For thousands of years, long before America was ever founded. transgendered persons have been using the bathrooms of their choice.

They have been doing so for years under even the moralistic 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 00’s and up to now…

Everyone else thought they were in their right restroom, based of course on all outward appearances.

The only reason our media is trying to make mincemeat now, is to divert us from how they were totally the forces responsible for elevating Trump as the Republican nominee.

Obviously, and it makes sense, that some people care if an obvious man is in the female rest room; this is something new to them, and like anything new, it is unsettling. Likewise, having a female stroll into the mens room is equally provocative to some….

But unbeknownest to you,  they have been doing it for years.  You simply thought they were a man or woman depending in which rest room you were in; you never raised an eyebrow...

If you are in your 40’s and you use a public restroom 3 times a day, then your yearly pee or poop total hits close to 1095.  So by age 45 and if we don’t count your visits from age 0 to age 5,  you have had 40 years of public toilets….

Which means you have publicly peed or pooped 43,830 times….

Sometimes in public rest rooms I’m the only one there… Other times especially on the New Jersey or JFK turnpike, there have been at least 50 people.  So I’ll average it out at five (but we all know this is still a totally randomly selected number.)

Using 5 other people per rest room visit (5 X 43,830), I can say I have now peed and pooped publicly with 219,150 people….. Maybe you were there!  :O  (Yo! You still got that toilet paper stuck to your pants?)

The best estimate which again is probably pulled out of someone’s (male or female) ass, is that transgenders make up 0.3% of our population…

Today at an estimated American population of 325 million, there would be, if this estimate is correct, 975, 000 active transgenders….

So the probability  that any of those you found in your public restroom over your past life was secretly a transgendered person who you naively assumed was of your sex, is 0.3% of those people you shared a public restroom with….

(219,150  X  0.003)  =  657.3 people….

Across your life, age 5 to 45, unbeknownest to you… you have peed or pooped with 657 transgenders in close proximity….

Were you raped?  Were you  propositioned?  Were you uncomfortable that while pooping in your stall someone came in whose feet were gender similar to yours, and competed with you for making the worst smell in a stall?

No. You weren’t.  You are only upset now, because someone is jerking your nose ring with a twenty foot chain made of galvanized steel.

If you are upset now and think transgendering is an outrage, you should probably take the necessary steps and simply put yourself out of your misery…(Tequila is good for that.)  For already by statistics, you’ve experienced it 657 times already….

Now not all of you are 45… So if you want your age appropriate figure to cast around to show Rick Jensen just how smart you are…. take the number 657, divide by 40 years, and then multiply your years post age 5, 16 ……

There you go…

If you really want to do some good in this world… boycott any corporate publication or electronic media, who makes a big deal out of transgenders in bathrooms….Hit their advertisers…

Locally that would mean you should boycott the Boulden Brothers, Horizon, and P. J. Fitzpatrick, then use any another vendor for your HVAC needs… (Those three are Rick Jensen’s biggest advertisers.)

But most likely you won’t care at all… Just like you didn’t the other 657 times you shared a bathroom with a transgender person and didn’t know it…….