Imagine discussing the Super Bowl and blacking out all mention of one of the teams in your broadcast?  You would never, ever watch that channel again if you were a fan of the team that got blacked-out.

Unbelievably that is exactly what happened on Lester Holt’s NBC Nightly News.

And it wasn’t Hillary, Cruz, Kasich, or Trump they ignored… It was the one who wants to break up big banks, tax billionaires their fair share, get money out of politics, and cut down college debt, who was ignored across the entire broadcast.

The one who had 28,000, a record, show up last night for a rally in Central Park.

  • They did report how like 50-60% of voters would prefer NOT to vote for Trump, Hillary and Cruz.
  • They did compare Hillary’s polls against all three leading GOP contenders: Trump, Cruz, Kaisch.
  • They mentioned how Clinton polled about 10 pts ahead of Trump, 3 pts ahead of Cruz, and how she lost to Kaisch.
  • And they totally didn’t mention Sanders at all.  So how  could they have reported Sen. Sanders polled about 16 points ahead of Trump, 11 points ahead of Cruz, AND unlike Clinton, Sen. Sanders polls AHEAD of Kaisch by 3-4 points?

So in case anyone you know still watches TV to get the news, inform them they are being flat out lied to… That Walter Cronkite is dead.  Today TV is designed to trick you.  not inform you….

Do what most of America does.  Don’t watch…..