA… Right now IS the best time to leave and if you want to own a gun and are new to the process, you will find much better help and advice from the Pink Pistols, than you ever could from the NRA…

Trust me.. If you want to be a responsible citizen, and own a responsible gun, and be associated with responsible people who love humanity and don’t seem to hate it, then you really should join the Pink Pistols…

Here is the website.  

Here is a list of chapters.

Here is their guideline……


Bottom line, you don’t have to be crazy to own a gun…. You can be normal and own a gun with help through the Pink Pistols and completely ignore the craziness rampant top-down from the NRA….  Instead the Pink Pistols will guide you on what to buy, where to practice, where to meet, proper rules and etiquette for carrying a concealed weapon.

And they will never, ever, make fun of you or talk about you behind your back, for what little you know about firearms…

You want a gun, but hated the NRA?

You have options now.