It looks like Bernie’s strength is in Kent and Sussex Counties.  Hillary is very strong in Wilmington’s precincts. Newark is closer to 50-50… Claymont is 50-50.. Hockessin leans slightly in favor of Clinton.

it is funny that large numbers of people did not know Hillary was in state today.  I wonder if they were aware Bernie landed here Saturday?

This election will depend on turnout (as most elections do).  If you are a Hillary supporter, you really don’t have the push to get to the polls because if you fail, Hillary is going to win it anyway… But… If you believe in what Bernie says, about student loans, free college, stopping global warming, getting billionaires out of our government, Medicaid for all, this is the last ditch time to vote.  If he loses this round, it’s like the other team being two touchdowns up at the two minute warning…. We have seen miracles happen, but rare it is, when they do…

If you vote for Bernie, you give him life… If you don’t, there is no one left to carry your water for you… You lost your chance at ever getting a better life.

This election has too many variables to predict.  But by this time tomorrow we will know  if…

  • it is still possible to get out of student loan debt.
  • If it is still possible to go to state colleges tuition free
  • If it is still possible to begin the squeeze on fossil fuels to save the planet.
  • If it is still possible to get billionaires out from running our government for themselves.
  • If it is still possible to have a single payer healthcare system.
  • If love still outweighs hate…..

Vote.  it will never happen unless you vote for it to happen…..  Only one candidate is running for the people…