Ok. if you were here one year ago, worried about opting out of these ridiculous test, and if I’d predicted these things just one year in the future; how much credibility would I have?

Donald Trump IS the Republican Presidential nominee.

A Socialist is giving Hillary Clinton, a woman who is probably the most qualified human being so far for the office of for presidency since John Quincy Adams (seriously historians, think about it…….) a serious run for her money…or even more of a run than all the money she can raise…

There is no liberal voice in any media outlet in Delaware.  Radio talk shows not only have gone off the deep end of overly corporate stale management, they no longer discuss any local relevant issues…

Tom Gordon is not running for Governor. Although he has not filed, supposedly his former assistant Grimaldi whom Gordon fired, may try to unseat his current position.

Tom Wagner is doing some serious good audits on the charter side of the public school system… Wow. Surprise, but grateful.

No Democrat challenged John Carney for Governor.  It is like this office is vacant, just walk in and set up shop.

Deldem and Jason33o as well as Pandora and El Sonomambulo have been in vicious cat fights over at Delaware Liberal over the Democratic nominee.

A city  bigger than Wilmington, was completely evacuated in the middle of Canada’s northland because 80-90 weather had created roaring fires that wiped out Fort McMurray and may last for months.

It is only the second week of May, but northern Europe is basking in a heat wave of 90+degrees F.

Brazil’s very popular president was impeached  just before the Olympics and Luis, the man credited with making Brazil a super power, has been indicted.

A virus we can’t control will quickly overcome us this summer.  Fortunately only birth defects, not death, will be the legacy it will leave behind.

The arctic ice cap is on a record melt cycle.  Never before has it melted so much so soon.

North Korea states it will not use nuclear weapons first.

Mega-winning Powerball ticket for $419 million was actually sold someplace other than Florida, California, or Illinois …

$13 trillion of  money was siphoned out of economies to off shore accounts.  That is enough to fund the entire US Federal Government 6 1/2 years, including entitlements.  Taxed at 50% each year it would yield 3 years of a completely funded US Federal Government each year.

An metallic spaceship has entered our solar system from the outside and is heading our way.

Kevin Ohlandt is running for school board.