The debate is over and the spin is now on, and so the television has been turned off, the live streams clicked out, and all is quiet except for ones memory… why do I need someone to tell me what he wants me to remember of what I just heard?

I recommend all of you to turn off Anderson Cooper right now!….

So who won?

I think the easiest solution for me would be to pick a candidate and then tell you why they won.  That’s what you’ll hear on Delaware Liberal. That’s what you’ll hear all over WDEL tomorrow.  If you’re listening to news tonight, that’s what you’ll hear…

Does anyone ever believe it though?  Everybody knows that everyone says (and I mean everyone), that whomever the person is they favor, is the winner….  I used to do it, and so I know exactly that is what all of you are doing as well.

That pretty well explains what is wrong with America today.  We have to have a winner.  We have to say someone has to win…. Eventually, it’s true. We will have a winner, but that will come on Tuesday. But really, how does someone decide objectively who actually “wins” a debate?  Think about that long enough, and you too, will inevitably come to the conclusion that doing such, is absolutely impossible….

Tonight, the American People were treated to the best debate of this year, regardless of party, and I’m racing through past memories here, probably the best debate we’ve seen in our lifetimes…. What all America saw, was two very, very great human beings who actually are very similar, try very hard to draw lines that differentiate them.   And boy, did they try hard.

If you love Hillary, you are going to think she showed herself well poised and presidential, and will pick apart Bernie for being too forceful and direct and emphatic.  But if you like what Bernie’s message is bringing, you will feel he dominated because he was always on point, on message, forceful, direct, and emphatic…

What America got out of the debate, and if conservatives were listening, it is that Liberals really do have the direction this country must go… After hearing the exchange tonight, it is impossible to imagine that either of these two candidates could be beaten by anyone of the other Party, a party who is more concerned over what we think of their candidate’s penis size, than what happens to us in the next presidential term…  The difference of levels between the two parties is like college to 2nd Grade…

This debate brings home to everyone who listened or watched, that Republicans need to be thrown out of office and replaced by a party run by the likes of either of these guys…

In that regard, it is the American People who were the winner tonight.  They got to see a real Super Bowl that was closely contested by the two best teams in the field. They got to see how real people run government.  They got to see how our United States Media has so dumbed down the political process everywhere else by always picking little cat-fights.  They got to see that politics is not all bad, is not all made up of sleazy people, and is a real source of change if, and only if, WE, THE PEOPLE, get behind the good guys and completely run the bad guys out of town…..

Every problem America has, was answered tonight… There is hope; we the entire middle class can start taking back territory that used to belong to us, and we don’t have to keep giving it up just because corporations and government were both united against us….

So it was a great debate. Probably the best of our lifetimes.  And if you missed it, that’s a shame… In the real world no one has time to go back through podcasts, (unless they are getting payed great money to do so)… which means a) you’ll never see it… and b) it is therefore stupid of me to even say that you need to see it.

It was as if America turned a corner tonight….  Now onward to completely obliterate the Republican Party’s control across the board, so we can right all society’s wrongs in a very short time… WE simply can’t have 4 years of another do-nothing Congress… WE have to have at least 80% of it Democratic…starting in January 2017…..