Briefly, because that is the length of attentions spans until after Tuesday.

But despite Hillary touting Obama’s great job record, many people don’t see things working out very well today…

And that is because most people don’t rate their well-being by whether or not they have income incoming… but by how much the have left over for discretionary spending after all mandatory and necessary expenses have been met.

When over 50% of all income coming in is going to the top 1/10th of one percent, it is pretty obvious to everyone that only by increasing taxes on those stratospheric incomes, will money ever return to the middle class which is where it needs to be.

If any of you follow corporate financial reports, you are by now, aware and worried that domestic demand has dipped below critical levels. If any of you follow corporate financial reports, you too are skittish that we are on track for another very nasty correction this fall.

Only one candidate is addressing the problem. Only one candidate can make a difference to the middle class… All other four running are billionaire appeasers who like Chamberlain before Hitler, sell us out and offer us an empty plate of words, telling us we will have prosperity in our time.

It is past time I’m afraid, to stop believing their words and start believing our eyes…

Only when the billionaires are put back under control of We the People, will We, the People, ever get our fair share too….

The only hope for America, is to fix this huge problem of over 50% of our wealth sucked out of our economy,  and only one presidential candidate is uncompromised, … who can do it.