As New York arrives and passes this week, it is important to remember how far we have come and to continue the fight no matter what happens.  The issues are mainstream now. and for once, the mass media has been vanquished and to get ratings, they must carry Bernie or lose that audience member to another station that does.

Bernie is not what you’d expect as a top ranked presidential candidate.  He is the last person in the political arena anyone would think would have top bill status; a Democratic Socialist;  from a very small state (272,000 less than Delaware); refusing SUPERPACs; not taking BIG MONEY; arguing HIGHER TAXES; breaking up BIG BANKS; putting a CARBON TAX on oil, gas, and coal; and doing all that while defeating preordained (by the establishment) Hillary Clinton in the last 9 out of 10 contests.

Make no mincement out of it.  It is very unlikely that Bernie can win New York. For better or worse, Hillary was senator there and well respected, well liked, and has lots of influence on the ground…. It is like the New England Patriots in the Superbowl playing the New York Giants, a team who lost their first six games of the season… (The Giants won it that year btw).  But, what is driving this race to a frenzy in the media, is that the outcome is not completely decided. There is still a possibility that many factors could all come together and that Bernie could still win….  Polls, and especially in the pollsters own home state, know exactly who to call to get the numbers they want.  These polls other than those out of Washington DC, are probably the least reliable in the country.

But for better or worse, if you live in New York, this vote (for Bernie) is your one last chance to stick it to the man… that guy that has been putting you down for decades…. Your work’s not good enough, even though it is far better than any of your peers. That guy, is who you need to stick.  And nothing sticks him harder than if you vote Bernie Sanders and he wins….

These are amazing times.  No one could have predicted a year ago that we’d have a ghost of a chance to right the wrongs this current millennium has wrought.  But we do! We actually do have a chance to fix the things that are wrong, not just with America, but entire society….

WE actually have a chance to again be making some real money $ $$,$$$… But only if New York votes to make the change.  Bernie Sanders is that shot... The question is, will enough of you vote to overcome those who don’t want you to have that chance???

Consider it a war for your survival.  Will you make that last 3 pointer which is the buzzer beater?

It’s also a war for the planet’s survival.  Remember you are also representing the entire planet, who once represented by one little bird, sat in front of Bernie and said on behalf of it, “Thank you!”