No matter of how well we comport ourselves, we are only masters of ourselves in a vacuum.  With no outside influences or outside winds of change, we can choose the effect we wish to impart and can sort through various possible actions to affect them….

(Damn Facebook memes comparing “effect” and “affect” have gotten to me, I guess)….

But often in the real world other forces move in with tidal waves of change and we simply out of necessity, choose where on the wave we will ride in…. Hopefully we read the wave correctly and do not have the curl collapse upon us…

So with the Christina School Board.. and hence the election we face today, May 10th.

As anyone even remotely knowledgeable about education and politics, well knows, today’s wave is Corporate Control…. Or better explained in meme by:  how can corporate make money out of education?

The easiest, cheapest, and first step, is to control the school board, and that is what is up today…  The worst thing for corporate, and the best thing for your child, is to put Elizabeth Paige on the school board.

The reason is thus:  if Corporate has a good idea, she will help put it in place… if corporate has a bad idea, she will fight it… That is opposite of what a Corporate placed candidate would do… They would have no qualms supporting a either a good or bad idea as long as Corporate handlers, told her it was a good idea.

Now there is nothing wrong with ‘Bad Ideas” as long as you are willing to discount the bad results those ideas set in motion.  Bad results in public education, equal lost learning opportunities which can never be replaced.  On the scale of 1 to 10, damaging our children, probably sits at a level 10…

To prevent us from reaching such a crises level, you need someone not necessarily who hates Corporate and vows to fight them every step of the way, but you need someone who loves children more than the praise from powerful people.

Those who know politics, or the unsavory side of politics, can see the evidence as clear as one sees a lighthouse on a crystal calm night.  The stupid smear -comments of one Lisa Matos which were obviously pre-written in the halls and the language of Delaware’s Chamber of Commerce, then dispensed. The collection and disposal of only this one candidate’s campaign signs. The brutally ugly cringe-worthy gotchu questions sprung at Meet-and-Greets of which even a Kevin Ohlandt would have tremendous difficulty knowing their past details and fabricating, points to a large campaign of political research done in depth to stir up any dirt and finding none, throwing some hoping some may stick…..

There is a longterm unwritten rule in Delaware…… When one candidate is obviously being smeared…. your best bet is to vote them in… For there is a good reason that candidate is being smeared (no one smears a candidate who is tainted/ one just tells the truth) and that smear-reason is that they are predicted to win because they are the best candidate, unless of course the correctly-timed smear takes fire and changes many people’s minds……

All signs last night pointed out that corporate evil is at work in the Christina School District’s election. Today, before tonight’s darkness snuffs out day’s light,  your best bet to stop this evil is to vote for Elizabeth Paige….

If you value transparency, intellectual curiosity, courage, independent thinking and a reasoned, systemic, analytical approach to policy then you probably should vote today for Elizabeth Paige.

If you don’t, go steal more signs and throw them in the dumpster……..